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Seriously????? Wow

12thApr 12, 2012 by JoshGotti
Brian everything we Did was obviously a joke gone wrong but now ur actually making a blog like this at 13?

I'm like speechless do u even know what a date is? U need to stop and worry about more important things like school and family ur 13 stop thinking about dating and all that crazy love stuff like seriously wtf :/


Sent by TheGoodMan,Apr 12, 2012
Sent by Johneh,Apr 12, 2012
omg :( how can he do this!!!
Sent by karim,Apr 12, 2012 its okay to "pretend" date you, but now this is not okay...
Sent by Meowcat,Apr 12, 2012
Meowcat U just dont see the point aint gonna argue it
Sent by JoshGotti,Apr 12, 2012
mwwwrrroooowrrrrrr... hissssss
right there withcha Melissa < 3
Sent by jenani,Apr 15, 2012

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