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Audio Vlog - Me and Max (Pasco)

15thMay 5, 2012 by JoshGotti
Obviously we all know @Pasco username was banned because he was accused of being my multi because I gifted him right away being family - his new user is PASC0 we did this audio vlog to rest the case of me being a multi take a listen


Also some shout outs and more. Enjoy the Audio clip and a video will be next once we get a cam :) Enjoy everyone. And hope this solves the mystery. lol.

Big Picture of why pasco was banned


im tagging mainly the people who didnt want to believe most.
Anyway take care. We have also been in skype chats many times with people at the same time (Where people thought it was me on 2 PCs like come on seriously LMFAO I do have better things to do then sit at 2 pcs lmao and act like a dumbass typing on 2 accounts. We even went on call with zeptis once live on call and talked at the same time)

--------now honestly its eather you believe it or not but answer is max (Pasco) is not me --------


That's not even a reason! I hope your brother gets on, and I know you're not as bad as people say you are JoshGotti :)
Welcome to Tengaged PASC0 :D
Sent by chrisw756,May 5, 2012
< 33333 cooool1:D
Sent by briansuper13,May 5, 2012
Sent by hMzz,May 5, 2012
+ :)
Sent by connorthomson,May 5, 2012
Sent by M2thamax,May 5, 2012
+7 :)
Sent by Boots22,May 5, 2012
omg the things that happen around here!
Sent by Tepr,May 5, 2012
*as half the women and this sight are girls*

So bitch please, JK
Sent by Zeptis,May 5, 2012
Lol zeptis
Sent by JoshGotti,May 5, 2012
Sent by ThatKoolKidOverThere,May 5, 2012
+11 :) watched the whole thing btw sorry you guys got banned D: but welcome back :)
Sent by AxKxAxBatman,May 5, 2012
It says the Pasco nick that's not a name Melissa lol man ur blond lol
Sent by JoshGotti,May 5, 2012
joshgotti "man ur blond"? That makes no sense. It's blonde btw. Ever heard of school ? It's very useful nowadays for people like you.
Sent by Lauren244,May 5, 2012
Lol lauren244 my bad :(
Sent by JoshGotti,May 5, 2012
*as half the women and this sight are girls*

So bitch please, JK

I mean men not girls
Sent by Zeptis,May 5, 2012
Sent by Razorclaw13,May 5, 2012
+++ FOR jOSH!
Sent by VoLcOmVaNs,May 5, 2012
Sent by Valdamien,May 6, 2012
pasc0 I LOVE ur shout out :P :***
and i love u both guys, u are my new bff, and i know always u are here for me, i am here for u.
< 3
Sent by Lamia,May 6, 2012
LOL I LOVE YOU MAX < 333333333333333333

Sent by andalarew_2231,May 7, 2012
Loves you PASC0
Sent by JoshGotti,May 8, 2012

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