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I am back in a different light

5thApr 10, 2012 by JoshGotti
Please stop blogging about me and hating - I went through a rough 3 Days getting my head around things as I needed the time to understand things and fix my personal issues - and honestly I am here to play some big brother and just hang out with my loyal friends who are always behind me - Anyway Everyone take care I dont need to be back on the Trend list and haters list - Lets all enjoy our normal world and enjoy the games - Im gonna do what I did before a PYN - Feel free to post your name and I will tell you 1 good thing about you - SO PYN and please show some love - Take care < 3

Dusty12910 - Little  Bitch of Tengaged (Who cant shut the fuck up) Whos opinion does not matter on tengaged JS

KindlyCruel1 - You have a great friend of mine - Thanks so much

danny - HAHAHA I read all about it Nice to meet ya :P

VoLcOmVaNs - Your Amazing bro Thanks so much Always a friend

LiteCitrus - The person that does not know if they are male or Female STFU u Cunt :P

Prince_Charming - AMAZING - ILY BRO Always have always WILL!!!

Dash - Played a couple of games with u - Your a awesome player - Hope we play a game sometime

MoooCoww - Met u on call recently Ur fun on skype Amazing - Hope we play sometime :P

KDog - Dont think we ever played hope we do sometime

laidback27 - Kicking ass in our Crookies - YOU RULE MAN - NEW AGE  4 LIFE

Johneh - U seem legit - Keep Rocking Bro

Brandonator - Ur Cool we played before - g2sy on this site still :D

Jouix - U rule man - Lots of love - New Age 4 Life bro < 3

Briansuper13 - ur amazing Little Bro - you know haterz are always gonna hate - Im so sorry about ur 100th game wish I could of helped you :( Honestly keep your head up - Your awesome no matter what people say about u - People tell you to stop Blogging YOU BLOG MORE Ur 13 They dont like it they can FUCK OFF - FUCK THE HATERZ :D

Lamia - WOW bro - So much to say - Your awesome HAHA lots of love for ya hope things keep shaking :)

PaulaDeen - Fucking AMAZING - YOUR 1 of my newest best friends on this site - Keeping my head strong though all the BS THANKS so much Lots of LOVE < 3

Donkeystalker - Chilltown Kicked ass - and Now ur a star on tengaged - Puppetmaster RUN the damn show like U KNOW HOW - Love ya bro - Your amazing - Fuck da haters as I always say

tharealmike - Your a good friend - Great game in Crookies - Having a blast with u - Sorry I left you hanging in that game - so much going on - and needed to come back and play - Love ya

BOBROCKS333 - Ur so much fun to talk to on call - Wish we talked still - keep having fun and Rock the site like only u can :)

Spinner554 - Another little brother - Austin Love ya man - Keep ur shit straight and glad to see u black level - Keep building those states and We will see u a TV Star soon :D

TBIbetch - I know u were 1 of the people hating on me - But honestly u seem like a nice person in the heart - Hope we play sometime - Sorry we could not finish Survivor together maybe another time :P

connorthomson - Great player  - And hope we play sometime :P Ur a good guy - Go Rock the game

andrew8975 - Andrew love playing games with u - Keep rolling these wins :P and keep rocking it :P

Pepper - Merge KING thats all I can say - Amazing at Survivor KEEP IT ROLLING BRO!

MyLovelyNothing - Dont really know you - hope we play sometime :P

Etienne and Tyleror Keep GETTING YOUR LITTLE FUCKEN SHEEP to Negg My blogs!! BAHHHHHHH BITCHES!!!! Keep sucking His Dick!!!

(Im done Sucking Ur Dicks and Licking Ur Clits to be a fav on this site - ITS Either ur with me or Against me IDGAF Anymore - This site is about BIG BROTHER - SO LETS FUCKING PLAY!)


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we're gonna be ip banned now :|
Sent by danny,Apr 10, 2012
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JoshGotti added "briansuper13" as a friend 9 min

Sent by LiteCitrus,Apr 10, 2012
I want your wonderland eyes xx
Sent by Prince_Charming,Apr 10, 2012
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Hai x
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we're gonna be ip banned now :|
Sent by danny,Apr 10, 2012

Sent by Brandonator,Apr 10, 2012
lol ok
Sent by Jouix,Apr 10, 2012
Expect me? xx
Sent by briansuper13,Apr 10, 2012
welcome back =D
wonderland eyes? Lol
Sent by Lamia,Apr 10, 2012
Hi :) PaulaDeen
Sent by PaulaDeen,Apr 10, 2012
best be doing me next
Sent by DonkeyStalker,Apr 10, 2012
meee :)
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ok me
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Feel free to post your name and I will tell you 1 good thing about you - SO PYN and please show some love - Take care < 3

LOL a lot of things you are saying aren't nice ;S
Sent by Pepper,Apr 10, 2012
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WB < 33333333 me
Sent by andalarew_2231,Apr 10, 2012
Joshyyy < 333
Sent by iBidward,Apr 10, 2012
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Me < 33
Sent by _Aria,Apr 10, 2012
this looks interesting
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hi :)
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You're a hypocrite. You don't want haters but then you go and hate on other people. Bravo! (dull)
Sent by JVRaw,Apr 10, 2012
JVRaw who was hating more??? Definatly not me - I tryed making my friends and then people wanted to play this game - So dont play the innocent care
Sent by JoshGotti,Apr 10, 2012
Sent by jenzie,Apr 10, 2012
JoshGotti I have no response for you because I don't want to associate myself with you.

Btw, dashes are not periods. I don't care for your grammar but at least use the correct grammar marks. :/
Sent by JVRaw,Apr 10, 2012
LOL ok JVRaw
Sent by JoshGotti,Apr 10, 2012
Sent by Zircon,Apr 10, 2012
Me  please
Sent by Sweetheart95,Apr 10, 2012
Etienne and Tyleror Keep GETTING YOUR LITTLE FUCKEN SHEEP to Negg My blogs!! BAHHHHHHH BITCHES!!!! Keep sucking His Dick!!!

That's not why people neg tbh..
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Supremacy :)
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