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Jul 26, 2018 by Icarus_Mark
abrogated making a blog about "pedophile supporters", then deleting the blog, and then mailing me, BrainJak, and MarieEve saying "hi pedophile supporters"!

What?  You didn't the balls to keep your blog up?  Funny.  I read what was on the image, and honestly, if that is evidence of pedophilia, then I'm a monkey's uncle because NONE of those messages ever said who the messages were to.  Plus, the tone on the image looks too dark to actually be from this website, so for all I know, those could be photoshopped and then those of you trying to report "pedophilia" would be in for a rude awakening by getting banned for lying to moderation.

So please, call me a supporter all you want.  Until you all actually give names other than Tara in your little pieces of evidence, then you have nothing.


Don't give a troll the attention he want :)
Sent by MarieEve,Jul 26, 2018
Who is the most recent revealed pedo, did i missed something?
Sent by Ari_,Jul 26, 2018

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