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Evolution - Season 1 Episode 15 - "You're the Traitor"

Jan 5, 2017 by Icarus_Mark
Link to the previous episode in case you missed and wanna go back to read:

Season 1 Cast:
melindaMrskk - Zela Ivine (21, Nature Female) - EPISODE 1
Macda27 - Mac Anderson (18, Fire Male) - EPISODE 1
coolKat - Katalia Kishukoi (18, Nature Female) - EPISODE 1
RyanAndrews - Kitty Chester (16, Ghost Female) - EPISODE 1
IceIceBaby - Vixella Vox (72, Darkness Female)- EPISODE 2
Garrett_Auckland - Beckett Allen (18, Mind Male) - EPISODE 1
Katherinee_ - Alycia Anderson (17, Ice Female) - EPISODE 1
QueenMichelle - Saara Aalto (29, Steel Female) - EPISODE 1
Kelly2722 - Brooke Lively (18, Human Female) - EPISODE 1
imprincearthur - Shawn Mott (23, Light Male) - EPISODE 1
MrPokeguy9 - Daniel Tonge (21, Strength Male) - EPISODE 1
Spencer_Bledsoe - Spencer Thompson (17, Human Male) - EPISODE 1

Guest Characters/Supporting Cast:
Axel Anorends, aka "Alex Anderson" (22, Ice Male) - EPISODE 4

Jjred45 - JJ Slone (19, Light Male) - EPISODE 1 - EPISODE 8 - DEAD (facial corrosion and impact with wall by Beckett)
tkoj555 - Addie Singer Santos (18, Ghost Female) - EPISODE 1 - EPISODE 14 - DEAD (struck by lightning)


Episode 15: “You’re the Traitor”

--Flashback (5 Years Ago)—

The door opened to Vixella’s bedroom.  Shawn walked inside the bedroom, with Kitty distracted doing her homework while Vixella was busy going on to her play.  By now, Shawn figured he was old enough to find some things out about his past, or why Vixella had decided to adopt him.  Not wanting anyone to notice what he was doing, he quietly closed the bedroom door as he walked in.  Inside had much of the makings of a classic master bedroom.  There was the bed, lamp, coffee tables, television, and a desk.  What piqued Shawn’s interest the most though was that there was also a safe that was left ajar.  He thought this to be weird because most normal adults, he remembered, kept things locked in their safes.  But Vixella’s?  It was left slightly ajar.  Maybe she’d forgotten to lock it before she’d left.  Nonetheless, Shawn walked up to the safe, now curious as to what Vixella would leave out in the open.  When he got up to the safe, he opened it wider and found a curious looking newspaper and a notebook of some kind.  He picked up both and walked over to the bed, starting with the newspaper.

The newspaper article talked about a mansion attack that belonged to the Ivine family.  What he’d read from the paper corresponded with what he’d heard on the news anyway: Alex Anderson dying to a feral animal as well as the lady who could only be identified as Zela’s mother.  Zela herself did manage to escape.  He wasn’t surprised, so he put the paper back in the safe.  Then he opened the journal, it was what was in that journal that changed his views forever.  A date from 24 years before talked about how she’d attacked a hospital and killed Michael Aalto in cold-blood as well as many doctors, using attacks such as conjuring up black holes, summoning demons, etc.  Michael, he knew, was survived by his wife Gina and their newborn daughter Saara.  It was a topic still talked about at his schools even to this day, and he has seen Saara’s audition for Amercian Idol that failed once she was paired with a child named Addie Singer Santos.  He flipped through the pages in haste, but everything he read all talked about Vixella using dark magic as a means to an end.  It was her diary, and he was reading into her secrets.  After about 70 sheets of words, Shawn had finally come to a blank page, meaning that Vixella still hadn’t write that far yet.  Shawn flipped back to the beginning of the last entry.  It was marked for only 2 days ago, but when he read that entry, he remembered the newspaper article he’d seen before opening this diary and how the events of the attack on the Ivine mansion were not what Vixella had described in her diary at all.  Instead, he’d read about a barrier he’d trapped Zela, her mother, and apparently Alex in to prevent them from escaping.  After he read that, he learned of how she’d thrown Alex into a black hole and how she’d summoned up an army of demons to slaughter the mother.  It was true that Zela was eventually able to escape, but that was only after Vixella tried to use a Darkness Seal on Zela and tried and failed to possess her through the darkness using black magic.  In the end, she wrote a message at the bottom that read:

Shawn: “Now, I may be a cold-blooded killer, but I do not kill because I want to.  I kill because I need the power of the darkness to keep me free.  Without death, I am dead.  People may call me the ruthless one, but to those who try to oppose me, all I can say is ‘You’re the traitor’”.

In a matter of seconds, Shawn felt sick to his stomach after reading everything he’d just read.  He threw the diary back in the safe in disgust and closed the safe shut, remembering to lock it.

Shawn: How could she do that?  How can I sleep knowing that as long as Kitty and I stay here, we are but pawns to Vixella’s upbringings of dark magic?

His heart threatened to rip right open from his chest, pounding furiously at his ribs.  He bolted out of Vixella’s bedroom and back to his own, beginning to pack his belongings.

Shawn: I can’t believe this is who we’re living with.
Kitty: Shawn?  What’s wrong?

Shawn turned in shock and saw Kitty standing behind him.  Shawn ran over to Kitty and grasped her shoulders firmly.

Shawn: Kitty listen to me.  We need to get out of here!
Kitty: (confused) But why?
Shawn: We are not safe here!  I’ve just learned what of what our foster grandmother has done, and it is bad news.
Kitty: You’re over exaggerating this!  We’ve finally found someone who will actually raise us.
Shawn: But at what cost?
Kitty: I don’t know.  I’m not the one freaking out over something you just happened to find lying around.  It may well just be your imagination.
Shawn: No, Kitty…
Kitty: Spare me, Shawn.  I want to stay.  If you care about me, you’d stay too.

With that, Kitty left the room, leaving Shawn to himself.  Why could he not get through to her?  He could not understand.  He had felt that having been his traveling companion throughout his late childhood, Kitty would have understood if he felt threatened by someone.  What made Vixella so different?  He continued to pack, planning to leave later that night.  If Kitty didn’t want to come with him and stay with her instead, that was on her.

--End Flashback—

Shawn opened his eyes as the storm continued to rumble, the rain pelting the windshield as Saara drove.  He looked down at Daniel, the person he was telling his story to.  He had already told Saara well before now, so the only person he could really tell it to was Daniel, all while he was healing back his energy from the battle they’d just had back at the police station.

Daniel: In all my years of knowing you, Shawn, you’ve never once told me about this.  Is what happened with you and Kitty the reason you’ve kept it to yourself all this time?
Shawn: (shaking his head) Not exactly.
Saara: (keeping her eyes on the road while still acknowledging Shawn) Yeah.  I knew about this whole story too because he’s told me ages ago, but did you ever tell anyone else before now Shawn?
Shawn: No.

A few tears fell from Shawn’s eyes, still deep in regret from what he did that night 5 years ago.  He’d left Kitty, a child he’d travelled with for so long, for safety.

Daniel: Shawn, you can’t keep blaming this on yourself.  You need to forgive yourself.
Shawn: I can’t.

All of sudden, almost as a welcome relief from all of his sadness, phones began to ring.  Saara passed Shawn and Daniel their phones, but Shawn noticed his phone was the only one that wasn’t ringing.  Then she got hers out and she and Daniel answered their phones while Shawn watched.  He continued focusing on slowly healing Daniel as he talked on his phone.  After a minute, both calls had ended.

Daniel: So Saara, wanna go first or should I?
Saara: I think you should go first.
Daniel: Okay, well my call was from Alycia. She’s told me she at a church with Zela.  Don’t know what a girl like Zela would be doing at a church, but okay.
Shawn: Maybe that’s where we should go.
Saara: Okay.
Daniel: Okay, now what about you, Saara?

From the car mirror, Shawn knew that whatever news Saara was about to deliver, it was grave.

--End Scene—

Meanwhile, in the other car, the woman Addie had been inside was driving while Spencer sat in the front seat.  He saw Katalia hang up her phone in tears.

Spencer: I can’t believe it.
Woman: I can’t believe you all dragged me into this!  Look, I’m sorry you lost your friend, but you should realize that what you all did was a felony killing those cops, and now I’m going to lose my career because of you!
Katalia: (wailing in woe) DON’T TALK TO ME ABOUT FELONIES, ALRIGHT!?
Woman: Alright, alright!
Spencer: To be fair miss, you’d probably be right there with them if it weren’t for Addie.  The least you can do now is help us all out.  If not for our sakes, then do it for the one person who kept your ass alive in that fight when you could have died.

As Katalia continued to cry, a long silence passed between Spencer and the cop as it continued to thunder indignantly.  He could tell she had contemplated throwing the two of them back out into the thunderstorm and driving back to the police station for his choice of words, but he also saw a part of her that realized that she needed him as much as he needed her.

Woman: Fine!  So does this Saara know where she’s going?
Spencer: Yeah, I would say so.  She helped get us this far.
Woman: And why did Daniel and Shawn need to be released from jail?
Spencer: Because for one thing, they didn’t do even anything to JJ, but right now, we all have a greater enemy we need to face.  Have you ever heard of Vixella Vox?
Woman: I can’t say I have.  Why?
Spencer: Let’s just say that what Addie did to you, Vixella does kind of the same thing, but on a far grander and much worse scale.
Woman: So basically we’re all fucked.
Spencer: Honestly… I don’t know our odds, but at this point, we’re going to need each other especially now that Addie’s gone.  My question to you is this.  Can we count on you to be our ally?

Another pause as Katalia continued to mourn and the thunder and lightning continued its indignation while the rain marauded the streets on the outside as the windshields were almost blinded.

Woman: (gives Spencer a faint smile) Alright.  You can count me in.

--End Scene—

Alycia’s mother drove as Brooke lied in the back seat, still recovering from being struck in the back by a lightning bolt.  The rain made it hard to see outside, and the frequent bursts of lightning only made the situation that much more dangerous.

Brooke: Why is the weather being like this?
Alycia’s mother: (after several moments of silence) It is said that any time an Energy Evo dies, a freakish thunderstorm will release its wrath upon the town or city they died in.  What we are experiencing are the death throes of an Energy who must have died here in Underwood.
Brooke: (sarcastic) Well that’s just great!
Alycia’s mother: That’s just the way it is.  We need to make a stop along the way.

Brooke could feel the car pull up somewhere, so she tried looking out the window, and what she saw she kind of wished she hadn’t.  It was JJ’s house.  The car pulled up into their driveway and then stopped.

Alycia’s mother: You’re coming with me.  We’re settling this dispute once and for all.

Brooke complied, albeit slightly slower than the person she was with thanks to her injury.  The ice healing helped her out a lot and so she is able to still walk, but Brooke figured that she still wouldn’t be in much of a position to really do anything that required too much effort.  Thankfully, it was only a short walk between the car and the front door.

When she caught up to Alycia’s mother, the door was already beginning to open.  Inside was JJ’s father, and at the sight of Brooke, he began trying to slam the door shut again, only for Alycia’s mother to stop it halfway.

Alycia’s mother: Oh no you’re not!  I know what happened between you and Brooke.  She told me everything.
JJ’s father: Everything?
Alycia’s mother: That’s what I just said.  Right now, Brooke needs help, and we all need to avenge JJ.  I can tell what she said on the way.

For a few moments, he didn’t say anything as the thunder, lightning, and rain continued its catastrophic wrath.

JJ’s father: Let me go get the knife.

--End Scene—

Alycia: How do I know I can trust you?
Zela: (chuckles insultingly) You don’t get it, do you?  You seriously don’t remember me!?
Alycia: How can I!?  I don’t recognize you from anywhere!
Zela: Bitch!  I used to date your brother before I lost him!  I was all over the news when they reported your brother’s death!  Vixella killed him and now I’m left a ruin!
???: That’s right, little princess, and you’re both going to die now that I don’t see you both trying to kill each other!

All of a sudden, a force knocked Zela and Alycia back away from Alycia’s car before the car itself was flung off the ground.  Zela and Alycia reached their hands out, trying to grab onto the other’s hand as they flew into the air.  Zela saw the car Alycia was about to get in come barreling towards them, drawing true fear for her life.  As soon as Alycia was within reach, Zela made a grab around her waist and tried to get her to duck underneath where the car looked to be going.  As the girls latched their arms around one another, they spiraled underneath the car.  One moment Zela was above Alycia, and the next it was the other way around, and this continued for several lingering moments until they finally landed side-by-side.

Instinctively, the looked above and saw the car hurtling towards them.  They both quickly scrambled out of the way, just barely escaping the impact as Alycia’s car slammed onto the ground right where they had landed.

--End Perspective—

Alycia regained her senses after her near-death experience she had just escaped with Zela.  She looked past the hard rain and lightning flashes to see a familiar face.

Alycia: Beckett!?  Why?
Beckett: You consort with the enemy.  Now you must pay for your sins, traitor!

Alycia notices Beckett draw a bottle of liquid out of his pocket with his left hand.  Alycia had noticed that something about his left hand seemed off.  The liquid turned corrosive and the label disappeared, giving her the information she needed.

Alycia: No!  You killed JJ, didn’t you?  I can see it in your hands.  Beckett, YOU’RE the traitor!
Beckett: (indignant) How DARE YOU!?

Beckett threw the bottle at Alycia, with her clearly being the target.  As she saw the bottle being thrown, Alycia ran out of the way by running behind the car and over to Zela’s side.  She could hear the bottle explode, and behind her, one of the trees began to dissolve.

Zela: NO! (eyeing Beckett) I will not allow you to harm the wildlife, demon!

A sword of purple energy donned from his hand.

Beckett: Let’s dance!

Zela turned her gaze to Alycia and they looked each other in the eye.

Zela: Now you see why we must put aside our differences and work together.  He thinks that just because we were seen together, you have betrayed his friendship, but I know what is really going on with him.  Will you fight alongside me, just this once?

The lightning continued to flash as Zela finished her question towards Alycia.  She didn’t need to be told twice.  Alycia’s sword of ice donned from her hand.

Alycia: I will.

Zela own tree sword grew from her hands and the two girls charged, preparing to clash with Beckett.

--End Scene—

Axel and Mac continued to follow Zela’s footsteps, double-checking to make sure that they were going the right way.

Mac: How long could this possibly go?
Axel: Knowing Zela, this could go on for the entire country.  But from what I remember, she used to take me under the town some nights in these.  We’d steal some liquor and no one would ever know it was us because we’d be in the tunnels as we drank.  Some nights after she learned to control her powers, we’d even spend the entire night down these tunnels.
Mac: Sounds really romantic!  Anything else I should know about?
Axel: Well, nature will pardon the way for anyone who makes a nature path underground.  However, they always close off their paths after they’re done using them.
Mac: What do you mean ‘close off their paths’?

All of a sudden, a strange noise can be heard from behind them.

Mac: What was that?
Axel: Oh no.  We’d better get moving.
Mac: But why?

Axel noticed something coming to light behind Mac.  A wall that appeared to be made of earth looked as if it was coming closer, almost as if it was coming for them.

Axel: Mac!  WE NEED TO GO NOW!

Mac finally looked behind him and saw what Axel was talking about.  Axel began to run away from the moving wall, with Mac starting just seconds after.

Mac: (screaming as he ran) YOU DIDN’T TELL ME ABOUT THE WALL!

Mac and Axel continued to run, trying to outpace the wall of death that was behind them.  Axel had hoped that whatever Zela did, her cavern did not stretch out too far.  Wherever the end was, he had no idea, but they had been running ever since they’d entered these caverns.  He had also hoped that there weren’t any forks as the only guide he had were the footprints that were ahead of him.  He’d heard Mac’s steps alongside his as they continued to run for their lives.

Axel was tempted to look back and see how close the wall was to getting them, but he didn’t really want to know in fear of slowing down and allowing himself to get killed.  He saw the tunnel ahead of him slope downward slightly.  He figured maybe if he froze the floor down that slope he could gain himself a little time, so he give it a try by shooting a bolt of ice where the slope was and afterwards jumped.

Mac: What the hell are you doing!?

His feet landed perfectly on the ice and he began to pick up speed down the downgrade as Mac continued to try and run.  As he reached the bottom of the ice decline, he jumped off, did a somersault in the air, and stuck the landing before continuing to run, now with the slope upgrading in an incline.


But he could hear Mac panting for breath just a few feet behind him, and then some more feet behind Mac was the fast-approaching wall of earth.  Ahead of Axel, he could see flashes of lightning, meaning that they were nearing the exit.


His drive to survive reinforced, Axel dashed for the exit as fast as he could, and without trouble, he was able to get out of the tunnel safe and sound.  He looked behind and saw Mac struggling to stay ahead of the wall.

Axel: You can do it Mac!  I’ll even have my hand out for you!

Axel reached out his hand in Mac’s direction, being careful as to not be in danger of falling back into the closing tunnel.  Mac tried desperately to run for Axel’s hand as the tunnel approached Mac even closer still.  At that point, he knew that if he wasn’t able to pull Mac up, Mac would die.  The rain and lightning, meanwhile, continued to be a reigning force on the outside.  A flash blinded Axel for a few seconds, but what happened next sounded like a sickening crack from nearby.  Mac was now within feet of reaching for Axel’s hand, but just before Axel could reach for Mac’s hand, a sharp and large tree branch fell down and pierced through Mac’s head, running through his skull and coming out behind his chin, killing him as the wall swallowed his entire body save for the hand that was to reach for Axel.  A bolt of fire, in a spasm caused from Mac’s death, had fired from Mac’s hand and landed on Axel’s face, knocking him backwards into the ground.

Axel: (screams) MY FACE!!!  I’M BLIND!!!

Axel rolled over on the ground, trying to muff the fire that was burning on the right side of his face.  After several rolls, he could no longer feel the fire scorching his face, but the pain was still there.  He was able to open his left eye, and it was with that left eye that he tried to gain a sense of where he was.  The pain he was experiencing would have to be ignored as he couldn’t afford to pay any more attention towards it.  He saw a clearing from the trees he was now amongst after barely escaping the tunnel of death with his life.  He ran towards the clearing, and as he got out, he saw his sister and Zela battling someone else.  The pathway had led him back home at the church.

Axel: I’m coming sis!

Axel wielded a sword of ice, but as he began to charge for Beckett, another car pulled up close to where he was standing.  He jumped out of the way just in time to avoid getting run over.  After clearing his mind enough to focus on what was going on now, he saw the face of the woman who’d tried to kill him 5 years ago as well as a child.

Vixella: No way!  How can you be alive!?
Zela’s voice: ALEX!?  YOU’RE ALIVE!!  HOW!?
Axel: I’m not Alex anymore.

He got back up and rushed with his sword to and strike down Vixella, who repelled his attack in kind with her sword of dark energy.

Vixella: You’re going to have to try harder than that!

--End of Episode—

Thoughts on the Episode:
Based on the flashback, was Shawn right to run off after finding what he had found out about Vixella?  Why or why not?
Do you agree with Daniel’s assessment of Shawn that he needs to forgive himself?
What are your thoughts on the exchange between Spencer and the cop?
Will JJ’s father be able to forgive Brooke or will his grudge continue after the final battle taking place?
Thoughts on Zela and Aycia realizing they need to work together to beat Beckett and Vixella?
What do you make of the whole wall of death scene between Mac and Axel?
What was your reaction towards Mac’s death?
Will Axel be able to survive throughout the finale?  Why or why not?
Favorite/Least Favorite Characters:
Any additional comments you’d like to make?
Who do you think will die in the season 1 finale?
Are you excited for the season finale that is next episode?

Season Finale: “Battle in the Storm”



Omg I'm so excited for the final. & I feel bad for Mac but not that bad.

Sent by QueenMichelle,Jan 5, 2017
I have a big one planned QueenMichelle  ;)  That's why this episode isn't quite as long as the most recent ones I've been posting lately.
Sent by Icarus_Mark,Jan 5, 2017

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