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Evolution - Season 1 Episode 14 - "The Swansong Begins"

Jan 4, 2017 by Icarus_Mark
Link to the previous episode in case you missed and wanna go back to read:

Season 1 Cast:
melindaMrskk - Zela Ivine (21, Nature Female) - EPISODE 1
Macda27 - Mac Anderson (18, Fire Male) - EPISODE 1
coolKat - Katalia Kishukoi (18, Nature Female) - EPISODE 1
RyanAndrews - Kitty Chester (16, Ghost Female) - EPISODE 1
IceIceBaby - Vixella Vox (72, Darkness Female)- EPISODE 2
Garrett_Auckland - Beckett Allen (18, Mind Male) - EPISODE 1
Katherinee_ - Alycia Anderson (17, Ice Female) - EPISODE 1
tkoj555 - Addie Singer Santos (18, Ghost Female) - EPISODE 1
QueenMichelle - Saara Aalto (29, Steel Female) - EPISODE 1
Kelly2722 - Brooke Lively (18, Human Female) - EPISODE 1
imprincearthur - Shawn Mott (23, Light Male) - EPISODE 1
MrPokeguy9 - Daniel Tonge (21, Strength Male) - EPISODE 1
Spencer_Bledsoe - Spencer Thompson (17, Human Male) - EPISODE 1

Guest Characters/Supporting Cast:
Axel Anorends, aka "Alex Anderson" (22, Ice Male) - EPISODE 4

Jjred45 - JJ Slone (19, Light Male) - EPISODE 1 - EPISODE 8 - DEAD (facial corrosion and impact with wall by Beckett)


Episode 14: “The Swansong Begins”

--Flashback (5 Years Ago)—

Vixella came back into the house as Shawn was watching TV with Kitty.

Vixella: Hello children!  How was school today?
Kitty: Okay, I guess.
Vixella: Now Kitty, that’s no way to…
Shawn: It’s fine, really.  I’ve had this talk with her before.
Vixella: Hmmm, okay.  By the way, your mom wanted to know if you’d come to a play tonight.
Kitty: I would, but right now I’m taking a break from my homework.  I’ve gotta get back to it soon.
Vixella: Okay, suit yourself!

Vixella went into her bedroom and then came back out wearing her nicer clothing.

Vixella: We’ll see you both when we get back!
Shawn: Alright!  Have fun at the music theater!
Vixella: Thanks Shawn!  You’re such a doll!

Vixella left the house, leaving him and Kitty alone again.

Kitty: (turns to face Shawn) Where do you think our new foster parents go during the day?

Shawn put a hand to his chin, trying to figure that one out for himself.

Shawn: You know what?  I think I’ll have to find that out sometime!

--End Flashback—

Shawn followed Daniel as they ran through the red lights, stopping any of the guards that got in their way.  The flashbacks of Shawn’s past played throughout their mind as they continued to fight their way out.  Shawn wielded a sword of light while Daniel used his brute strength to help clear a path.  Shawn only fought the guard on the rear, so he had the lighter end of their workload while Daniel took on the brunt of their defenses.

Shawn: How are you holding up in there?

Daniel tripped a guard and broke their leg.

Daniel: I’m doing fine for now!  What about you?

All of a sudden, Shawn collapsed under the weight of his past, dropping his sword as he put both hands on his head.

Shawn: No… Not now!

Daniel turned around and saw Shawn having collapsed.  He ran to try and get him back to a state that constituted more readiness to fight.

Daniel: Shawn!  FOCUS!  We need to get out of here!

--End Scene—

At the lobby of the police station, Addie, Saara, and Katalia fought off the cops that came for them while also protecting Spencer.  Katalia was transformed into a Siberian tiger, tearing and biting off the hands of any cop who got near her.  Saara wielded a steel shield from her hand and deflected the bullets coming for her allies since she knew that the bullets couldn’t hurt her.  Addie, in the meanwhile, tried to focus on whose mind she wanted to dive into.

To Addie, this was a long and difficult process.  One, in order to gain safety, she needed to occupy the mind of a cop for the duration of the battle.  Secondly, once she got into the mind of a cop, she would need to stay away from Katalia and Saara as they might actually hurt her, so the cop she needed to choose would have to have a more blatantly distinct feature.  She supposed she could tell Spencer which cop she could choose, but then Spencer would have to relay that information to Katalia and Saara while the two girls continued to fight.  Another thing she had to worry about was how strong her victim’s mind and willpower would be.

Addie closed her eyes as she picked a cop who had a tattoo of a rose on her left arm.  She figured she looked different enough that her friends could recognize her.  Also, she was one of the few cops with short blond hair, so this was a combination Addie figured was a safe bet.  She mustered up the energy in her mind as her friends continued to fight.  She grew closer to her victim as no heed was paid to her.  The cops continued to give fire to Katalia and Saara as she continued to make her way to the rose-tattooed woman.  Addie reached a clear hand toward the head of her victim.

The reaction that followed was exhilarating and terrifying at the same time.  As her victim struggled against Addie, Addie continued to fight her way into her mind.  It was as if she were fighting a hurricane, which told her this woman’s will was a strong one.  But the rush flowing through Addie told her to keep fighting her way in, and soon, everything went black.  For what seemed like an eternity, it was all black.  But once there was a light again, Addie was no longer in the police station.  Or at least, she no longer saw the police station.  She was in a dark throne room with dark blue stained glass at the other end of the room, a lilac rose in the center of the glassed window.  She looked above her and saw giant swords hanging above her.

Addie: Is this her mind?

Her voice echoed as well as her footsteps.  She made her way over to the throne chair, which was surprisingly long and made up of blue swords.

--End Perspective—

Spencer saw the struggle the woman with the rose-tattoo just went through, though he did not see what was causing the struggle.  This went on for a good 15 seconds before she collapsed on the floor.  After some time, the same girl rose back up, but he didn’t see her as the same person for some reason.

Spencer: Addie?  Is that you?

The woman with the rose tattoo nodded and threw Spencer her gun.  Spencer caught the gun and began to cover fire.

Cop: (to the woman who threw Spencer the gun) WHAT ARE YOU DOING!?
Another Cop: Oh my God!  That’s not her, you idiot!  That child is controlling her!

How was she exposed so fast, Spencer wondered?  The cops began to direct some of their fire to the woman Addie took over, knowing the woman was now compromised.  Not willing to lose her, Spencer fired at the cops who tried to hurt Addie.


--End Perspective—

The woman Addie possessed fired plasma at the cops firing at her as Spencer continued to fire in her aid.  A wave of exhilaration went through as she fought for her new side.  A sword of ectoplasma donned from her via Addie’s possession of her mind, but it didn’t seem as skillful as Addie would be as this was a new body.  Rather, it seemed that this woman that she chose was actually more skillful in combat than she was.  She rolled on the floor and uppercut a cop with her blade.  Her movements were swift and sure, deflecting bullets with her blade.  As her swords dance continued, she could hear the beat of thunder outside.  Inside the police station was a battle, and outside was now a thunderstorm.

--End Perspective—

Inside the woman’s mind, Addie saw the figure of a woman begin to walk up to her.  Right away, Addie knew who this woman was.  It was the same woman who she had just taken over, or rather it was her conscience.  The look on her face did not look happy, but instead was a feeling of hurt anger.

Woman: (crossing her arms) What are you doing inside my mind, intruder?
Addie: Right now, I’m keeping the both of us alive.  Your co-workers are firing at you now.
Woman: (yelling in reply, her voice echoing across the room) Because you took possession of my mind!  You sit on my throne!
Addie: Because your men attacked us first when we only came for our friends!  I am only borrowing your mind for the time being.
Woman: Borrowing!?  Oh that’s just great!  And what am I supposed to do?
Addie: You can start by helping us not get you killed.

There was enough room on the throne chair to seat the owner alongside her.  Addie scooched over on the throne chair, offering the woman a seat by her side.

--End Perspective—

Saara continued to fight alongside Katalia, who was still a tiger.  Bullets continued to deflect off the shield she had on, hitting other cops.  However, she noticed that she didn’t really seem to be making any progress with where she was going.  She needed to find Shawn and get him out.  Leaving Katalia alone with Spencer and Addie, she made an effort to inch her way into the police station, defeating any of the cops and guards that got in her way.

--End Perspective—

Daniel fought every cop that tried to take advantage of the fact that Shawn was down.  No longer being able to count on Shawn for aid, Daniel used his brute strength as best as he could, fending off the cops that came at him.  He was able to dodge every bullet thanks to his muscles giving him speed, but he still hadn’t his power enough that he could easily have defeated these people on his own.  He needed help soon, or else he and Shawn were going to die.  He knew this in the back of his mind, but continued to fight he did.

A bullet pierced Daniel’s leg as he threw one cop into another, killing those two instantly.  Daniel dropped down in pain, continuing to fight off every cop he could as he tried to defend Shawn.

Daniel: (grunting without taking his attention off the fight) Shawn, whatever you’re doing, can you please wake up!?

--End Scene—

Brooke pulled up to Alycia’s house.  Ever since she’d left her house to ask Alycia’s parents to move in with them, she had been driving in a thunderstorm.  Brooke got out of the car and ran up to the front door as the thunder and lightning crackled nearby.  One bolt of lightning came within mere feet of striking her head as she ran up the pathway, that particular bolt hitting the birdbath that rested on the lawn.  Brooke saw the door open and a woman she knew to be Alycia’s mother was on the other end answering the door.

Alycia’s mother: GET IN!

Brooke picked up her speed, diving for the door as she heard another strike of lightning.  Between and behind her legs, Brooke could feel a scorching heat as she propelled herself forward in her dive.  She hit the ground hard as her head made it into the house, but the rest of her body was still on the front porch.  She could feel herself be supporting up by Alycia’s mother, but as she got herself back up, she could feel a scorching pain on her back as she was struck by a bolt of lightning.

Brooke: (screams in pain)
Alycia’s mother: NO!  Don’t you die on me now!

Alycia’s mother threw Brooke into the house to keep her from being struck again and swiftly closed the door.

Brooke: GAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Alycia’s mother rushed to Brooke’s side and put a hand on her back where she had just been struck.  What once felt hotter than the sun now felt like her back was dropping temperatures in a matter of seconds down to what Brooke guessed to be subzero, and now she shivered as the cold coursed through her body.  However, what was actually seconds felt like an eternity.  The rhythm of her breathing was agitated thanks to the death-defying experience she’d just had.

Alycia’s mother: Are you INSANE!?  You could have gotten yourself killed!
Brooke: (groaning) Ugh… I need…
Alycia’s mother: What do you need Brooke?  I’ve known you for practically as long as I’ve known my own children.
Brooke: A place… to live.
Alycia’s mother: What do you mean a place to live?

Brooke still felt the pain, but having seen her mother tell the story of her father against all odds, maybe she could tell her about everything that’d happened, and so she did.  Alycia’s mother never interrupted as Brooke recounted everything that had happened.  She told of her father’s attempts to rape her, how Alycia came to save her life, how Katalia became a hostage, what had happened at the theater, and about her mother’s death.  As she told her story, she watched as her best friend’s mother nodded her head occasionally.  After Brooke had finished, a great pause lingered between the 2, neither saying a word.

Alycia’s mother: (finally breaking the silence) I see.  It would seem you’ve been through a great ordeal.  But I’m glad you told me what’d happened because it gives me some answers I have been asking myself for the last 5 years.
Brooke: (in shock) What kind of answers?
Alycia’s mother: (closing her eyes for a few seconds before responding) That because of what had happened, you’ve stumbled upon my son, who I’d thought to be dead for the last 5 years.  Do you remember the news reporting of a feral attack in a mansion from that day 5 years ago?

Brooke shook her head, the memories not coming to her.

Alycia’s mother: We all knew from that day that it was no feral attack that had happened.  We knew something else had happened, so my husband, the father of my dear children, went undercover to find the truth.  Ever since he’d left, I would get letters, but he never used his full name.  Only his initials.
Brooke: (sighs in disbelief) Oh my God!  What do you mean?

Another pause between the two lingered.  Brooke felt nervous as her back continued to heal.

Alycia’s mother: He became “AA”, short for Alex Anderson Sr.  In one of his notes, he told me he’d found a book that held the clues to our future while going to Eastern Siberia for vacation, but I didn’t believe it.  He told me he’d put a note for Alycia to open once she was of age.  He also told me he’d met a tomboy who owned a sled of wolves during one excursion to Alaska right after that same trip to Siberia.  Apparently, she’d taken the book from under his nose one night while he was sleeping and he’s never seen it since.

At this revelation, Brooke was left speechless.

Alycia’s mother: (continuing) Now I know that both of my children are safe and sound.  Maybe now I can call my husband back home.  However, we need to fix you up first.  Then, we will go and find my daughter and her brother.

--End Scene—

After killing Jarvis, Beckett made his way up the stairs to where he’d seen Zela run up.  As he got to the top of the flight of stairs, he turned his first to the east wing.  There didn’t seem to be any doors open in the east wing.  He shrugged and turned his attention to the west wing.  In that direction, he saw a door that was left ajar.

Beckett: Bingo!  You can’t run from me whore!

Beckett ran over to the open door and went in the room.  Inside the room was empty, but the door to the balcony was left wide open despite the thunderstorm that was going on outside.  The room smelled of daisies, which he’d guessed was just Zela spraying her room with air freshener after a night of sex.  He walked over to the balcony and he was surprised to see that Zela actually housed a well maintained garden.

Beckett: How does a wench like her even have a garden beautiful such as THIS?

Beckett looked down and saw something that looked like an entrance to some kind of cavern.

Beckett: So that’s where you ran off to!  Zela Ivine, you’re finished, just like your butler!

Beckett jumped down into the cavern and went inside.

--End Scene—

Axel had paid for what little groceries he had, which were entirely non-perishables.  As he closed the door to his trunk, he felt himself get lifted up in the air.  He saw his assailant below to be Mac, the person he’d just met inside the store.

Axel: Oh if isn’t Mac!
Mac: You’re not playing any games with me this time!  What did you mean Zela was yours first?
Axel: Oh, that?  I’m assuming she’s told you about her high school sweetheart?

Mac slammed Axel against the back of his car as a flash of lightning flash him in black and white.

Mac: What do you mean high school sweetheart?
Axel: (still keeping his cool demeanor) I MEAN I was her boyfriend before I died.
Mac: Shut the fuck up!
Axel: Say it how you want, but remember that your immaturity will only get you spurned.  Why don’t we go back there together and see if she’s alright?  I’m sure if you really trust Zela to stay loyal to you, then she’ll have no problem choosing you over me.

The grip Mac had on Axel had loosened, which told him that he was getting through to Mac.

Mac: Alright, you can come, but if you try making any moves, I’ll burn you.
Axel: (chuckles and smiles) I wouldn’t expect anything less from a guy like you.

--End Scene—

Axel followed Mac back to Zela’s mansion.  It had been the same as he’d remembered it, at least from the outside.  It was still as beautiful and well-kept as it was 5 years ago, especially the gardens.  However, once he had come up to the entrance, Axel knew then and there that something had not been right.  There were more cars than there out to have been parked outside.  He recognized Zela’s pink car and Jarvis’ car, but the third car he did not know who it had belonged to.  When he and Mac got out of their cars, Axel walked over to Mac.

Axel: Careful Mac.  I feel like we may be walking into danger.
Mac: Oh shut up you!  You don’t know that!  She could have been expecting visitors for all I know.
Axel: True, but don’t you find that new car being parked her to be rather strange?
Mac: Hmm, maybe, but let’s just go inside before we jump to any conclusions.  I don’t want to be struck by lightning, and I’d imagine neither do you.

Axel and Mac made their way to the door and went inside the mansion as the thunder continued to rumbled, as if vexed with the world.  When they walked inside, Axel surveyed the lounge and that confirmed his suspicions.  An attack definitely happened here.

Mac: (breathlessly) What… the fuck?
Axel: Just as I’d suspected.  Someone’s made an attack on Zela at her own home.
Mac: But why?
Axel: Well, Mac, you have to remember, Zela DID kill Vixella’s daughter, so I’d imagine she and anyone she’s allied with are coming for her.  By the looks of it, we might be too late.
Mac: No!  Zela’s more resourceful than this!
Axel: I don’t deny she is, which is why I said “might”.  We need to search for ways she can…
Mac: (interrupting) Why don’t we start with her bedroom?

Without any further discussion, Axel and Mac made their way to Zela’s bedroom in the west wing.  When they walked in, Axel had noticed not one set of footprints, but two, both leading out to the balcony.

Axel: Well, good news, we can follow her trail at least.
Mac: Okay, then let’s go!
Axel: Yes, but before we go, there’s something else I should say.

But Mac was already at the balcony, jumping off.

Axel: MAC!  Get back here!

Axel ran over to the edge of the balcony and looked down.  He saw Mac inside what looked to be a cavern.  Axel shook his head, and then jumped down into the cavern where Mac was.

Mac: Took you long enough!  Now let’s go!

Axel and Mac began to run inside the cavern.  Unbeknownst to them though, just seconds after they began to run to follow Zela’s trail, the entrance to the cavern sealed shut.

--End Scene—

As Alycia rushed outside the church, she made her way to her car, disregarding the freak thunderstorm going on outside.  She figured her first stop should be to go and get Brooke so that she had backup for whatever she had to do.  However, about three-quarters of the way to her car, she saw a tree begin to move.

Alycia: What the—

Thunder continued to rumble, distracting Alycia.  It took some time to regain her bearings, but after she came back to her senses, she saw Zela standing in front of her.

Alycia: Wait a minute…
Zela: Don’t speak.  Spare me the talk.  I need your help.
Alycia: What do you mean?
Zela: (sighs) Beckett is coming after me, and now my butler is gone.  I mean, I can take Beckett, but something didn’t feel right about him.  He’s not himself.
Alycia: Beckett!?
Zela: Yes, him!  I’d thought you’d know since you’re friends with him, but I can see the car accident did more to your memory than I’d imagined.
Alycia: I haven’t even seen him in two days!  How do you know he’s not himself?
Zela: Because, you idiot, I was attacked in own home by him!  He shouldn’t have been able to slam me against the wall and still be able to fight Jarvis!
Alycia: Black magic…

This, Alycia saw, seemed to pique Zela’s interests.

Zela: So you do know what it is.  By that logic, you should also know not only how I lost your brother, but what we’re dealing with now.  We have a common enemy Alycia, and our swansong is beginning.  This is why I need you.

--End Scene—

Kitty: Um, what are you doing?

Kitty saw Vixella begin to rush through everything right after getting dressed for the day.  She looked panicked, as if she were late to some important recital her daughter always used to conduct onstage.  However, it wasn’t her nice clothes that Vixella was wearing.  Rather, they were my mundane clothing.

Vixella: I hope you have everything ready Kitty!  We’re going to pin that witch down once and for all!
Kitty: (confused) What witch!?
Vixella: Beckett’s gone to Zela’s and is now on the move.    Apparently he’s already killed her butler.
Kitty: But why do we even need to fight?
Vixella: Don’t ask any more questions and just do as I say.

Kitty paid heed to her foster parent, but as she did, she began to suspect something was off about Vixella today.  However, she couldn’t quite place a finger on it.  Maybe because Vixella had just lost her own daughter and wants to avenge her death, which Kitty did think was reasonable.  If she were in Vixella’s shoes, she’d figured she’d do the same thing.

--End Scene—

Saara fought her way past a multitude of cops, not killing unless absolutely necessary.  Most were just knocked out cold from Saara’s defensive attacks.  In her eyesight, she began to see a face that looked as if it were getting weary.

Saara: Daniel?

--End Perspective—

Meanwhile in the police station, Daniel was beginning to wear out as the cops began to overwhelm him.  He had sustained much more damage after toughing out a bullet to his legs as his muscles began to threateningly ache.  Even with his power, he could not take these people on for much longer.  Daniel knelt down on the floor, aching in every part of his body as the cops made their advance to overtake him.

???: Daniel?

At the mention of his name, he turned his head to finally find someone who wasn’t a cop.  However, as much as he wanted to continue to fight, the pain he was going through was too great.  All he could do was struggle to stand up before he was pinned to the wall.  He looked over to Shawn, and what he saw finally gave him encouragement.

Shawn was beginning to climb back up to his feet, recovering from the collapse.

Shawn: I’ve got this!

A sword of light donned from Shawn’s hand as his wings grew.  Shawn began to fight in Daniel’s stead.

--End Perspective—

Saara witnessed Shawn begin to take his last stand, encouraging her to fight even more on her way towards him.  She fended off the cops that got in her way, the shield throwing them towards the wall and the impacts causing them to collapse.  The cops who had Daniel pinned began to notice that he finally had his reinforcements and let go of Daniel to fight off Shawn and Saara.  A multitude of cops still stood in their way, and as they tried to get closer, they continued to fight their way through the cops.  Eighty cops become seventy, and then seventy became sixty.  Fifty. Forty.  Thirty.  The tide of the battle was finally in their favor.

Once they got to the last cop, he looked terrified now that the numbers had shifted.

Cop: Puh-please!  Spare me!  I was only doing my job!
Saara: Get out of here!  And leave everyone behind!

The last cop ran away from Saara, Shawn, and Daniel, frightened to be like his colleagues.  Then Saara turned her attention to Shawn, dropped her shield, and ran up to him.  The two embraced each other in a tight hug.

Saara: (muffled in tears) I was so worried about you!
Shawn: There there!  Everything will be alright!
Daniel: Um, guys?

Saara and Shawn stopped to look towards Daniel, who struggled to stand up after the fight he had to go through.  They ran over to Daniel and helped him up.

Shawn: We’ll get out of here, don’t you worry!

--End Perspective—

Spencer saw Addie got out of the rose-tattooed woman’s mind after their battle had ended.  The battle once Saara had left went pretty smoothly thanks to their new ally.  However, understandably, the woman who Addie had exited collapsed on her knees, beginning to cry.

Woman: What— did I just do?
Spencer: Oh your boss will forgive you.  He’ll know you weren’t in your right state of mind.  Besides, I think most of your colleagues are going to be okay.  Let’s… just say that the hospital in Albany is going to be jampacked now with healing cops.
Woman: (collapsing on the floor) Lueuggghh!

Katalia was back in her human form, standing besides Spencer.

Katalia: Is she going to be okay?
Spencer: Yeah, she’s going to be fine.  We just need to bring her with us until she feels better.

Just then Spencer saw Daniel, Shawn, and Saara come up back to the lobby.

Addie: Thank Goodness you’re all okay!
Saara: Well, it wasn’t easy.  If I’d come even  a moment later, I think Daniel here might have been lost.

Saara nodded her head to Daniel as she mentioned her name.

Addie: Let’s all just get out of here.  We’ll explain everything once we’re on our way to rest.

Spencer ran over and heaved the unconscious woman over his shoulder, then everyone headed back outside the police station.  When they got outside though, they had all realized right away that it was storming.

Daniel: Oh for God’s sake!  Not more of this shit!
Saara: We just need to get back to our cars!  Katalia, Spencer, and Addie, you go in car that our little friend here has.  The rest of us will go in my car!
Spencer: Got it!

The group split over to run over to the cars that they were to go to.  Spencer set the woman down and as she did, she began to wake up.

Woman: (weakly) Wh- what’s going on?
Spencer: We need you to take us in your car.  I’m afraid we’ll have to keep you with us for a little while—

Spencer was interrupted as he heard a death-defying scream.  He and the woman he was with looked over to see Addie getting struck by lightning, right where her voice box is located.  Her body convulsed as the lightning shook all throughout her body until her body exploded.

Katalia and Spencer: (as they saw their friend struck dead) NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

--End of Episode—

Thoughts on the Episode:
What did the flashback at the beginning of the episode set up?
Thoughts on the entire fight at the police station?
What did you think of Addie borrowing the woman cop’s mind?
Now we know who “AA” is.  Are you satisfied with the answer?
What do you make of Mac and Axel working together?
How do you think Alycia and Zela coming together will turn out?
What do you think will happen to Kitty now that she is coming into battle with Vixella?
Thoughts on the reunion between Shawn and Saara?
What did you think of Addie’s death?
Favorite/Least Favorite:
Any comments, suggestions, or concerns?
Any more death predictions?  There is only 2 episodes left of Season 1.

Next Episode: “You’re the Traitor”



Sent by QueenMichelle,Jan 4, 2017
What did the flashback at the beginning of the episode set up? Shawn is probably gonna be the person being told theyre a 'traitor' or something as the next episode title is
Thoughts on the entire fight at the police station? I actually really loved it, everyone slayed in their own right and I love my own character.
What did you think of Addie borrowing the woman cop’s mind? I thought she was really cool when doing that, finally people are showing off their powers.
Now we know who “AA” is.  Are you satisfied with the answer? Alex Anderson is Axel?  I think. So that'd make Axel AA.? Its confusing
What do you make of Mac and Axel working together? Axel is a nice guy and Mac is just an asshole so I hope he dies
How do you think Alycia and Zela coming together will turn out? Zela is probably gonna control things shes basically just using Alycia
What do you think will happen to Kitty now that she is coming into battle with Vixella? Well Kitty I think due to the first flashback was vixella's foster daughter or whatever so it'll be drama
Thoughts on the reunion between Shawn and Saara?  I loved it sm, theyre so cute together.
What did you think of Addie’s death? I FELT SO BAD; I JUST BEGAN LIKING HER. ROBBED QUEEN
Favorite/Least Favorite: Fav; Saara, Shawn, Katalia, Spencer, Axel, Daniel. Least Fav: Mac, Vixella.
Any comments, suggestions, or concerns? Fave TENGAGED series of all time.
Any more death predictions? Definitely Mac, probably another of the group, Probably Spencer maybe? Or shawn, idk. Cuz a female just died, so I think a male will die of the 'group.' I think kitty could die as well
Sent by QueenMichelle,Jan 4, 2017
QueenMichelle, Axel is Alycia's brother  lol  Their father is the one who is AA, but I can see how it can all be confusing.  It was revealed a few episodes back that Axel WAS also Alex Anderson in the past, which is also his father's name.  It happens a lot when fathers give their children their entire names.

As for Kitty, yeah, she was confrimed to be fostered by Vixella back in Episode 5.  It was also then that it was revealed Shawn was also fostered by Vixella until he left.  We will see how it all plays out for her, Shawn, and Vixella in these final episodes of the season.

I'm glad you like this series so much!  :)
Sent by Icarus_Mark,Jan 4, 2017
finally jj isn't the only dead character lol
Sent by Jjred45,Jan 4, 2017
Currently on a flight but I'll give my view's upon the episode once I get home (Should be tomorrow)
Sent by IceIceBaby,Jan 4, 2017

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