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Evolution - Season 1 Episode 13 - "Evil Intrusions"

Jan 2, 2017 by Icarus_Mark
Welcome to our first episode for 2017!  Once again, I have a longer episode for you today as it is a big episode!

Link to the previous episode in case you missed and wanna go back to read:

Season 1 Cast:
melindaMrskk - Zela Ivine (21, Nature Female) - EPISODE 1
Macda27 - Mac Anderson (18, Fire Male) - EPISODE 1
coolKat - Katalia Kishukoi (18, Nature Female) - EPISODE 1
RyanAndrews - Kitty Chester (16, Ghost Female) - EPISODE 1
IceIceBaby - Vixella Vox (72, Darkness Female)- EPISODE 2
Garrett_Auckland - Beckett Allen (18, Mind Male) - EPISODE 1
Katherinee_ - Alycia Anderson (17, Ice Female) - EPISODE 1
tkoj555 - Addie Singer Santos (18, Ghost Female) - EPISODE 1
QueenMichelle - Saara Aalto (29, Steel Female) - EPISODE 1
Kelly2722 - Brooke Lively (18, Human Female) - EPISODE 1
imprincearthur - Shawn Mott (23, Light Male) - EPISODE 1
MrPokeguy9 - Daniel Tonge (21, Strength Male) - EPISODE 1
Spencer_Bledsoe - Spencer Thompson (17, Human Male) - EPISODE 1

Guest Characters/Supporting Cast:
Jarvis (62, Energy Male) - EPISODE 2
Axel Anorends, aka "Alex Anderson" (22, Ice Male) - EPISODE 4

Jjred45 - JJ Slone (19, Light Male) - EPISODE 1 - EPISODE 8 - DEAD (facial corrosion and impact with wall by Beckett)


Episode 13: “Evil Intrusions”

Brooke was back at her house.  Now without her mother and father, she had no one left for family to turn to.  She checked the fridge to see what was still in.  It was mostly empty minus the milk she had bought the day before, but even that was mostly gone.  She’d figured she’d have just a few more days to clear out the fridge before the electricity goes off and they begin to rot.  On top of that, now that she no longer had parents, this house would soon not be her home anymore.  She needed a new place to live, but knowing that she didn’t nearly enough money to make a living, who could she possibly live with?  She had known since last night that Daniel and Shawn had gotten arrested, JJ was dead, JJ’s father despised her for using his family’s prized possession to kill her father, she’d heard Addie was in the same boat she was in regards to having a home, she barely even knew Katalia and didn’t know the first thing about Kitty or Spencer, or Saara for that matter.  As for Vixella, she didn’t really want to deal with her after Beckett’s hand was cut off, and then Beckett has been nowhere to be found ever since he lost his hand.  As Brooke tried to go through her possibilities, she knew right there and then that she’d pretty much only 1 choice.  She would need to move in with Alycia.  The only real problem she saw with that was her brother, but she didn’t think he would mind all that much.  She got her phone out and began to dial.  However, after Brooke tried to dial, no one answered on the other end.

Brooke: Ugh!  Why me?

Brooke looked down, shaking her head.

--End Scene—

Saara spent the entire night awake.  Ever since she’d left Shawn to go over to Addie’s, she has been worried sick for Shawn.  She knew Shawn was going to go over to Daniel’s first before going to Kitty for forgiveness, but she also knew she was sending Shawn out into the heat of the battlefield by having him come face-to-face with the one girl who stayed with Vixella all these years.  However, on top of those feelings, she was beginning to feel as though she might be falling in love with him.  She couldn’t think of why, but up to this point, she and Shawn have basically been two people who worked quite well together.  She’d wondered if Shawn felt the same way towards her.  She couldn’t be sure unless she were to go ahead and ask him.

She spent the night on Addie’s living room couch as she knew Addie no longer had either parent.  It wasn’t her responsibility to find Addie a place to live, but she figured she would be nice for one night while she tried to get past her feuds with Addie. She reached for the remote on the coffee table nearby her and turned on the TV.  On the TV was the Morning News.  Most of it was just about the weather and normal happenings, but one story did get her attention, and once it did, she knew she needed to keep her ears and eyes peeled.

News Reporter: Last night, Daniel Tonge and Shawn Mott were both arrested for the murder of JJ Slone.  Officials say that these 2 suspects killed JJ in cold-blood yesterday at the West End Music Theater, with one throwing a bottle of corrosive matter towards his face while the other threw him into the wall.  All 3 people were sitting in Row 64 next to each other according to the tickets for what was supposed to be last night’s production.

Saara: WHAT!?

Saara turned off the TV, chucked the remote back onto the couch, and sprinted for the door.

Spencer: Saara, wait!

Saara had her hand on the doorknob as Spencer called out her name.  Saara turned around and crossed her arms at Spencer.

Saara: Why?  I just learned that Shawn is in jail, and I know for a fact he wouldn’t kill anyone the way JJ was killed.
Spencer: But we need to remember that we’re all in this together now!
Saara: Who said?
Katalia: (coming in and crossed her arms alongside Spencer) Um… you did?  Last night?
Saara: I didn’t say we were all in this together.
Addie: So you’re just gonna back out on us now?  You’re a real coward, you know!
Saara: What!?  How am I a coward!?
Addie: You were going to renege us out of helping out Kitty in favor of Shawn.  That’s really selfish and cowardly considering you were the one who came here in the first place.
Saara: But it’s not right what they did to Shawn!
Katalia: I don’t care.  We’re still going with you whether you like it or not.  I was a fucking T-Rex carrying two fully grown girls to the West End Music Theater yesterday for crying out loud.
Saara:(sighs) Okay fine!  Just hurry up and get ready.  I’m not about to let these arrests just fly like this.

--End Scene—

Alycia: So you were in Alaska this whole time?
Axel: Not this WHOLE time!  I left after some time and found my way back to Underwood, and then I found this place right here.  It’s the most secure church secret this side of the country and has become my new home.  (stands up) Now if you’ll excuse me, I have some errands to run.

Axel got up from his chair and left the table, leaving Alycia all on her own.  He figured he could do with a little shopping as he hasn’t been out for groceries for a short while.  He donned his black hood on and left the church cellars.

--End Scene—

As Alycia watched her brother leave, she decided once he’d gone to check up on her phone.  She looked down at her phone and saw a missed call from Brooke.

Alycia: Huh!  What did Brooke want exactly?

Alycia flipped open her phone and dialed Brooke’s number.  She brought it up to her and listened for Brooke’s voice.  BEEP!  BEEEP!  BEEP!

It had beeped about five times before Brooke’s voice finally came through from the other end.

Alycia: Brooke!  I missed your call earlier!  What’s up!
Brooke: It’s my mother!  She’s dead!
Alycia: Oh my God, really!?
Brooke: No, she’s prancing around on a unicorn.  YES SHE’S REALLY DEAD!
Alycia: Okay, okay, calm down Brooke!
Brooke: (freaking out) Calm down!?  I don’t even know where I’m going to be living soon!
Alycia: Alright, okay.  Why don’t you just call up my parents and ask if you can stay with them?  I’m sure they wouldn’t mind if you explained what’s going on.
Brooke: I thought way with JJ’s father too.
Alycia: (confused) What do you mean you thought that way with JJ’s father?
Brooke: I went to his house last night to return the pocket knife.  JJ’s family HATES me now because that pocketknife was one of their family’s prized possessions.
Alycia: Oh wow!
Brooke: Yeah, so now you see why I can’t just explain what I did to my father.
Alycia: (concedingly) Okay, maybe not, but you can still tell them they died.  I mean, didn’t your mother have cancer?
Brooke: Yes, lung cancer.
Alycia: Then explain that bit.  As for your father, they’re not going to care quite so much if you were only defending yourself.  I know my parents better than anyone.
Brooke: Okay.  Thanks for your help!
Alycia: No problem love.  You have my condolences.

The girls ended their call, but once Alycia hung up, she began to wonder what else had been going on ever since the fight at the theater.  All she could remember was going to sleep, Axel explaining his story to her, and the call.  She hadn’t heard back from any of her other friends, and she kept thinking back to how JJ died and her nightmare.  She remembered that his skin was eaten away, just like in the nightmare.  She tried to piece together the mysteries of her nightmare and tried to make sense of what she saw that night.

She remembered JJ had his flesh eaten away, but what else?  Christine, she knew, was dead, but she had her arm nearly severed rather than being decapitated.  However, she did remember that alongside the decapitation, she did in fact remember seeing her arm nearly being cut off at the theater.  Even with that remembered, one phrase stuck to her head, almost as if it was eating her inside.

Alycia: (murmurs) You have failed us.

Saying that made Alycia all the more scared.  What if her other friends beheld the same fate JJ and Christine did?  How could Alycia possibly live with herself?

Alycia: I need to take action!

Alycia bolted up out of the table and checked for any belongings she might have needed.  She grabbed what she needed and then headed out of the church cellar, yellow hood donned.

--End Scene—

Saara drove the car, with Addie sitting in the front and then Katalia and Spencer in the back.

Spencer: How are we planning to get Shawn out of jail again?
Saara: I know where he was taken to.  There’s only one police station in Underwood.
Katalia: Wouldn’t it have been easier to bring Kitty with us as leverage?
Addie: No, you idiot!
Katalia: Don’t call me an idiot!
Saara: (shouts) Settle it down, you two!  (composes herself and continues)  The plan is that Shawn can prove to her what kind of person Vixella truly is which is exactly why we’re breaking him out of jail.  If we can get the person he was arrested with as well, then even better.
Spencer: But don’t you have history with Vixella?
Saara: Yes, but I alone won’t be enough to convince Kitty.  That’s why we need Shawn.  Shawn and I have to do it together.
Addie: And if that goes south?

Saara took a good moment to think of Addie’s question.  She knew she had her steel powers, but she didn’t know if these kids had powers of their own.

Saara: If we have to fight, then so be it.  We’ll need to be prepared for anything.  I have steel powers.  Who all out of you 3 has powers?

Only Addie and Katalia raise their hands.  Spencer remained silent.

Saara: You don’t, Spence?
Spencer: No.
Saara: (sighs) Then please, for the love of God, stay on our asses the whole time!  If you see anything you can use as a weapon if we do need to fight, you are to not take any chances.  You are to grab it and fight for your life, you understand me?
Spencer: Yes!
Saara: Good.  Now.  Katalia and Addie, what are your powers?
Katalia: I can turn into animals.
Addie: I can phase through solid objects.
Saara: Alright, good enough.  Have these powers on standby at all times.  Do not be afraid to use them.
Katalia: Understood!
Spencer: But diplomacy should come before combat.
Saara: And it will.  We will try and see if we can bail him first, but it’s always good to have a backup plan.

Saara pulled up into the parking lot of the police station and parked her car.  She turned her car off and then everyone got out and headed for the front door of the police station.  They walked into the police station, tensions nervous for all 4 of them.  The walked up to a receptionist’s desk and rang a bell that was placed on their counter.

The receptionist was an angry-looking man who was nearing retirement age.  By the look on his face, Saara could tell he didn’t want to deal with anyone today.

Receptionist: The hell you want?
Saara: (employs her friendliest tone of voice) Hey, um I understand you guys have my friend Shawn Mott here!  I was wondering if there was a bail posted for him!
Receptionist: No, and this place isn’t taking any visitors at this hour.
Saara: Oh, okay!  Sorry to have caused you trouble!
Receptionist: Eh, whatever.  Get the hell outta here now.

Saara turned around and saw a cop pointing a gun at her face.  Before she could react, he fired a bullet from his gun.  The bullet flattened upon impact with her head and fell to the ground, crumpled and worthless.


Just like that, a flurry of cops made their way over to Saara, Addie, Katalia, and Spencer.

--End Scene—

Meanwhile, Daniel and Shawn sat in the cell, trying to process what was going on to have caused their arrests.  Shawn had explained his story about going to apologize to Daniel about JJ, but Daniel had dismissed him, saying that he wasn’t mad at Shawn so much as he was grieving over the loss of his best friend.  Both had felt betrayed by Beckett for what he’d done.

Shawn: What’s going to happen to us?
Daniel: (shaking his head after a while) I don’t know.
Shawn: There has to be something!  We can’t just rot in here for the rest of our lives!
Guard: Oh don’t worry.  You’re not staying here for much longer.

Daniel saw a red aura around where he judged the guard to be, signifying that this guy was not an ally.

Daniel: What do you mean we’re not staying here for much longer?
Guard: Once we get the corporate approval, you’re going to a high-security prison for monsters such as the 2 of you, and you’ll be far away from Underwood, so you’ll never see anyone you’ve ever cherished again.

Daniel rushed at the steel door of his cell in fury and anger.

Daniel: Fuck you!
Guard: (chuckles) Oh, I’d love to fuck me too, but I have my wife for that.

Just then, a door could be heard opening from the other side of the door.

Guard: Oh for crying out loud, what the hell’s going on?
Cop: Sir, we’ve been invaded.  Four monsters who have demanded to see Shawn Mott have open fired on us because we refused.
Guard: (to himself) Fuck!

Shawn listened in at the sound of his name and walked up to Daniel.

Shawn: (whispering in Daniel’s ear) We need to get that door busted open while they’re distracted.
Daniel: (whispers in reply) Got it!

Daniel could hear footsteps running away from the cell.  As the footsteps faded, Daniel braced himself.

Daniel: Alright, get out of my pathway Shawn.

Daniel was propped on the other side, facing directly at the door.  Shawn ran to one of the walls that were away from Daniel’s line of sight.  He sized up the door and judged what he needed to do.  Considering he jumped into outer space when he tried jumping, maybe he could break the door open if he put some power against it.

Daniel: (crying) CHAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAARGE!!!!!!!!!!

Daniel ran at a blinding speed to pick up some power and jumped towards the door with both of his feet out in front of him.  If he didn’t get the door open now, he would never be able to escape.  When his feet made impact with the door, the force of the kick unhinged the door completely, ripping the door from the frame.  Daniel angeled the door down, leaning forward as the door began to slant towards the ground.  Once it touched down on the ground, the door slid across the floor as Daniel surfed on the door for a good 15 feet until it finally stopped.  The alarm began to sound as the door was busted open, so all Daniel could see were the red lights.

Daniel took deep and heavy breaths as he took in what he just did.  He just broke down a door and surfed on it.

Shawn: What the flying fuck!  What are you?

Daniel turned to face Shawn, whose mouth was gaping wide open in awe while the lights shined red on and off on him.

Daniel: I know.  I’m pretty awesome.  Now let’s get out of here and help our friends.

--End Scene—

Mac was out shopping after his morning shift at the diner.  He needed a sense of normality after the attack at the theater, so he’d left the mansion to go to work.  Thankfully, he wasn’t asked about the attack much other than if he knew what had happened.  Mac always lied and told his costumers he didn’t know about it, of course.  Were the truth to come out, he would be done for, so he played everything he could as smart as he was able to manage.

He was shopping in the produce aisle, comparing prices.  He was shopping not only for Zela, but also his family back home as both parties gave him money for groceries.  His budget came out to be a little over $400.  He compared bananas to see not only what was cheaper, but also what looked better to eat.

???: Well well well!  If itsn’t Mac!  Didn’t expect to see you here!

Mac dropped the bananas back onto the display pile and turned to see someone in a black hood.

Mac: The fuck are you?
???: Call me Axel.  I was just going shopping myself.
Mac: (rolls his eyes) Yeah, whatever.
Axel: Now that’s no way to talk to your…
Mac: (snaps) Oh just cut your shit, Axel or whoever the hell you are!  You’re the one who came up on me, not the other way around!  I don‘t invade your personal space!
Axel: Says the guy who helped attack a theater in front of thousands of people.
Mac: You’re lucky we’re in a public place or else I’d be burning your face off.
Axel: I bet you’d try, but remember this.  Zela was mine first.

With that, Axel left Mac, who now had a seething hatred for Axel.

Mac: (to himself) I want that fucker dead.

--End Scene—

Kitty rose from her slumber, having slept in.  All throughout the last night after she got home, Kitty pretty much just kept to herself, offering Vixella condolences whenever needed.  She fixed herself some toast for breakfast as she needed something to eat.  After the toast was done cooking, she put butter on them and put them on a plate and began to eat.  It was no sooner that she began to eat than Beckett came into the kitchen.

Kitty: Morning Beckett.  How are you feeling?
Beckett: (smiling) Better.

Kitty noticed something strange in the look Beckett gave her, but she didn’t really know what it was.  She shrugged it off her mind and continued eating.

Kitty: So did you hear?

Beckett gave Kitty a surprised look, but a part of Kitty could tell it was fake.

Beckett: (feigning surprise) No!  Whatever do you mean?
Kitty: Well, for starters, there was the attack at the West End Music Theater, and apparently, only two young adults named Daniel and Shawn were named guilty for the whole thing.  Sad, isn’t it?
Beckett: Yeah… I was friends with Daniel.
Kitty: (still eating her toast) I know you were.  Vixella told me about what you guys did the day before.  Pretty stupid if you ask me.
Beckett: (defensively) And who asked you for your input?
Kitty: (shrugs) Who cares?

Beckett stormed out of the kitchen.

Kitty: (quietly noting to herself) “Something is wrong with Beckett.  He’s obviously keeping something hidden.  But exactly what?  And why?”

--End Scene—

Beckett went back into the guest room where he was staying at.  As of yet, Vixella still has not allowed him to go back home, so after every time he went out, he would come back and rest for the night.  He’d managed to successfully get the police off his trail and pin it on Daniel and Shawn, who were now both in jail.  Now he needed to activate the next step of the plan, and for this one, it was going to be much tougher.  He got out a map of Underwood and studied the southern half of the map.  He traced his finger to pinpoint a route he would need to take to get to his destination.  Once he found where he needed to go, he got out a marker and drew an “X” over it.

Beckett: I will not fail.

--End Scene—

Back at the mansion, Zela had Jarvis prepare lunch as she tried to figure out what she should do next.  After having told Mac her secret and having slept with him, she’s already moved her pregnancy tests to a place where she could easily reach them.  She needed new groceries, which is why she’d sent Mac out to go get some.  Out in front of Zela now was a blueprint, and in the blue print was a plan she was trying to map out.  Now that she had killed Christine and Vixella had been there to see her deceased daughter, Zela could not afford to make any mistakes.  The arrests of Daniel and Shawn making the morning news were enough to let Zela ease herself down enough to where she could let Mac out to do his daily routine, but that was about it.

Jarvis came out with lunch for both himself and Zela and took a seat on the couch.

Zela: Thank you butler!
Jarvis: You’re most welcome, mademoiselle!  Do tell me you have a plan to get us out of this mess we’re in!
Zela: I’m coming up with one, but you have to remember that Vixella is smarter than you’d think.  She may be an old lady, but I know firsthand she’s no one you should be messing with.  Tell me, butler.  Have you ever dealt with Vixella before?
Jarvis: I can’t say that I have.
Zela: Well, considering the circumstances, I’d say you’re gonna have to deal with her now.

Just then, the door flew open and a man in a blue hood stepped in.  He removed his hood and revealed himself to be Beckett.

Zela: What the fuck is wrong with you?
Beckett: Oh, you’re about to find out!

Zela was flung by a force into the wall.  She crashed and fell to the floor.  She grunted in pain and looked up to see Jarvis readying to fight Beckett.

Jarvis: Sir, I’d advise stepping back.
Beckett: Nope!  Not going to happen!
Jarvis: Then I dearly regret this, but if you want my mistress, you’ll have to get through me, sire!
Beckett: I didn’t expect any less from an idiotic, second-rate butler!

Jarvis did not take his eyes off Beckett, but instead drew out a shield make of electricity.

Jarvis: Mistress, I’ll take this foul intruder!  Get on out of here!
Zela: Who do you think I am, Jarvis!?  I’m not leaving you!
Jarvis: Yes you are!  This guy is working for Vixella, and if he came here without warning, then she will most certainly come after you.  Take the blueprint and go!

Jarvis charged at Beckett, shield in hand.  Zela saw her opening and ran for the blueprint.  Grabbing the blueprint, she ran up the stairs and into the west wing, leaving Jarvis behind.  She ran into her room and waved a hand, signaling for her plants to come to life.  The feeling of being chased ran through her mind as she tried for her life to escape with the blueprint.  She ran out into the balcony, stepped onto the ledge, and jumped off.  It felt like forever, but she landed on a wide tree branch and began to run into the caverns of her plants.

--End Scene—

Beckett and Jarvis continued to fight in Zela’s lounge, Jarvis shielding off Beckett’s force attempts as he fended off with his own bolts of electricity.  Beckett dodged in kind, honing a shield made of purple energy.  Electric knives flew all over the room, one almost having hit Zela as she made her escape.  Jarvis unsheathed an electric sword from his hand, so the fight now become a swordfight, with Beckett and Jarvis parrying each other’s attacks, neither seeming to be able to gain an advantage.

Jarvis: Why do you work for Vixella?
Beckett: I could ask the same about you and Zela, but that would be too personal.

They slashed at each other again, once again blocking the other’s attack.

Beckett: Anyone who works for Zela is just as bad as her, to be honest.
Jarvis: That’s where you’re wrong, chap!  I know who she is underneath her exterior, unlike you!

Jarvis put all his might to fending off Beckett as he finished his sentence and managed to knock the sword out of his hands.

Beckett: Oh?  I know Zela killed her ex-boyfriend just for cheating on her.  I can sense it with my mind.

Beckett knocked Jarvis’ sword out his hand and knocked Jarvis back several feet.  Beckett saw his chance and didn’t want to waste it.  He jumped towards Jarvis, slamming the blade of his shield down and severed his leg upon its impact with the shield.

Jarvis: (screams in agonizing pain after losing his leg)
Beckett: Such a shame you work for a cold-blooded murderer.  You seemed like a such a nice man without her.  Now though?  You’re dog food!

Beckett conjured up a bloodhound made up of pure energy as he laughed maniacally at Jarvis.

Jarvis: Whatever you’re going to do, just get it over with.  Zela will… always be better than you.
Beckett: Oh don’t you wish!  Sick him!

Jarvis screamed for the last time as Beckett’s dog pounced on him and began to eat and kill him.  HHis arm flew right off, flying in midair until Beckett’s energy dog ate that too as it began to fall towards the ground.

Beckett: Poor old man, only a pawn in my way.  I won’t be missing him.  But now, it is time to kill the queen before I make my way to checkmate.

--End of Episode—

Thoughts on the Episode:
What do you think will become of Brooke?
Why do you think Alycia’s nightmare came back to her now as opposed to some other time?
Where do you think Alycia is going to go?
Thoughts on the plan Saara and her group made?
How do you think the fight at the police station is going to go for Saara’s group?
What do you think about Daniel and Shawn escaping their cell?
What do you make of the scene between Mac and Axel and what do you think this means for either of these characters?
Do you think Kitty will find out the truth behind Vixella?  If so, how?
Thoughts on Zela escaping Beckett?
Thoughts on Beckett’s attack and Jarvis’ sacrifice?
Favorite/Least Favorite Characters:
Any comments, suggestions, or concerns you’d like to make or address?
Who do you think is going to die as the season finale approaches?

Next Episode: “The Swansong Begins”



Thoughts on the Episode: Great use of the powers, loved it
What do you think will become of Brooke? She will become dangerous I think, and might become a bit estranged from everyone else
Why do you think Alycia’s nightmare came back to her now as opposed to some other time? I think I might've missed that...
Where do you think Alycia is going to go? To either help Axel, or maybe save Daniel and Shawn.
Thoughts on the plan Saara and her group made? Oh no, why would a cop pull a gun on her when she was being polite and then conspire to say that she was the one who attacked first. Filthy filthy disgusting hate the cops. 
How do you think the fight at the police station is going to go for Saara’s group? Not good, maybe result in a death? IDK
What do you think about Daniel and Shawn escaping their cell? That was epic and the reaction Shawn had was funny in a way.
What do you make of the scene between Mac and Axel and what do you think this means for either of these characters? They will have a rivalry between each other for Zela possibly resulting in Mac's death.
Do you think Kitty will find out the truth behind Vixella?  If so, how? It will either be Shawn or Beckett/Vixella will try and kill her.
Thoughts on Zela escaping Beckett? Thank god the queen survived
Thoughts on Beckett’s attack and Jarvis’ sacrifice? This was such a sweet and sad scene at the same time, poor Jarvis
Favorite/Least Favorite Characters: Faves is basically everyone except, Vixella, Mac, Beckett, and on the fence with Zela tbh
Any comments, suggestions, or concerns you’d like to make or address? Nope your golden
Predictions? Not as of now, I just feel like this series is unpredictable
Who do you think is going to die as the season finale approaches? Ahhh IRDK possibly Mac, and maybe Kitty. IDK I just have that gut feeling
Sent by RyanAndrews,Jan 2, 2017
I love this series, commenting tomorrow
Sent by QueenMichelle,Jan 2, 2017
Thank you QueenMichelle < 3  Looking forward to what you have to say!  ^_^
Sent by Icarus_Mark,Jan 2, 2017
She is gonna be very emotional wreck with everything she has gone through
Because it has been revealed how evil vixella really is and she knows how she can stop the others from dying
Get Daniel and shawn out of this mess and she may run into Saara and the others along the way
I didn't think it would go like this
I hope no one dies
thank goodness
Axel is just jealous and honestly i think he needs to let that go unless he loves zela that much
I feel like she will catch Vixella in the act of doing something evil and it will be very tragic
Thank god she made it
He is honestly the kindest character on the show and its sad to see him go
Alycia,Brooke,Saara,Daniel,Zela,Katalia and Shawn
Predictions: Kitty will catch Vixella doing black magic vixella will do a spell to take control of her body/mind, Beckett will go back to normal before they all go after vixella.
Sent by tkoj555,Jan 2, 2017
Will answer questions after work
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Thoughts on the Episode: The powers are getting more explanation with new tension being developed.
What do you think will become of Brooke?: I feel she's now slightly unstable and may cause damage if used in a battle.
Why do you think Alycia’s nightmare came back to her now as opposed to some other time?: Alycia knows her nightmares can be contained and with certain elements she'll be able to use them to aid.
Where do you think Alycia is going to go?: I feel her only choice is to get Daniel and Shawn out of Prison before doing anything else.
Thoughts on the plan Saara and her group made?: The cop I think may be controlled by someone (Vixella) but I'm sure the cop will die.
How do you think the fight at the police station is going to go for Saara’s group?: They'll win.
What do you think about Daniel and Shawn escaping their cell?: I knew they'd have to escape in order for them to be involved in the battles.
What do you make of the scene between Mac and Axel and what do you think this means for either of these characters?: They're both battling for Zela's love and Mac thinks he has the upper-hand but I feel Axel knows something
Do you think Kitty will find out the truth behind Vixella?  If so, how?: Yes, by Shawn as he's the one who was closest to finding out.
Thoughts on Zela escaping Beckett?: Jarvis' death will push her to fight back, if not by killing Vixella then definitely Beckett.
Thoughts on Beckett’s attack and Jarvis’ sacrifice?: Beckett is now 100% collateral damage for Vixella.
Who do you think is going to die as the season finale approaches?:
From Most Likely to Least:
Addie or Saara.
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