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Evolution - Season 1 Episode 12 - "No Redemption"

Dec 31, 2016 by Icarus_Mark
With the New Year just about here, what better way to kick off than a longer episode!  For some of you, it may already be 2017 when you are reading this.  To others, it will be the last episode you read for 2016.  Either way, Happy New Year and may 2017 smile upon you!  < 3

Link to the previous episode in case you missed and wanna go back to read:

Season 1 Cast:
melindaMrskk - Zela Ivine (21, Nature Female) - EPISODE 1
Macda27 - Mac Anderson (18, Fire Male) - EPISODE 1
coolKat - Katalia Kishukoi (18, Nature Female) - EPISODE 1
RyanAndrews - Kitty Chester (16, Ghost Female) - EPISODE 1
IceIceBaby - Vixella Vox (72, Darkness Female)- EPISODE 2
Garrett_Auckland - Beckett Allen (18, Mind Male) - EPISODE 1
Katherinee_ - Alycia Anderson (17, Ice Female) - EPISODE 1
tkoj555 - Addie Singer Santos (18, Ghost Female) - EPISODE 1
QueenMichelle - Saara Aalto (29, Steel Female) - EPISODE 1
Kelly2722 - Brooke Lively (18, Human Female) - EPISODE 1
imprincearthur - Shawn Mott (23, Light Male) - EPISODE 1
MrPokeguy9 - Daniel Tonge (21, Strength Male) - EPISODE 1
Spencer_Bledsoe - Spencer Thompson (17, Human Male) - EPISODE 1

Guest Characters/Supporting Cast:
Jarvis (62, Energy Male) - EPISODE 2
Axel Anorends, aka "Alex Anderson" (22, Ice Male) - EPISODE 4

Jjred45 - JJ Slone (19, Light Male) - EPISODE 1 - EPISODE 8 - DEAD (facial corrosion and impact with wall by someone in a Blue Hood)


Episode 12: “No Redemption”

--Flashback (5 Years Ago)—

The door creaked open as Zela brought Alex inside the mansion.  It felt as though they were walking into an abandoned castle rather than her home.  Zela closed the door once she and Alex went inside the mansion.

Alex: Something’s not right…
Zela: I’d have to agree with you there babe.
???: Why that’s no way to introduce your boyfriend to me, dear!

Zela and Alex look to see her mother walk down the stairs out of a silhouette.  Normally, her mother dressed much more elegantly, raising her to be just as elegant and classy as her.  However, this time, Zela noticed something different about her mother that she couldn’t exactly place.  To Zela, it almost seemed as if her appearance seemed darker than usual as usually, her hair was a silky blond and her skin was maintained in a fair shade of tan from all of her tanning trips.  But now, her skin seemed much paler, and her hair had lost much of the beautiful vibrance it normally had.

Zela: Mom?  What’s going on?
???: (sadistically laughs from the lounging room) Oh, you’re about to find out!

Zela and Alex turned to see an old lady sitting casually on the couch.

Zela: (terrified) What… are you?
Woman: (gives a smirk on her face) Oh, silly girl.  I’m Vixella Vox!  I came for your mother, but now that you came home and brought a boy over, I figured it’s time for a little fun!

Infuriated with Vixella, Zela marched over to her and grabbed the collar of her shirt, lifting her from the couch.

Zela: Now you listen here, witch!  If you dare hurt my family or my mam, we will end you!

However, what Zela got in response was not the intimidated response she had wanted.  Instead, Vixella just continued to laugh.

Vixella: Oh, darling.  I ALREADY dared to hurt your family, and you can’t do anything to me!

As Zela tried to retaliate, she felt herself losing altitude.  She looked down and saw herself sinking into a puddle of darkness.  In the state of her shock, she couldn’t keep hold of Vixella any longer.  She tried to lift her legs out of this black puddle, but they wouldn’t budge.  She couldn’t get loose.

Zela: What is this?
Vixella: You’re going to watch as you lose everyone you’ve ever loved.  First, your pathetic man will die.  Next, your mother.  Once I’m finished with them, you will die the slowest.
Zela: Why?  What did we ever do to you!?
Vixella: (maniacally laughs again) Why don’t ask your mother what she did to me?

Vixella turned around to see her mother and Alex standing next to each other, terrified at what was going on, but her mother was in a state of guilt Zela rarely ever saw with her.

Zela: Alex, get out of here now!

Alex tried to run, but before he could reach the door, a black barrier engulfed a radius that reached Alex, preventing him from escaping.

Vixella: I don’t think so!

Vixella sent out a demon to attack Alex and knocked him down.  The demon clawed at his body as Zela watched in horror.  The screams of agony coming from Alex were loud, amplified by being in the barrier, but still, no one came to his aid.

Vixella: Beautiful, isn’t it?  He can scream all he wants inside this barrier, but outside of it, the noise will never go through, almost as if he were screaming in mute.
Zela: (horrified and unable to help) No…

Vixella’s hand turned into a fist, which caused the demon to collapse into a singularity, sucking Alex into the black hole that was created from the demon.  As he was sucked in, one last piercing scream came from Alex.

Zela: (screeching as she watched Alex get sucked in) ALEX!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Vixella: Now you see how serious I am.

As the black hole vanished, Zela turned her attention back to Vixella, irate and full of sadness, wanting revenge.

Vixella: However, I do believe we still need an explanation in regards to your mother.

Zela turned her head back to her mother.

Zela: (terrified) What did you do?
Zela’s mother: (stuttering) I…. I… only did it for us!
Vixella: So killing my mother and my husband in cold blood was for the good of your FAMILY!?
Zela’s mother: After what you did at that hospital 24 years ago, it WAS, you irredeemable harpy!
Vixella: SILENCE!

At the sound of Vixella’s demonic roar, a slew of demons birthed from floor around Zela and made their way by the hundreds to her mother.  Her mother took a deep breath and transformed into a giant gorilla, rushing at the demons to begin fending them off.  As she battled through the demons, some of them hit back at Vixella, forcing herself to release Zela from her trap.  The dark barrier also turned off for a moment, but turned back on again.  That was Zela saw her chance at freedom.  Her chance to escape presented itself to her.  The barrier was now like a moving fan as it flicked on and off.  In order to even have a chance to survive, Zela had to get out of the barrier while it was flicking off.  She ran towards the edge of the barrier as she timed her sprint, being able to just barely cut through the boundaries before it flicked back on.

As she got to the door, she took one last look behind and saw the demons overwhelm her mother.

Zela’s mother: GO!

As Zela heard her mother, she witnessed the demons tearing her mother to pieces, wolfing down every last bit of her body like a murder of crows.  But Zela didn’t have time to scream.  She needed to get away from Vixella, so she ran out the door and made a dash for her car.  As she approached her car though, everything around her turned into darkness.

Vixella: Did you really think you could get away THAT easily?

Zela gasped, quickly turning around and realized that a Vixella with glowing red eyes had caught her trying to get away.  There was nowhere to run or hide.

Zela: Why did you do this?
Vixella: I thought I had already explained it to you.  Your mother killed people from MY family, so now I’ve killed the people you cared about the most.  You’re a ruin, Zela Ivine. (shoots her hand and grasps onto Zela’s neck, thrusting her into the air) There is no redemption for YOU!

Zela could feel a painful sensation course through her body as shockwaves flowed like a current downriver, starting from her neck.  Nothing but blackness was what Zela could see as she tried to keep whatever of herself she could preserve left alive.  She did everything she could to struggle against the sorcery that Vixella was casting upon her.  Eventually, she broke free of the spell, her mind shutting the darkness down before it could completely take over her.

Vixella: What’s this?  It seems your will has given you some resistance to the darkness.

Zela opened her eyes again, attempting to make sense of what was happening to her.  Once she did, she’d seen that the darkness faded away back into the real world.  The mansion and car were back as they were before.  Zela stood up, feeling much more passionate than she ever did before.  Her feelings towards Vixella were now that of cold-blooded hatred and disregard for anything else she could have possibly cared about, if she even felt that to be possible to begin with.  Any trace of sensitivity that Zela ever had was gone.  Her heart was now an ice box, her compassion frozen by the emptiness left inside her.  Zela now knew no redemption.

Zela: I swear on my life and the graves of my mother and Alex, Vixella.  One day, you will lose everyone you cared about.  Just like you did to me.  And then, once you have lost everything, I will kill you!
Vixella: (visibly vexed as her eyes glowed red again) We will just see about that!

Vixella disappeared out of Zela’s sight, finally leaving her to grieve for those she just lost.  The same people she most cared for.

--End Flashback—

Zela: Ever since that day, I have been a stone-cold bitch.  I was very fortunate to still be in control of myself from this day forward and not one of Vixella’s possessions.  No one ever stayed with me for as long as he did, and now that he was gone, I really had nothing left to live for other than my looks and my secrets.  I may be a ruthless power-hungry, money-absorbed, self-obsessed harpy on the outside, but on the inside, I suffer, and eventually, the darkness I was exposed to will kill me.

Mac looked at Zela as she told him her story, shocked at what he was hearing.

Mac: I… didn’t know.
Zela: Well now you do, and now that you do, you’re not to tell anyone what I just told you.  Not ever.  You know what’ll happen if you do.
Mac: Yes, I know.
Zela: Good.  Now, I feel like going another round.

Zela kissed Mac smack in the lips as they began their second round.

--End Scene—

As JJ told Daniel about what happened to Beckett, all Daniel could do was take it all in.  He couldn’t believe that all this time, Beckett had gotten himself possessed by Vixella.  He felt it a bit much to take in.

Daniel: (struggling to bring the words out of his mouth) You… were killed by… Beckett!?
JJ: Yes.  Now that I am dead and can watch over how the world is like, the picture appears much more clearly to me.  I was allowed to learn one thing I didn’t know before, and what I wanted to know was how the blue-hooded man that killed me came to be.  When I saw that it was Beckett this whole time, I spent time feeling betrayed.

Daniel’s feelings turned to that of rage.

Daniel: (clenching his fist, as if it were a means of swearing an oath) Beckett is going to pay!

However, JJ just shook his head.

JJ: Vengeance against Beckett is not the answer.  You must attack the heart of the situation.  You must oppose Vixella.
Daniel: (shocked at JJ’s choice of words) But why?
JJ: Because Beckett wasn’t the first person she’s tried to possess, and unless she is stopped, he won’t be the last.

JJ’s ghost began to fade.

JJ: It would seem my time is coming to an end here.  Don’t forget me, and stay safe.
Daniel: Wait!  I don’t want to be alone!
JJ: (chuckles as he continues to fade) You won’t be.  With you I’ll always be.
Daniel: WAAAAAAAAIIIIIIIIIT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

But JJ was already gone from Daniel’s sight.  Daniel had tried hopelessly to reach his hand out, as if he could keep JJ from disappearing.  But it didn’t happen like that.  Instead, Daniel fell to his knees, crying for JJ.

Daniel: (to himself in tears) Whatever it takes JJ, I will avenge you.

Shortly after, he could hear a loud buzz, followed by a door opening.

Guard: Looks like you got company!

A handful of guards throw Shawn Mott into the room with Daniel and then slam the door shut, much to add to Daniel’s surprise.

Daniel: Shawn!?  What are you doing here!

Shawn looked visibly angry at the world, almost as if his were an anger bred from failure.  Daniel could not only see the hurt in Shawn’s eyes, but he almost felt as though he could feel the emotions he was going through.

Shawn: It’s Beckett!  He’s framed us for JJ’s death!

--End Scene—

Addie began to feel a new respect for Saara after she heard her story.  Of all the people who could have helped lift her up, the fact it was Saara was something Addie could not begin to comprehend beyond her wildest dreams.

Spencer: Well sorry to hear of your dad!

Addie and Saara turned to see Spencer in the living room with Katalia.

Addie: Were you listening this whole time!?
Katalia: Well, Spencer was.  I just followed him and tagged along.
Saara: So I suppose you two know my story then too.
Spencer: About your father and mother basically being martyrs for you?  Yeah, that’s pretty much what we’ve picked up.
Katalia: But who is capable of harnessing the darkness in order to do such a thing?
Addie: I remember Christine was, but she’s dead.
Saara: Yeah, Addie, I know.  We were going to work for her.
Spencer: Wait a minute!  I think I know someone else who might be of interest!

All the ladies turned their attentions towards Spencer, trying to figure out what he was getting at.

Katalia: Who else knows of the darkness?
Spencer: I was never meant to tell anyone about this, but I figured it was common knowledge to us anyway.
Addie: What are you going on about this time?
Spencer: After you, Kat, and Kitty left Vixella’s yesterday, I stayed behind to clean up your messes and well…

Spencer trailed off, looking unsure about his source of information.

Saara: (supplying) Vixella showed you her powers, didn’t she?
Spencer: Yes Saara!  That’s EXACTLY what she did!
Addie: Are you saying she’s darkness too?
Spencer: Yes!

All of a sudden, Katalia’s expression mortified immensely.

Katalia: Oh no…
Addie: What is it Katalia!?
Katalia: Kitty… SHE was adopted by Vixella AND Christine!
Saara: (catching on) If what you say is true, then your friend could either be in grave danger or is really working against us.
Addie: And HOW do you know this!?
Saara: Because, Addie… (took a few moments before continuing) I’m best friends with Shawn Mott, who knows what Vixella is truly capable of and what she has done in her past.  He didn’t leave your friend without very good reason.
Spencer: And what exactly is that reason might I ask?

Saara stared a long time at Spencer.  Addie right then and there that what Saara was about to say was not a good thing in the slightest.

Saara: Vixella possesses people with black magic.

Addie, Katalia, and Spencer all gasped in disbelief.

Katalia: What are we going to do?
Saara: (shaking her head) I don’t know, but I’m going to need Shawn if we’re going to have any chance of helping your friend, and that’s if it isn’t already too late.

--End Scene—

Brooke listened and wrote down everything her mother explained as she told the story about her father and he came to be the abusive monster he’d become.  She noted that her mother was told of this because her father had explained it to her when he got home that very same day.  Had it been a more explainable circumstance, his boss would have been turned in then and there.  But raping in total darkness was not exactly something one could just explain to authorities.

Brooke: Wow…
Brooke’s mother: That… is all I have to tell you, my sweet…

She coughed up uncomfortably, sounding quite pained.

Brooke: Mom please!
Brooke’s mother: No, my sweet angel.  It is my time.

They looked each other in the eyes, both knowing that this was the last time they would ever get to see each other until they meet again.

Brooke’s mother: Do not grieve for me.  Always… live for… you.
Brooke: I will mother.

Brooke’s mother nodded in acceptance, slowly closing her eyes.  Her head turned to face the ceiling now as she took her last breath and died.  As Brooke saw her mother pass away, some rare tears came out of her eyes, but she never allowed herself to make a sound.  Now was the time for her to be strong.  She would not allow herself to break down, even with the loss of her mother.

--End Scene—

Alycia: Wait a minute, you were sucked into a black hole!?  The news reported that you were attacked by a feral animal and nowhere to be found!
Axel: Ah, see!  They’d have you believe that only to mask the truth!  Vixella, I have gathered, is good at that kind of thing.  As we speak right now, Daniel Tonge and Shawn Mott were arrested last night for JJ’s murder.

Alycia’s jaw dropped.  She knew Daniel better than almost anyone.  She knew that Daniel wouldn’t do such a thing to JJ, and judging from what Daniel has mentioned to her about Shawn, she didn’t think he’d commit such a heinous act either.

Axel: Now, I know what you’re thinking, and I definitely agree with you.  However, you have to remember that they were in the right place to get framed for the whole thing, and with the power of black magic, a great many number of things are possible.
Alycia: Oh my God…

Alycia looked down in dismay, trying to grasp the gravity of the situation going on.  Who would want to kill JJ and frame Daniel and Shawn for the murder?  She couldn’t quite place a finger.

Axel: It’s a bit hard to grasp, I know.  However, my story is not yet finished.

Alycia looked back up at her brother.

Alycia: Then how did you survive?

--End Scene—

--Flashback (6 Years Ago; Somewhere north of the Arctic Circle in Alaska)—

In the last rays of light for the year before the endless winter, a hole of black energy appeared nowhere from a random point in the sky.  Out of the hole came a ruin of a human being, but still somehow alive.  This human fell down into the ice from 100 feet in the air.

???: Alycia… Zela…

Alex opened his eyes weakly as he gathered his surroundings, wondering how it was he was still alive.  He knew he was just sucked into a black hole back in Zela’s mansion, which by all means should have killed him.  But what was it that kept him alive?  He couldn’t place a clue.  It was painful to try and climb back out of the ice, but somehow, he did not feel pain from the ice itself.  Instead, he felt a nurturing effect from being incased in the ice, as if the ice and the extreme cold were healing him.  He figured he could stay buried in the ice for as long as he needs.  For all he knew, he could be in another planet.

--End Scene—

It took the span of what he felt was three days before Alex finally regained enough of his strength to climb out of the ice.  Despite the sheer cold, he felt rejuvenated.  The cold didn’t bother him, but rather it had healed him.  After having a black hole dump him off in the middle of nowhere, he needed to know where and when he was thrown into.  Above him were colorful sky lights that he recognized to be aurora borealis.  He knew that if he was still on planet Earth, he would have to be somewhere in the Arctic.  He also knew that if this was indeed the case, it would have to be the winter months since he knew that the sun hadn’t even risen once since he landed inside the ice, although he did see the sun set when he was dumped off.

Out in the distance, Alex could see what he made out to be a pack of wolves and a human.  Maybe this human could tell him where he was, so he made his way over to the wolves.  This took him what he had judged to be 10-15 minutes, but as he approached, he saw the wolves growl at him, readying to defending their human.

???: STAY!

As the sound of the owner’s voice, which he’d assumed to be tomboyish by nature alone, the wolves obeyed, going to the side of their owner.

Alex: So… who are you?

The owner revealed her face, scowling at him.  She looked like a young adult, paled skin, but had a very tomboyish look to her, much like her voice.

Woman: What do you want?
Alex: Um… for starters, where am I?
Woman: Hmph!  Dumb question, but fine.  You’re in Alaska, north of the 70th parallel.  Any other dumb questions?
Alex: I do have another dumb question in fact.  When are we?

The woman rolled her eyes and went over to a toboggan that had her possessions inside.  She produced a calendar and flipped all the way to the end of the calendar.

Woman: We’re in December.

Alex snatched the calendar in disbelief.  He could see that every day before the 22nd of December had been X’ed out in red ink.  However, that wasn’t the only thing he’d noticed strange about when he was.  He had noticed that he was in a different year as well.  The year he’d came from, he saw, still hadn’t come yet, but would in 10 days.

Alex: This can’t be!  It was only the end of summer last I remember.
Woman: (scowling in disbelief) What do you mean?
Alex: I mean that I should be at least 8 months from now, if not 9.
Woman: (crossing her arms in apathy) You’re telling me you traveled back in time?
Alex: No, no, you don’t understand.  I remember being attacked by a demon in a mansion and getting sucked into a black hole and now I’m here!

This finally drew a different expression from the woman as some her annoyance changed to that of curiosity.

Woman: I don’t get stories like that every day, but I’m no stranger to them either. (shrugs after finishing that sentence and then continued) People like you should have died, but you seem to be in good health.  Care to explain that?
Alex: Well, actually, I didn’t come into this time like this.  I came out of a hole in the ice about half a mile that way.

Alex pointed to the direction he’d come from, the hole he’d crawled out of still visible to the naked eye as this was a clear night beneath the auroras.

Woman: I see.  I can only offer one explanation.  You must be an Ice Evo.
Alex: Ice Evo?
Woman: (nodding) That would explain why you aren’t dressed like you should even be anywhere near here, as well as your story.

Alex looked down at his clothing.  They were still the summer clothing he’d been wearing when Zela took him to her mansion, except now it was mostly torn due to the attack and the black hole.  His shirt in particular looked as if it’d been torn off, no longer having its lower half.

Woman: That being said, just because I buy this story doesn’t mean anyone else would.  You’re going to need a new identity.  What is the name you were born with?

Now it was Alex’s turn to think she was playing dumb with him.  But since she answered his questions, it was only fair he answered hers.

Alex: Alex Anderson.
Woman: You’re Axel Anorends now.  Two acronyms within an acronym.  That is the name you need if you want to remember who you are and where you come from.  But that’s not going to be enough.
Alex: Wait, I’m Axel now?  And what do you mean it’s not going to be enough?
Woman: (looking quite annoyed again) I mean that now you’re going to have to remain secret if you value your freedom.  Here.  Put this on.  You’ll be needing it for the rest of your life.

The woman tossed Alex, who was now Axel, a garment of clothing that was entirely black.  It was designed as though it ran from head to toe and had a hood on the top.  Without taking any of his other clothing off, he put on this new black hood and then looked back at the stranger.

Axel: So… what now?

The woman shrugged and looked back at him with her cold blue eyes.

Woman: You’re going to wait out the new year here before you go back to where you came from, and you will train.  I will be your teacher.

--End of Episode—

Thoughts on the episode:
What did you think of the rest of Zela’s flashback?
Now the we have seen Zela’s backstory, how has your feelings toward Zela changed?
Reaction towards Beckett being the one to kill JJ?
Why did Beckett frame Daniel and Shawn for JJ’s death?
What kind of plan should Saara, Addie, Katalia, and Spencer make in regards to Kitty?
What are your thoughts about the scene in which Brooke lost her mother?
What did you think of Axel’s scenes in the Alaskan Arctic?
Favorite/Least Favorite Characters:
Any comments, suggestions, or concerns?
What are your predictions?
Who do you think will die in the coming episodes?

Next Episode: “Evil Intrusions”



Thoughts on the episode: Yes, as the beginning of Zela vs Vixella
What did you think of the rest of Zela’s flashback?: Alex & Her Mother dying was quite the shock especially by who caused their deaths, I can see the resentment she holds towards Vixella now.
Now the we have seen Zela’s backstory, how has your feelings toward Zela changed?: I can understand why shes the way she is, however I'm wondering if it also affected Vixella.
Reaction towards Beckett being the one to kill JJ?: It wasn't surprising if I'm honest, we kind of figured it out a few episodes back once we found he was being controlled.
Why did Beckett frame Daniel and Shawn for JJ’s death?: I believe Daniel and Shawn are catalysts and it was easier to get to them as they had a connection to JJ plus Shawn has information upon Vixella.
What kind of plan should Saara, Addie, Katalia, and Spencer make in regards to Kitty?: They may have to use Kitty as a hostage to get at Vixella in exchange for Shawn.
What are your thoughts about the scene in which Brooke lost her mother?: I feel Brooke has to become an independent character at this point, shes lost her father and her mother and now all she has is her friends.
What did you think of Axel’s scenes in the Alaskan Arctic?: Axel to me is a mysterious character, we can only ever understand him when he truly develops as an individual. Right now, his story is tied with Alycia so we can't really call upon him individually unlike others as of yet.
Who do you think will die in the coming episodes?:
I believe a battle will commence between the majority of the characters and Vixella.
HOWEVER, saying that I don't see Vixella/Zella as 'Seasonal' Villains they're long-term and I can definitely see deaths from both sides occurring just not those two specifically. If I had to guess, I can see Shawn or Kitty being killed in an exchange to either side and people such as Mac, Beckett and Daniel being killed during a battle.
Sent by IceIceBaby,Dec 31, 2016
Kinda sad because she kinda lost everything that day.
I feel like she is somewhat broken on the inside, very emotionally damaged but now she has mac
i hate him but i can only blame vixella for his actions
Vixella wanted him to do it
idek, kidnap her and interrogate her good cop bad cop style
Hopefully Brooke and her mother can finally find peace after everything they have both been through it's time for brooke's mother to rest
I think its cool how the ice and cold helped him heal
prediction: When are loved and hated characters go into battle Vixella will kill mac finally pushing Zela over the edge and causing her to end vixella once and for all and someone may get injured or killed by Beckett if vixella makes him stand by her side
Sent by tkoj555,Dec 31, 2016
Thoughts on the episode: ^^ such a GREAT episode I loved every piece of it ! !
What did you think of the rest of Zela’s flashback? I felt resentment and guilt towards Zela, and it was so cool to see that Alex/Axel had some part to play in there. Now that Zela thinks hes dead, if he comes back to her, she might actually turn good instead of violent.
Now the we have seen Zela’s backstory, how has your feelings toward Zela changed? Oh oops I already mentioned that in the last question haha.
Reaction towards Beckett being the one to kill JJ? Disgusted! But then again he was possessed by Vixella? So I don't know.
Why did Beckett frame Daniel and Shawn for JJ’s death? They were there and it would be the most logical idea for it, so I guess they were in the wrong place wrong time.
What kind of plan should Saara, Addie, Katalia, and Spencer make in regards to Kitty? In all honesty I don't think they can do much to convince her. Like Shawn tried to convince her that Vixella wasn't to be trusted, she called bullshit and completely walked out on her.
What are your thoughts about the scene in which Brooke lost her mother? It was quite sad, she spent her last moments with her daughter discussing their father, and its sad to think that Brooke was raped while her mother suffered in hospital and then for them to both die (50/50) she has no one, no mother or father, even though her father going is alright I guess.
What did you think of Axel’s scenes in the Alaskan Arctic? I am so pumped to see who Axel's teacher is, I feel like it would be one of the Cast if not it probs would be some random like Jarvis and Axel.
Favorite/Least Favorite Characters:  Everyone is basically AMAZING except for Vixella, I'm convinced she attacked Saara's family. I just have a feeling. Zela I'm on the fence with because she is a bitch, but she kinda was just trying to cover up her suffering. Mac I don't like he is just a stubborn, fuckboy, cunt, asshole, idiotic rat.
Any comments, suggestions, or concerns? No, your all good, I love the dialogue, and the writing, very authentic and nice.
What are your predictions? I have predictions that there will be a mini fight between Vixella and Kitty against Spencer, Kat, Saara, and Addie. Kitty might die in the process I presume. 
Who do you think will die in the coming episodes? I have none except for Kitty, maybe Vixella but probably at the end along with Zela and Jarvis.
Sent by RyanAndrews,Dec 31, 2016
lol  How would Axel be his own teach RyanAndrews?  :P  Also, Axel's teacher is female (revealed this episode, but if someone wants to base take her as their own character for Season 2, I'm all for it as long as they stick to the basics already in place for her in the Season 2 app) and Vixella was the one who attacked Saara's family (that was revealed last episode)  lol
Sent by Icarus_Mark,Dec 31, 2016
Icarus_Mark I'm a flop at reading and remembering sometimes. But I meant by like how you created Jarvis and Axel I didn't mean it would be one of them as the teachers lol.
Sent by RyanAndrews,Jan 2, 2017

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