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Evolution - Season 1 Episode 10 - "Caves of Our Dragons"

Dec 26, 2016 by Icarus_Mark
Link to the previous episode in case you missed and wanna go back to read:

Season 1 Cast:
melindaMrskk - Zela Ivine (21, Nature Female) - EPISODE 1
Macda27 - Mac Anderson (18, Fire Male) - EPISODE 1
coolKat - Katalia Kishukoi (18, Nature Female) - EPISODE 1
RyanAndrews - Kitty Chester (16, Ghost Female) - EPISODE 1
IceIceBaby - Vixella Vox (72, Darkness Female)- EPISODE 2
Garrett_Auckland - Beckett Allen (18, Mind Male) - EPISODE 1
Katherinee_ - Alycia Anderson (17, Ice Female) - EPISODE 1
tkoj555 - Addie Singer Santos (18, Ghost Female) - EPISODE 1
QueenMichelle - Saara Aalto (29, Steel Female) - EPISODE 1
Kelly2722 - Brooke Lively (18, Human Female) - EPISODE 1
imprincearthur - Shawn Mott (23, Light Male) - EPISODE 1
MrPokeguy9 - Daniel Tonge (21, Strength Male) - EPISODE 1
Spencer_Bledsoe - Spencer Thompson (17, Human Male) - EPISODE 1

Guest Characters/Supporting Cast:
Jarvis (62, Energy Male) - EPISODE 2
Alycia's Brother (22, Ice Male) - EPISODE 4

Jjred45 - JJ Slone (19, Light Male) - EPISODE 1 - EPISODE 8 - DEAD (facial corrosion and impact with wall by someone in a Blue Hood)


Episode 10: “Caves of Our Dragons”

Brooke stood at the door of JJ’s house, the Swiss Army Kinfe lent to her in her pocket.  Now that JJ was gone, she felt it only just to return this pocketknife back to his family.  She figured they might want it.  The door opened, revealing a man in his mid to late 40’s, which Brooke knew was JJ’s father.

JJ’s father: Brooke!  What are you doing here?
Brooke: I feel like I should return something to you.
JJ’s father: (giving Brooke a questioning glance) What do you mean?
Brooke: Well… your son kind of gave me his Swiss Army Knife.
JJ’s father: Speaking of which, do you know who would want to hurt my son?  I already know what happened because the police came to my door and told me.
Brooke: No.  I didn’t even know it even happened until after—
JJ’s father: Are you talking about that fight in the theater?
Brooke: Not entirely.
JJ’s father: Then tell me everything you did today.
Brooke: Alright.  Can we sit down for this though?
JJ’s father: Let’s take it to the living room and we can sit on the couch.

So Brooke was let into the house.  As she went to sit on the couch, the man closed the door and locked it, then traversed over to the couch Brooke was sitting on, taking a seat on the other side of it.

Brooke: (composes herself first before explaining) So after I woke up this morning, I had realized I had forgotten my wallet and told JJ and Daniel I needed to go get it from my house.  JJ gave me the knife just in case I ran into my father again.
JJ’s father: Your father?
Brooke: (rolls her eyes) Yes, him. (reverts back to her original tone of voice) Anyway, when I got back to my house, my father came in after me, having my wallet hostage as well as this girl named Katalia.  We tried to fight him, but he was stronger than us both.  That’s when Alycia came to our rescue.
JJ’s father: Okay, so you met a girl, Alycia comes back.  I fail to see how this has anything to do with my son’s Swiss Army Knife?
Brooke: The three of us killed my father with it!
JJ’s father: (outraged) You used my son’s prized possession as a WEAPON OF MURDER!?
Brooke: It’s not murder if I was defending myself!
JJ’s father: But you just admitted to killing someone with something my son gave you.  Something that was ONLY SUPPOSED TO BE USED FOR PROTECTION!
Brooke: (fed up with her negative reception) He DID protect someone!  He helped save ME from getting raped by my own father by giving me this knife!
JJ’s father: Get out!

Brooke stood up from the couch, beginning to storm out of the house.

JJ’s father: Leave the knife!

Brooke rolled her eyes, placing JJ’s Swiss Army Knife on a tabletop before storming out the door.

--End Scene—

Addie was still awake in her house, still going through the shock of losing her father.  Katalia and Spencer were asleep and Kitty had gone home.  In the kitchen, Addie was fixing herself a midnight snack as tonight also happened to be one of those nights where she all of a sudden got ravenous hungry for something.  She decided on fixing herself some cream cheese and water crackers.  Addie didn’t really know why, but it seemed to her that whenever she got cravings, she always needed to go for something in particular, but a plate of cream cheese and crackers she fixed herself.  She carried her snack to the living room as no one was sleeping on the couch tonight since her dad was gone.

As she reached for the knife to spread the first of her cream cheese, a knock was heard at her door.  Addie sighed, not wanting to be bothered in the late hours of the night.  However, she set her plate aside and walked over to the door to answer.  Once she opened, she was shocked at who it was knocking.

Addie: Saara!?
Saara: Hi Addie!
Addie: What do you want?

Saara took a deep sigh, almost as if a heavy burden was plaguing her shoulders.  Whatever she had come here for, Addie could tell that this visit was not going to be an easy one.

Saara: I just wanted to give my condolences for your father.
Addie: At fucking midnight!?
Saara: (chuckles) Yeah, I didn’t think that one through, but that’s not the entirety of it.
Addie: (raising an eyebrow) What do you mean?
Saara: I want us to put aside our differences moving forward.

Now that thought Addie had thought to be entertaining.   How could anyone think to put differences aside when they were also the one who kept ruining their chances at fame?  To Addie, this did not make sense, but made her think Saara was on some crack cocaine.

Saara: (as if knowing what Addie was thinking) I’m being serious here.

Addie’s sense of amusement faded there.

Addie: (sighs) Come in.  We’ll talk in my living room.

Saara followed Addie into her house and closed the door.  Addie resumed her spot where her cheese and crackers were and turned on the lamp.  Saara took a seat on a rocking chair.

Addie: So, what did you want to talk about?
Saara: (sighs) You’re not the only one who’s lost a dad.
Addie: Pretty sure that’s obvious in this day and age.
Saara: That’s not entirely what I meant.  I mean… (Saara looks down, a great feeling that looked like depression showing on her face)
Addie: What?

At first, Saara looked down for what seemed to be an eternity.  For what reason, Addie could not fathom.  After a while, Saara’s head came back up.

Saara: I never even got to know my own father.
Addie: (now shocked) You didn’t!?
Saara: (shakes her head) He sacrificed his life for mine and my mother’s.

It was at this point that Addie was beginning to understand where Saara’s plights were coming from.  However, she didn’t understand all of Saara’s motives.

Addie: Why didn’t you just have this conversation with me earlier?
Saara: See, that’s the thing.  I wanted to let you grieve for your father on your own before I tried opening up to you about mine.  That’s why I ultimately went to go see JJ’s body back at the theater with Shawn, Alycia, Brooke, and the rest of them instead of staying with you.
Addie: So you wanted it to be mono y mono?
Saara: (nods her head) Exactly.

It was Addie’s turn to sigh.  Everything that swam through Addie now was confusion.  She didn’t get how what Saara just told her was a good excuse to just come over in the dark hours of the night instead of getting it off her chest at the theater.  It wasn’t sitting well with her at all.

Addie: I’m still not getting you.
Saara: I get it.  You’re finding it hard to understand where I’m coming from.  I’ve been there before.
Addie: And how is that?
Saara: Because that was exactly how I felt when my mother explained to me what happened the night I was born.
Addie: What!?
Saara: That was when my father died.

Addie ate another of her crackers with cream cheese.

Addie: Tell me the whole story.

--End Scene—
Mac stayed awake in Zela’s house, unable to sleep.  Instead, he was writing something down in a journal, recounting everything that had happened since he came to Zela’s mansion the previous day.  The guilt and sorrow that ran through Mac as he wrote everything down.  He wrote of his failed hostage situation with Spencer, his encounter with Christine, his punishment for his failures, his part in the fight at the West End Music Theater, everything.  He needed to write it down to keep himself sane.

Once he wrote everything he felt he needed to down, he closed the journal, clicked off the pen, and set it down on the living room table.  He checked his surroundings and saw no one.  Quietly, he walked to the door of the mansion and walked outside, just like he did when he retrieved his journal.  He then walked over to his car, which was a red compact car, and unlocked the passenger door.  He opened the glove compartment and put his journal in the glove compartment before closing it, getting out of the car, and unlocking it to go back into the mansion.

After coming back into the mansion, he saw Zela standing in front of him, wearing a nightgown and much to Mac’s surprise.

Zela: What do you think you were doing?
Mac: I was just going to my car.
Zela: Uh-huh, sure.  Come with me.

Mac followed Zela as she went up the stairs into the west wing of the mansion.  As they walked, Mac could hear snoring which he knew belonged to Jarvis as he was the only other person in the mansion.  After a ways into the west wing, Zela stopped at a door and opened it.

Zela: Get in.

Zela held the door open as Mac went in.  After he went in though, the door closed and he was alone with Zela.  The expression on her face was not a happy one in the slightest.

Zela: Sit on the bed!
Mac: Okay, okay!

Just as Mac sat down on the edge of the bed, Zela marched straight over to Mac, took his arms, and pinned him to the bed, her body hovering over his.

Zela: I thought I told you you were not supposed to leave the mansion.  Why did you go outside?
Mac: (defesnsively) I told you!  I was going to my car!
Zela: Oh is that it?  What was in your car that was so important to you?

Mac had trouble finding the words he needed to say to Zela.  How he going to tell Zela about his journal, he wasn’t certain.

Zela: (impatient and slightly raising her voice) WHAT was in your car?
Mac: A…
Zela: A what?
Mac: (struggles with the words) Jour… nal.
Zela: A journal?  Why do you keep it out there if it was that important to you?
Mac: (now raising his voice) Because it’s my secret journal!

This gave Zela pause.  To Mac, it seemed as if Zela was beginning to calm down and come to her senses.  However, this didn’t mean she was entirely abated of her anger.

Zela: So you mean to tell me that someone like you would keep your secrets written up in a journal?
Mac: Yes.  We’re entitled to our own secrets, Zela.  I’m sure you have some of your own you’d rather not anyone find out.

Zela’s grip on Mac’s wrist became tighten as her anger began to flare up again.

Zela: My SECRETS are mine, and I’m not afraid to throw you out to one of my own and not only make sure you never come back, but make sure no evidence of your existence is ever found!
Mac: Exactly what I’m saying.  You don’t want anyone finding out anything you’ve done that you don’t want revealed, so why should I reveal everything to you?

For the first time, Mac saw a look of defeat on Zela’s face.  His point was brought across to her.  Mac could feel the pain in his wrists begin to subside as Zela relaxed her grip.  She began to drop her face closer to him.

Zela: Not since I lost my family has anyone ever made me feel as defeated as you just made me feel now.  Do you promise not to tell?
Mac: I promise.
Zela: SWEAR it!
Mac: I swear I will carry this to the grave!
Zela: Good.  Now, I am about to show one of my own secrets.

Zela lowered even more as she and Mac closed their eyes and shared a kiss.  They both opened their eyes after the kiss, and for a time, both looked at each other frozen and out of breath.  Then faster, they continued to kiss, making out as their lips made a dance.  As they made out, Mac’s hands made their way over to the back of her nightgown and she allowed him to unbutton her nightgown and take it off.  Then Zela took off his shirt and they continued to make out, both of them completely topless now.  Mac could feel the breath of Zela’s faint moaning as they made out and caressed each other’s bodies.  The rest of their clothes came off soon after.

Zela: Under the covers.

Zela allowed Mac to unfold the sheets to her bed and slid under the sheets.  Zela followed, climbing on top of Mac, who then draped the bed sheets over Zela and they both made love.

--End Scene—

After a session of sex, Zela lied on top of Mac, facing him as his arms were wrapped around her and still inside her.

Zela: Now you are bound to me, Mac Anderson.  Now you are truly mine.

Mac was speechless and unable to find the words to say to Zela about what she’d just said.

Zela: I can go another round, but before we do, I need to tell you something about me.  A secret between two lovers.

--End Scene—

Shawn walked up to Daniel’s property after his talk with Saara, wanting to clear some air with Daniel.  As he approached Daniel’s property though, he had noticed something had definitely gone down there before Shawn could even get the chance to talk to him.  Many footprints littered his lawn, so now it looked like a ruin.  He also found a van parked outside that he didn’t recognize.  Finding this strange, Shawn walked up the pathway to Daniel’s door.  He turned the handle to find it was unlocked.

Shawn: Okay, this is not right.

Shawn walked in and began to investigate the house to try to find any signs of Daniel.  The living room was completely rummaged through.  Beneath Shawn were dirty footprints.  His gaze followed those footprints, which led upstairs.  He went upstairs, following the footprints.  As he followed those footprints, he’d noticed they’d led to his bedroom.  Shawn opened the door to Daniel’s bedroom, only to find 3 grown men inside wearing police uniforms.  One of the police officers grabbed Shawn’s wrist and pulled him in.  He tried to wrestle the police officers loose, but it was no use.  His hands were tied behind his back and steel circles encircled his wrists.

Police Officer: Shawn Mott, you are under arrest for your part in the destruction of the West End Music Theater, the murder of JJ Slone, and breaking and entering.  You have the right to remain silent.  Anything you say can and will be used against you in the court of law.  You have the right to an attorney.  If you cannot afford one, one will be appointed for you.

Shawn could not believe what was happening to him.  He was being arrested for something he didn’t even do.  While he did go into Daniel’s house without permission, these police officers, he thought, were even more guilty of such a thing than he was since they were camped in Daniel’s bedroom, as if expecting Shawn to come in.  He also didn’t even kill JJ, nor was he really responsible for what happened at the West End Music Theater when it would have been ruined even if he didn’t go to the show.  This whole scene, Shawn figured, was not fair in the slightest.

He was escorted out of the house and over to the van he saw parked outside.  He looked around for signs of any witnesses, but for the longest time, there was none.  However, just before he was pushed into the van, he saw Beckett, standing there with a smirk on his face and in blue clothing.

Shawn: (thinking “You bastard!  You framed me!  You are going to pay for this!”)

Shawn was shoved into the back of the van and the doors closed, leaving him locked in the van, now feeling resentment towards Beckett.

--End Scene—

The very next morning, Brooke drove all the way to Albany.  She didn’t want to disturb Alycia simply because she figured she should spend some quality time with her brother that she apparently thought was dead.  After her debacle with JJ’s father, she figured the next person she should visit was her mother.  After her father’s death, one weight felt as though it fell off her shoulders, but Brooke wasn’t completely done with her burdens just yet.  Now she needed to not only deal with mourning for JJ’s death, but her mother would soon be joining him, and, on top of that, JJ’s father now despised her.  When her father died, partly by her hand, she had thought her troubles were over, but after everything else that happened, she’d realized her troubles were really only beginning.

She parked her car and got out, walking towards the hospital.  Once she got in and got to the receptionist, the receptionist looked straight at Brooke.

Receptionist: Brooke Lively, I’m assuming?
Brooke: Yes.
Receptionist: It’s good that you came.  Your mother…

Brooke saw the pain on the receptionist’s face and that was all she needed to know that today was going to be different for the worse.

Brooke: She’s going to die, isn’t she?

The receptionist handed Brooke a notepad and a pen.

Receptionist: Room 404.  Bring those with you.  Your mother requested you have these.
Brooke: Thank you.

Brooke took the notepad and pen and walked over to the elevator.  She got in and pressed the “4”” button.  Once she got to the 4th floor, she walked out and went over into Room 404.  Inside was her unconscious mother, breathing ever so faintly.  Brooke walked over to a chair and sat down on it.  It was no sooner than that that her mother slowly opened her eyes.

Brooke’s mother: My little angel.  How is your life on the outside?

Brooke looked down, trying to form the words she felt she should say.  A feeling of hardship overtook Brooke.

Brooke: It’s been a lot of death lately.
Brooke’s mother: Why?
Brooke: (takes a deep breath) Dad’s dead, but so is JJ, and now his father despises me.
Brooke’s mother: Hmmmm….

Brooke’s mother sounded like a frog getting ready to croak.  Her breathing sounded slightly forced, as if any second, she would fall into the abyss of oblivion that was death.

Brooke’s mother: Did you bring the notepad and pan that nice receptionist gave to you?
Brooke: Yes mom.

Brooke’s mother nodded ever so slightly.

Brooke’s mother: Good.  You should know something about your father before I die.  Maybe it will help you deal with the hardships you face now.

Brooke opened her notepad and clicked ready her pen.

Brooke: I’m ready.

--End Scene—

Alycia awoke from a night of sleep back at the church where her brother was still staying at.  She yawned and got out of bed, going to get some breakfast.  Once she got to the table, she saw her brother already there with his black hood back on.

Alycia’s brother: Morning sister.  Come and sit down.

Alycia walked over and sat on a chair close to her brother.  A cup of coffee was in front of her as well as a sugar donut.  She reached for both, dipping her donut in the coffee to soften it before she took a bite.

Alycia: So Alex…
Alycia’s brother: I’m not Alex Anderson anymore, sis.  That identity died right when I was supposed to.
Alycia: Then who are you?

Alycia’s brother who used to be Alex Anderson took a sip of his coffee before setting it down again.

Alycia’s brother: My name is now Axel Anorends.  Two acronyms within a larger acronym.  Got it memorized?
Alycia: (to herself) Axel… Anorends?
Axel: That’s right.  I changed my name because if I had come out as Alex any longer, I would have been rejected from the greater society.  I know it was wrong not to let you know, but the life I had left behind I am so ashamed of burying from the grave.
Alycia: Then tell me.  Why?

Axel took a deep breath, sounding pained as he breathed.  Whatever it was Axel needed to tell her, she knew it was going to be hard on him.

Axel: It’s going to be a long story, but this is what happened.

--End of Episode—

Next episode is going to be a lot of flashbacks, so I hope y’all are ready for some backstory to take place!

Thoughts on the episode:
Do you agree with the stance JJ’s father took against Brooke, or do you side with Brooke?
Was Saara right to come to Addie’s house while everyone else was asleep?
What are your thoughts on Mac and Zela’s scene and does this change your views on either character?  If so, then how?
Why did Shawn see Beckett as he was getting arrested and taken away?
What has happened to Beckett?
How much time does Brooke’s mother have left to explain her story to her daughter?
What do you think of Alycia’s brother’s name change from Alex Anderson to Axel Anorends?
What do you think happened to Axel?
Favorite/Least Favorite Characters:
Any additional comments, suggestions, or concerns?
What do you predict will happen going forward?

Next Episode: “The Demons of the Past”



I side with brooke but JJ's father is just having a hard time
No but her intentions were good so yes
Mac feels somewhat guilty for everything and Zela just wants someone to truly love her
I feel like this has something to do with vixella
beckett is under dome kind of spell
i give her a good 5 minutes
someone found out about his powers and tried to kill him
Fav: Brooke, Alycia, Saara, Katalia and Daniel
Sent by tkoj555,Dec 26, 2016
Thoughts on the episode: I like the continuation of the Aftermath of JJ's death, I'm also intrigued by Alycia's brother revealing himself. Side note, does this confirm he's 'AA' now?
Do you agree with the stance JJ’s father took against Brooke, or do you side with Brooke?: I'm with the Father, he has every right to feel distant and angry. Especially when his sons gift is being used as a weapon.
Was Saara right to come to Addie’s house while everyone else was asleep?: I mean, the timing was a little off but its atleast good to see that they have some form of friendship even if they do fail to show it the majority of the time.
What are your thoughts on Mac and Zela’s scene and does this change your views on either character?  If so, then how?: Not entirely, I can understand Zela being the way she is because of her past but I feel until we find out what past she has and who with we can't fully begin to understand why shes the way she is.
Why did Shawn see Beckett as he was getting arrested and taken away?: I definitely feel Shawn is being used as a 'scout'
What has happened to Beckett?: I'm drawing this back to my last theory, if Vixella is indeed in possession of his hand she may used her Dark Magic to control him to save in which I think is her other Daughter, Zela from being incarcerated.
How much time does Brooke’s mother have left to explain her story to her daughter?: I honestly don't think her Mother will be able to tell the story she wants to tell.
What do you think of Alycia’s brother’s name change from Alex Anderson to Axel Anorends?: He's clearly done it only to keep a low profile otherwise he would've been found ages ago.
What do you think happened to Axel?: He came back when Alycia got hers so I'm wondering if he's guiding her.
What do you predict will happen going forward?: I feel the secret that Zela has will affect Beckett and Vixella.
Sent by IceIceBaby,Dec 26, 2016

The secret of "AA" will be revealed soon  :P
I am curious though.  What did you mean by Shawn being "a scout"?
Sent by Icarus_Mark,Dec 26, 2016
Icarus_Mark, I believe Shawn has connections as we've previously seen as he's been simply ordered to keep watch of Beckett.
Sent by IceIceBaby,Dec 26, 2016
I know my theory doesn't necessarily make sense but the entire ordeal could've been set up but realistically Shawn could just be a scout for either Beckett/Daniel.
Sent by IceIceBaby,Dec 26, 2016
Okay, I'm a mess I got Beckett/Daniel confused. What I meant is Shawn is being used through this entire ordeal to keep track of Daniel. The REASON behind seeing Beckett is possibly be because whoever (In my other theory) is controlling him is using him as a viewing puppet thing to also keep track of Shawn.
Sent by IceIceBaby,Dec 26, 2016
Thoughts on the episode: It's setting up the plot after JJ's death which is putting in motion events could end up killing other characters.
Do you agree with the stance JJ’s father took against Brooke, or do you side with Brooke? Well, JJ's power is being used and controlled so I think his father has a right to be mad. I mean he just died and it's like nobody really cares anymore about him, and solely his powers.
Was Saara right to come to Addie’s house while everyone else was asleep? I guess it creates a closer bond between them but I think it could end up placing them in a sense of danger if something ends up threatening them.
What are your thoughts on Mac and Zela’s scene and does this change your views on either character?  If so, then how? I mean, I think we need even more info on Zela before we can consider her something else from what she is. It made a little more empathetic towards her but I still don't really have a changed mind about her.
Why did Shawn see Beckett as he was getting arrested and taken away? I'm not really sure about this one, but I think Beckett will somehow influence Shawn's future and either end up helping him get out of being arrested, or an even worse fate.
What has happened to Beckett? I think it has something to do with Zela and possibly the hand which she has, possibly controlling him.
How much time does Brooke’s mother have left to explain her story to her daughter? I think Brooke will end up not knowing everything, which could lead into another storyline for her.
What do you think of Alycia’s brother’s name change from Alex Anderson to Axel Anorends? He's obviously hiding things about himself or he doesn't want to get caught, so it's just a matter of time before we know more about him, possibly a darker side.
What do you think happened to Axel? TBH i'm not sure, maybe he's there in like spirit?
Favorite/Least Favorite Characters: I like Brooke and Alycia a lot!
Any additional comments, suggestions, or concerns? Nope!
What do you predict will happen going forward? I think someone will end up dying related to JJ somehow.
Sent by Aydanmac01,Dec 27, 2016
Yeah, have you still managed to read the first 8 episodes Aydanmac01?  It features a lot of info on Zela you've missed.
Sent by Icarus_Mark,Dec 27, 2016
Icarus_Mark, not really, but i'm trying to find the time ^_^
Sent by Aydanmac01,Dec 27, 2016

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