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Evolution "Q & A" EXTRAVAGANZA!

Dec 24, 2016 by Icarus_Mark
Season 1 Cast:
melindaMrskk - Zela Ivine (21, Nature Female) - EPISODE 1
Macda27 - Mac Anderson (18, Fire Male) - EPISODE 1
coolKat - Katalia Kishukoi (18, Nature Female) - EPISODE 1
RyanAndrews - Kitty Chester (16, Ghost Female) - EPISODE 1
IceIceBaby - Vixella Vox (72, Darkness Female)- EPISODE 2
Garrett_Auckland - Beckett Allen (18, Mind Male) - EPISODE 1
Katherinee_ - Alycia Anderson (17, Ice Female) - EPISODE 1
tkoj555 - Addie Singer Santos (18, Ghost Female) - EPISODE 1
QueenMichelle - Saara Aalto (29, Steel Female) - EPISODE 1
Kelly2722 - Brooke Lively (18, Human Female) - EPISODE 1
imprincearthur - Shawn Mott (23, Light Male) - EPISODE 1
MrPokeguy9 - Daniel Tonge (21, Strength Male) - EPISODE 1
Spencer_Bledsoe - Spencer Thompson (17, Human Male) - EPISODE 1

Guest Characters/Supporting Cast:
Jarvis (62, Energy Male) - EPISODE 2
Man in the black Hood, aka Alycia's Brother (22, Ice Male) - EPISODE 4


Brooke's father (50, Human Male) - EPISODE 3 - EPISODE 8 - DEAD (slashed by Alycia, then stabbed in the heart by Alycia, Brooke, and Katalia)
Jjred45 - JJ Slone (19, Light Male) - EPISODE 1 - EPISODE 8 - DEAD (facial corrosion and impact with wall by someone in a Blue Hood)
Addie's father (Irrel Age, Ghost Male) - EPISODE 2 - EPISODE 8 - DEAD (impaled by Zela's wooden spikes)
Christine Torrance (51, Darkness Female) - EPISODE 2 - EPISODE 8 - DEAD (decapitated by Zela)


The 1st Q&A Extravaganza!

The cast actors make their ways to elegantly dressed tables, with everyone wearing fancy clothing.  The actors and reader make their way to their seats across a few tables.  In the other tables come in the cast, waving to the audience.  Then the spotlight flies up to the center stage, and out comes a handsomely dressed man, also known as the host, Mark.

Mark: Ladies and gentleman!  Welcome to your first official Q&A Extravaganza!  The questions are in, and so now, we will have our answers!  First though, let’s introduce how this will work.  I will address in category of characters first, then the questions that couldn’t be answered for one reason or another, before concluding with the questions towards me.  Now, I will say that I am not too impressed with the number of questions I’ve gotten here, but considering this is the first time it’s been done, I guess it’s not too unexpected.  So without further ado, let us begin!

Mark puts his hand inside of a hat and draws out a strip of paper with a name written on it.

Mark: (announcing the name he is reading) ZELA IVINE!  You are our lucky first costumer!  Get up on stage!

Zela walks up the stage, unsmiling as she walked up towards Mark.

Mark: Okay, so Zela, you have 1 question from Katherine.  It asks “To Zela: Was that whole attack worthy? You killed Christine, but now you have much more enemies.”
Zela: Is this Katherine kidding me right now?  Christine was a threat and I needed her out of the way.  Unless it actually comes back to bite me, then I would say it was worth it.

Zela pivots, slapping Mark with her hair before strutting her way off the stage.

Mark: (rubs his face after the hairslap) Okay then…

The audience cheers at Zela’s exit from the stage.

Mark: (drawing another name out of the hat after the cheers died down) Let us see who the next character coming onstage is!

Mark draws a name out of the hat.

Mark: (announces) ADDIE SANTOS AND SAARA AALTO, get on stage!

Addie and Saara both come up on stage, neither one acknowledging the either.

Mark: Okay, so this question is from IceIceBaby.  This question asks: “To Addie & Saara, is fame really worth it over friendship?”
Addie: Since WHEN was I ever friends with this walrus standing next to me?
Mark: But would fame be worth it over friendship?
Addie: Umm…
Saara: (interrupts) Of course not, but like she said, we were never friends, so there is really is no point to this question.
Mark: Okay then.  Thank you for your time!
Saara: Thanks so much for having us!

Saara and Addie leave the stage and the audience cheers.  Then Mark draws another name out of the hat.

Mark: ALYCIA ANDERSON!  Come on stage!

Alycia walks graciously to the stage.

Mark: Hi Alycia, how are you?
Alycia: Doing well!
Mark: Good to hear.  So your question also comes from IceIceBaby.  This question reads “To Alycia, in your visions what stood out to your most?”

Alycia puts her hand around her chin in pondering.

Alycia: You know what?  I’m not really sure myself because I’ve never put much thought into what stood out to me the most, but one thing’s certain.  That nightmare made me want to die and the only clue I have to finding out its secrets is the note I got.
Mark: Okay.  Thank you for your time Alycia!
Alycia: (happily) My pleasure!

The crowds cheer as Alycia leaves the stage.  Then Mark drew yet another name out of the hat.

Mark: CHRISTINE TORRANCE!  Get on stage!

Christine waves to the audience as she walks onto the stage.

Mark: Glad to see your head’s still attached in this stage.
Christine: I could always cut off your head to make it even.
Mark: (laughs nervously) That won’t be necessary.
Christine: Can we just get on to the fucking question already?  You’re already annoying me and it hasn’t even been two seconds.
Mark: Alright then!  This question is from Katherine. (reads from the strip) She asks: “To Christine Torrance: Do you have any kids?”
Christine: Such a silly question Katherine, but whatever.  It’s a fair question, so I’ll still answer.  Yes, I do have kids, and they’ve all graduated college.  No, they are not on the market, and yes, they’re better than pretty much everyone else I’ve ever met, including you.
Mark: Okay then.  Thank you for your time!
Christine: Eh, it gives me something to do before I rot in hell.

Christine walked off the stage with the crowd bursting in laughter, though met was a disapproving look from Mark.  After watching Christine take her seat again, he drew another name out of the hat.  He was perplexed at the name, but shrugged.

Mark: IF YOU ARE ALYCIA’S BROTHER, head on up onstage!
Alycia’s brother: (standing up and spoke in his usual mysteriously interesting voice) Oh look!  I already have fans!

He made his way to the stage.

Mark: Yep!  Believe it or not, you already have a question.  This one is from Michelle.  It reads: “To Alycia's Brother: Why were you under the black hood?”
Alycia’s Brother: Well, I’m pretty sure it’s already out there, but apparently I was dead.  Normally, if people like me have to go around wearing a hood all the time, you’re not unknown to the outside world and still want some sense of privacy.  Got it memorized?

The audience bursted out laughing at his response to the question.

Mark: I guess so?
Alycia’s brother: Good, because that’s the only response you’re all getting for now.
Mark: Well thank you for joining us tonight!
Alycia’s brother: It’s been a pleasure.  Kind of.

The crowds cheer as he exited the stage.

Mark: I believe we have had all the character questions.  However, let’s look at the questions that weren’t going to have a proper answer.

Mark draws a strip for each question.

Mark: Asked by IceIceBaby, it reads, “With the loss of a child, what emotions are currently going through your head Vixella?:
(Don't know if its classed as a spoiler but possible insight for the second half?)” This is not going to get answered simply because yeah, it gives away a spoiler.  A minor spoiler, but a spoiler nonetheless.  Thankfully, there’s only one more.
Mark: From Katherine: “What caused Brooke's Father monster behavior towards his own daughter?”  It is another spoiler for the second half and will be explained at some time in the back half of the season.  Anyway, let’s get to the questions I have to answer.

Mark continues to draw strips for each question.

Mark: From Michelle: “What actually happened between Addie & Saara to hate eachother in detail?”  Now, this needed to be tackled out of the way because this was explained all the way in the beginning.  Addie and Saara auditioned for the same 3 reality TV competitions and always did well until it got to the point where they had to work together, and then they always fell flat, failing to get on the show past those auditions.  How do you suppose you would feel if the same person kept screwing you up when you were going for a golden opportunity of your lifetime?  How would they feel about you?  Basically when I saw that Addie and Saara were both supposed to be singers with beautiful voices, that gave me the idea for them to become rivals.
Mark: Also Michelle: “Why are you so good at writing this story?”  Now this one’s interesting.  I actually don’t have that much confidence in myself, believe it or not.  So whenever compliments my writing or any of my work for that matter, it brings a warm feeling inside of adequacy, especially since inadequacy is one thing in real life I tend to have the biggest struggles with.  But writing was something I’ve kept trying as a child and I think this blog series is my best attempt yet.  Basically, what I try to do is decide what I think would be best for the story, and every time I write an episode, I always come into roadblocks and try to think to myself how to think around them.
Mark: From IceIceBaby: “Why did Katalia choose to morph into a T-Rex?” Well you have to remember that Katalia was shown the T-Rex and still hasn’t quite yet mastered memorizing every animal on the fly, so the T-Rex was an idea situationally given to her mind by Brooke.  She still needs guidance on how to correctly use her powers just like all the other characters with powers in this story who’ve still yet to master them.  But why the T-Rex?  In terms of the plot, I needed a carnivore who can keep the evidence of Brooke’s deceased father actually being deceased on the relative down-low.  A smaller animal like a lion or tiger would have made a huge mess of eating him, and Katalia was already a lion anyway back in “Personal Issues”, so I didn’t want to reuse that animal so soon.  A T-Rex, however, is capable of swallowing a human whole and so was the perfect animal in which to dispose of Brooke’s father.  His disposal was actually the only reason his death wasn’t more brutal.  I chose cleanliness over brutality with his death because brutality leaves evidence.  But the carnivore situation wasn’t enough.  We also needed an animal that could potentially transport two humans from Point A to Point B.  Again, horses aren’t carnivores, so that was out.  A dragon was actually considered, but a dragon would have been too unreal to realistically use.  In contrast, there is evidence from fossils of T-Rexes being alive in the time of the dinosaurs, and considering this is “Evolution”, it must be assumed we are taking evolutionary beliefs into the story in some degree or else it fails the title.

Mark tips a swig of water before continuing to rehydrate.

Mark: Next, our final question from Katherine: “Are Alycia and Mac brother and sister or their last names just match?” And to that, at first, I thought you meant Alycia and her actually brother.  (chuckles, then composes himself)  But let’s be fair, there was no intention to make them brother and sister and was only a coincidence they have the same last name.  That being said, I think had Alycia been Fire instead, they could have been siblings.
Mark: Our final question from Michelle: “Has Zela showed all she's got in terms of power?” And the answer is obvious: No.  Being Nature, she and Katalia actually have the same powers.  However, since Zela was intended by her actress Melinda to be based on Poison Ivy from the Batman saga, Zela’s been shown more with plants whereas Katalia’s powers has more often called for her to transform into animals.  Zela can transform into animals, but the situation just hasn’t called for her to become one as of yet.
Mark: Last, but certainly not least, we have a question from IceIceBaby that reads: “Will we develop more understanding of the darkness power and what it can do?” And to that, all I can really say is that it will be explored in some aspect, but in what ways have yet to be determined.  I don’t have anything set in stone with this story and situations can always change.  For example, I was actually going to kill off Jarvis in the midseason finale, but he’s still alive because I had forgotten to kill him off.  That being said, I will make it worthwhile.  Much in the same way, I will make it a point to see how the darkness can play into the story in new ways I can.
Mark: Continuing on, let’s throw a freebie in here while we’re at it.  As you all know, JJ was another casualty of the midseason finale, having been killed by the man in the blue hood.  However, that doesn’t mean it is the last we’ll be seeing of him, and actually, getting this out of the way, it won’t be as there will be some means used to finish telling about JJ.  In Descendants, characters who have already died such as Bobby Mott was featured in a flashback, so it’s entirely possible (not a guarantee though) that JJ could be featured in another flashback.  Also in Descendants, several people appeared as ghosts in one episode, and John Doe was a ghost for multiple episodes.  The ghost technique was also used in Enchanted with Iris after she was burned at the stake, so while this is not a guaranteed way for JJ to get his story finished, it is also possible for him to be a ghost.  Lastly, and this is why the freebie relates to this question in some fashion, JJ could be featured in a time travel segment.  Also in “Personal Issues”, Christine used a Darkness Seal to transport Mac back in time and ditch Mac an hour into the past so that she could get him out of her trail.  So in that sense, darkness has already been shown to make time travel a thing in this blog series and thus opens up the possibility for someone with Darkness powers (i.e. Vixella) to travel in time to a past event that JJ happened to be at during his life.

Mark cracks his knuckles and drank some more water as all the talking made him thirsty and stiff.

Mark: That wraps up this Q & A Extravaganza!  Hopefully you all now have a more refreshed mind as to what goes on with Evolution and how I write this story.  Do note that these characters will have absolutely no memory of this Q&A ever happening once we get back to the main story.  I will see you all again in the Midseason Premiere!  Drive home safe and have a Happy Holiday, Merry Christmas, and may it shine!



"Zela: Is this Katherine kidding me right now?" - I was just slayed! DEAD!
Zela pivots, slapping Mark with her hair before strutting her way off the stage. - Mark was slayed too
Christine: ...Yes, I do have kids... - That's all what I needed to know! I am sure one of the kids is in the cast!!

This was very interesting and original thing to do!!
Очаквам 9 епизод с голямо нетърпение. ^^
Sent by Katherinee_,Dec 24, 2016
Christine has kids? LMAO Goodbye @ Future Season Finale reveal where Zela meets Christine's Child.
Sent by IceIceBaby,Dec 24, 2016
Yeah, IceIceBaby, this was actually mentioned in Episode 4 that she has kids.  :P

And I know Katherinee_  Like I said, these are in the words of the characters, we all know Christine was one of the snarkiest characters out there.  lol
Sent by Icarus_Mark,Dec 24, 2016
Sent by Aydanmac01,Dec 24, 2016

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