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馃専Stars 791 finals 猸愶笍

1stJan 13, 2024 by Ghostfacegangsta
Wow Tengaged firstly, I am so glad to be here yet again after months of not being able to do it. This is my 2nd stars finals since joining the site.

This week after seeing the cast I was a bit nervous as I had pre-existing relationships with a few people from the cast. I made it my mission to fly under the radar as much as possible, and pull strings behind the scenes.  Basically there were two main sides to the house, and I relied heavily on my social game and was good with both sides for a majority of the game. I only went up once  and that was because the splitters who I managed to take out ended up flipping on me. ( Was nominated the least in the cast)
  After being nominated for 7th I鈥檝e managed to remain off the block even while having my name float around. I managed to take out the people who thought they were running the game while also keeping people in the game I had a close working relationship with.

I hope that you will reward my strong game play and my balance approach to the game. Stars is a game that changes day to day, hour to hour and I was able to make it here because of the game I played.  Please help crown me my first stars wins!

Hit my button below, if you have any questions for me please mail me, and I would gladly answer them! May make a vlog later after work, if I feel up to it <3

Thank you for your support, it means the world to me!

Good luck tryphena and Scooby69


Sent by PrincessKandi2014,Jan 13, 2024
GL <333
Sent by AntonB,Jan 13, 2024
yassss <333
Sent by Timberlie,Jan 13, 2024
Good luck Derek!
Sent by Tryphena,Jan 14, 2024
Sent by TheLogic,Jan 14, 2024

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