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Oops Sep 18, 2019
Accidentally logged in, was offline for like 6 months it was fun haha. Probably off for another 6 :P
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Can I just say Nov 18, 2018
How fucking cute was I?
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Update Aug 23, 2018
So last night I meet Utsumi ! Had a good chat and some drinks. Glad we both have moved on from this place. We both stopped playing in the same month, and it was just cool to meet a mate from here finally . I'll eventually be Tony and probably log off forever one day.   Happy to have found this place when I did. Xoxo
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My first Tengaged meet up!!!! Aug 21, 2018
After 9 years on the site I'm meeting a fellow player!
About to go into the bar hopefully Utsumi is really here! Lmao
I'll keep y'all posted !
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almost made it in Jun 9, 2018
was going to be my last game :')
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randomize added a comment on post "I hope Randomize gets sued " 2 days
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