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Over one year

Feb 13, 2018 by Fredcrugar
Without playing a game on here..
It's kinda sad but I've enjoyed time away from the site, really miss the games and people sometimes. Wish randomize could just give us mods.. a lot of things could get fixed but even if they never do I won't forget this place and will still keep stopping by once and a while..
May return for one final game this summer ;)


:) hope so !
Sent by Roshy,Feb 13, 2018
Would that epic game be a Stars? 馃檴
Sent by Yoshitomi,Feb 13, 2018
You're a dumb fucking nigger
Sent by QweenAaryn,Feb 13, 2018
Perhaps yoshitomi ;)
Sent by Fredcrugar,Feb 13, 2018

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