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Big Brother and online Hunger games.

Rate my avi 1-10

Sep 21, 2022 by FireX
And I'll do the same (don't be afraid to be honest haha)

abrogated - 8 - I love the look but wish it had more color but it's a staple look for you and we Stan

Vasquis - 9.8 - you said my red eyes are everything but hun those green eyes POP with that black hair and outfit and don't get me started on them

MikasaAckerman - 6 - ahhh the days on no designs. I actually used those eyes and mouth when I was starting out so I do Stan but again no designs so it's hard to go higher then a 8

paul028 - 7.8 - honestly this look gives me vibes of someone about to place a complicated Starbucks order and get mad about spending thier hard earned money despite using daddy's card. Onto the look it's very nice but the eyes get almost drowned out but I love the color sceam. Just wish for more color

Pavaneli - 8.5 - solid af Survivor outfit and a matching background but then the glasses trip me up. They give me Rockstar vibes which I Stan but a BB thought while looking at a Survivor theme kinda class. Love the overall look tho

Kindred7 - 9.8 - I'm getting Sole Survivor vibes I really am. I'm biased af I love me Survivor themed things and this look serves. Only thing missing is a background to compliment the whole thing off!

Yandereboy12 - 7.4 - it's giving me Gizmo vibes ngl and gizmo is adorable af. The clothes kinda don't mash well and the color sceam is a little everywhere. The look is nice for sure but without me thinking of gizmo I'd say 6.8


10 sexy like you in real life
Sent by abrogated,Sep 21, 2022
The red eyes are everything!!

Sent by Vasquis,Sep 21, 2022
Sent by MikasaAckerman,Sep 21, 2022
the people are being WAY to generous im giving it a 4 because the hair, eyes and headband do NOT match any similar style (Even if they're all Red it doesn't change it doesn't go well)
Sent by paul028,Sep 21, 2022
9 i love a dark red!
Sent by Pavaneli,Sep 21, 2022
9.5 or 10. I really like it and it suits your name!
Sent by Kindred7,Sep 21, 2022
9 I like it outside the leafs in your leaves
Sent by Yandereboy12,Sep 21, 2022
9 red works really well
Sent by Joshbb17,Sep 21, 2022
I love the red, 9.5
Sent by Bearcat1927,Sep 22, 2022

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