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lets be honest

19thJun 29, 2019 by FireX
kevin0621 is fucking insane and needa a damn life. If u really need to spend your time being obsessed over me then you REALLY HAVE NO LIFE LIKE YIKES. GO TAKE SOME TIME OFF THE SITE TO LOOK IN THE MIRROR AND REALIZE YOUR PATHETIC

like damn imagine being obsessed with a game that happened months ago that u SHEEPED ME IN


Well on the bright side at least he’s better than you :) that would be a problem if he wasn’t
Sent by Answeriiiiii,Jun 29, 2019
Proof? or it didn't happen
Sent by thefox111,Jun 29, 2019
Answeriiiiii no 1 gives a fuq what u have to say u basic ass multi. Go be a pathetic low life somewhere else
Sent by FireX,Jun 29, 2019

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