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Big Brother and online Hunger games.

Ranking conspiracy theories

19thNov 25, 2021 by Fetish
Based on how likely I believe them to be true

~Theories I believe~
1.        Marilyn Monroe was murdered
2.        Soy boys (I thought this was a fact?)
3.        5G is toxic
4.        Princess Diana murdered by the Royal Family
5.        Plandemic/bioweapon
6.        George Soros
7.        UFOs
8.        Alien abductions
9.        Moon landing was fake (sort of)
10.        Reptilian Overlords
11.        Area 51
12.        Illuminati
13.        Hitler survived the holocaust
14.        Kurt Cobain was murdered

~Theories I believe are very possible~
15.        Mattress Firm money laundering scheme
16.        US Presidential Election was stolen
17.        New World Order
18.        Michael Jackson is still alive
19.        Denver International Airport
20.        The Mandela Effect

~Theories I believe are possible but likely not~
21.        Paul McCartney died
22.        Tupac is still alive in Serbia
23.        Lizard people
24.        Wayfair Human trafficking
25.        Avril Lavigne died
26.        Epstein didn’t kill himself
27.        George Floyd crisis actor

~Theories that are just fucking insane~
28.        Stevie Wonder isn’t blind
29.        Ted Cruz is the zodiac killer
30.        Elvis lives
31.        Kylie Jenner is a clone
32.        Titanic never sank
33.        Global warming hoax
34.        Vaccines have microchips/population control
35.        Sandy Hook was fake
36.        Holocaust denial
37.        Flat earth
38.        Biden is a robot
39.        Prince Charles is a vampire
40.        Greta Thunberg is a time traveller (???)

Pls suggest other conspiracies for me to look into, nothing racist or anti-Semitic tho


omg u rlly think michael could be alive???
Sent by ItsAlexia,Nov 25, 2021
40.        Greta Thunberg is a time traveller  LOL
Sent by Malamente,Nov 25, 2021
"Pls suggest other conspiracies for me to look into, nothing racist or anti-Semitic tho"

A lot of these are inspired by anti-Semetic conspiracies that have been re-branded over time though (i.e. the lizard people).
Sent by BlueBarracuda,Nov 25, 2021
itsalexia I think its very possible. There have been tons of sightings and he was even seen like the night of his death walking out of an ambulance. I think he would have been murdered if he had not faked his death. Hollywood was coming for him just like Prince and others
Sent by Fetish,Nov 25, 2021
MJ was overly protective of his kids tho, so I don't think he'd subject Paris especially to all that.
Sent by BlueBarracuda,Nov 25, 2021
BlueBarracuda I have not read anything personally about anything painting Jewish people in a negative light. Granted, the reptilians theory I have not looked into in years, it was something I was interested in in middle school because of my love of aliens. I'm very curious to know what aliens have to do with jewish people tho, like who tf would make that connection lol
Sent by Fetish,Nov 25, 2021
21.        Paul McCartney died
22.        Tupac is still alive in Serbia
23.        Lizard people

my 3
Sent by PennyTrationStan,Nov 25, 2021
Good list but 9/11 was definitely a conspiracy
Sent by KrisStory,Nov 25, 2021
you have no life
Sent by Zipp,Nov 25, 2021
Epstein probably didn’t kill himself ngl
Whats so controversial about the mándela effect anyways isn’t that like an actual thing that happens
Sent by MrBird,Nov 25, 2021
2 Big ones

9/11 being an inside job

The murder of JFK
Sent by woeisme,Nov 25, 2021
ted cruz being the zodiac killer is still 100 times more likely than george floyd being a crisis actor
Sent by Benley,Nov 26, 2021
what's the difference between lizard people and reptilian overlords? and why do you believe in one and no so much the other?
Sent by Jujubee,Nov 26, 2021

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