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Survivor: Malaysia (Results)

Feb 21, 2016 by Eoin
imageMaku Wanu (Men) - Red
1. Rich ( Zed55 )
2. Bob ( IslandSurvivor )
3. Azri ( subfriend )
4. Nathan ( Matedog1209 )
5. Matt ( Survivornerd)
6. Spencer ( RobertGuajardo )
7. Sai ( DumbGinger )
8. Edgar ( chibideidara )
9. Ray ( Raydog90 )
10. Cleo ( RainbowKing )

Sagala (Women) - Yellow
1. Karen ( GoodKaren )
2. LeShawna ( alwaysvictorious )
3. Lauren ( LoveMeLoveMe )
4. Imogen ( Illdi )
5. Billie ( KingGeek )
6. Skylar ( Dolphinz811 )
7. Dominique ( Dominiquee )
8. Scarlett ( Tommeh208 )
9. Watermelonia ( Weetmaster )
10. Rebecca ( Loopycoco1 )

Gender Divide: The tribes are divided into males and females.

Tribe Swap: At final 15 a tribe swap occured and a third tribe was formed called Lagonia.

Hidden Immunity Idols: Can be used to nullify votes must be played before votes are read and after they've been cast. They will be re-hidden once.

[Merge at Final 12, 9 Person Jury, Final 3]


Episode 1: Genders are so Overrated
The 20 castaways sailed to the beach to meet Jeff who would inform them that this season they would be divided only by gender and that the first reward challenge would take place immediately. They had to sail down the river to find a sign marked location with a map, the first team to reach the map would get a ready made camp, while the other would have to build a camp from scratch. The race was initially tight until the men realised that if more people exit the boat and swim to the map the faster the boat can reach it however Jeff stated that all members must reach the map to win it, the women were catching up and all but Sai had caught up with the boat leaving the women to win reward. At the women's camp LeShawna, Dominique, Billie and Skylar formed an alliance of the "strong women" while Billie also made an alliance with Karen and Lauren. At the men's camp it became bitchy as the men with alpha male Nathan being the instigator with the help of his back up men, began to talk smack about Sai however Sai began working on a counter alliance with Azri, Cleo, Spencer and Bob. When it came to the challenge the women won again. Nathan's side began to prey on Sai who they thought should be taken out due to the fact that he was weak in challenge however Sai planned to blindside Nathan with his newly formed alliance. Ultimately though most of the men flipped on Sai and chose they needed challenge wins at this stage of the game.

Voted for Sai: Rich, Bob, Nathan, Matt, Spencer, Edgar, Ray, Cleo
Voted for Nathan: Sai and Azri

Episode 2: Flipping Flops
After tribal council, Nathan was crazy that Azri had voted for him and approached Azri, Azri claimed he thought he was doing the right thing as he wasn't comfortable about how Nathan was talking smack about Sai, Nathan began to scheme to get Azri out, the next time they lost. Meanwhile at the woman's camp Billie's multiple alliances began to scheme against each other as Karen and Lauren grew uneasy over Dominique's manners, with the other girls in the camp backing them up, when Skylar was told this leading to Dominique deciding that Lauren had to go if they lose. At the immunity challenge the women won yet again sending the men back to tribal council. Nathan contemplated voting for Spencer as he saw him as dead weight around camp and addressed this to Cleo who informed Spencer.  Nathan however changed the vote to Azri after his frustrations with him after flipping. Azri and Spencer began to reform the failed alliance and tried to get past members Bob and Cleo on board and gain new member Edgar, while Nathan's alliance of Rich, Matt, Ray and himself stayed strong. Nathan at tribal council called out Spencer and Edgar as the weakest members of the tribe sealing his fate as he was voted out.

Voted for Nathan: Azri, Bob, Spencer, Edgar, Cleo
Voted for Azri: Nathan, Rich, Matt and Ray

Episode 3: No Flame without Fire
After tribal council the minority of Rich, Matt and Ray knew they had to find the idol to survive however Azri's alliance also had the idea they would do this so it was a race to the idol. Matt however won the race but only told Rich and Ray. Meanwhile at the girl's camp tensions were at an all time high as Scarlett was now fighting with Dominique, Billie began to try and mend both of her alliances together however none of them wanted to join together. The women's incapability to work together came across in the immunity challenge as for the first time this season they were headed to tribal council. At the girls tribe Dominique worked out she was in trouble and decided to look for the idol and she did find it, she was unsure if she was the vote so decided to send Billie as a double agent to find out the vote. Billie found out that the tribe was voting out Dominique aside from Dominique's alliance however Billie felt like if Dominique was gone she could combine her alliances so Billie told Dominique that the tribe was voting Skylar due to her challenge weakness. Dominique was unsure if to trust her though. At tribal council Dominique did not play her idol and was sent packing, blindsided and feeling betrayed.

Voted for Dominque: Billie, Karen, Rebecca, Watermelonia, Scarlett Imogen and Lauren
Voted for Lauren: Dominique, LeShawna and Skylar

Episode 4: One Way Ticket to Hell
LeShawna and Skylar blamed Billie completely and began to yell at her and began to point out to the tribe she was a rat. Meanwhile at the guy's camp Azri knocked over Cleo's bag and thought he saw the idol in it, however it was just a tree mail message, Azri began to lose trust in Cleo. At the challenge the men won for the second time in a row sending the girls to tribal council. LeShawna began to tell a few of the girls that Billie had been talking smack about them in an event to stay safe, leaving them in a position of choosing who to believe between LeShawna and Billie in the end they stayed loyal to Billie and LeShawna was sent packing.

Voted for LeShawna: Billie, Karen, Rebecca, Watermelonia, Scarlett Imogen and Lauren
Voted for Billie: LeShawna and Skylar

Episode 5: Nitty Gritty is a Pity
An alone Skyer decided not to give up and began starting to play to people sensitive sides and began to point out how she really had nothing left in the game and how Billie had broke promises in the game. At the men's camp Azri began to cement himself in a position of power and began to become everyone's best friend even the opposite alliance, the only person who did like Azri was Edgar who viewed Azri as power hungry however Edgar knew not to make these claims now as doing so would only end his game. The men's tight bonds proved to work again as they easelessly won their third challenge in a row. Skyler was the main target however she used her politics to begin to really change opinions and talked to the lower people on the totem poll on how that there was a three person alliance and they were just dead meat however many were frightened that Billie had the rehidden idol so Skyler decided to target Billie's best friend Lauren. Lauren was blindsided at tribal council as she was sent packing.

Voted for Lauren: Skylar, Rebecca, Watermelonia, Scarlett, Imogen
Voted for Skyler: Lauren, Karen and Billie

Episode 6: Always on my Tippy Toes
Jeff surprised the tribes by announcing that a third tribe had now been formed and that there would be a tribe swap.

New Tribes:
Maku Wanu: Azri, Edgar, Cleo, Imogen and Spencer
Sagala: Skylar, Karen, Matt, Bob and Rebecca
Lagonia: Billie, Ray, Rich, Scarlett and Watermelonia

At Maku Wanu Azri called a male meeting and it was decided that Imogen would go no questions asked when they lost a challenge however Edgar and Cleo talked about the possibility of flipping on Azri if they got the chance. At Sagala, Karen ran straight over to the boys and told them that she was at the bottom of the alliance and that Skylar had been running the girls tribe and Rebecca flipped on her allies a lot, the boys were sceptical and saw her as desperate but also saw her as a number. At Lagonia, Billie acted like nothing had happened the night before confusing Scarlett and Watermelonia as she was acting really upset earlier, Billie then promised both the men and the women a final 3 alliance. When it came to the challenge Maku Wanu finished first with Lagonia barely beating Sagala. Matt and Bob became the swing votes and ultimately decided that they needed the numbers this round and voted off Rebecca at tribal council as she seemed the most untrustworthy.

Voted for Rebecca: Karen, Matt and Bob
Voted for Karen: Rebecca and Skylar

Episode 7: Oh Minority, How I Missed You!
At Sagala, Skylar again found herself at the bottom of the totem poll and began telling Matt and Bob that she felt like Karen was going to win the game due to her great social skills and strategy making them question their alliance with Karen, Skylar then went off to the beach when looking for crabs in holes she found the hidden immunity idol. At Maku, Azri's ego began to grow which rubbed his tribemates the wrong way especially Imogen who found him to be misogynistic and crude towards her. At Lagonia, Billie still promised the world and more to everyone in the game as she played everyone like a fiddle but no one bought what she was saying, meanwhile Scarlett found the idol. At the immunity challenge Jeff announced only one tribe would win immunity and the tribe that finished first was Lagonia, who then got to choose which tribe would vote someone off first and head to tribal council immediately, they chose Sagala. At the tribal council Skylar and Karen both plead to stay in the game however Skylar's pleas worked again as Karen was sent packing. Then at the Maku Wanu tribal council  the men decided they needed numbers and took out Imogen.

Sagala's Votes:
Voted for Karen: Skylar, Matt and Bob
Voted for Skylar: Karen

Maku Wanu's Votes:
Voted for Imogen: Azri, Edgar, Cleo and Spencer
Voted for Azri: Imogen

Episode 8: Merge of Hearts
The next morning after tribal council all the tribes headed to the Sagala beach as they merged tribes. Scheming immediately ensued. Azri began to ensure that all of the men were on the same page and would vote out which ever woman did the best in the challenge but did not win. While the women used their social game to crack that Azri was not liked by the majority of his tribe. Azri however found the merge tribe idol. At the challenge Watermelonia barely missed out on winning the challenge to Ray. Azri promised the men that the vote would be Watermelonia, Ray Matt, Edgar and Cleo however informed Skylar and the girls this. A romance however was forming between Azri and  Skylar which added a twist as it left Skylar torn on what to do, the girls were strong on voting off Azri and so were the anti-Azri guys so Skylar knew an idol would have to be played to keep him in the game. At tribal council Skylar decided to not tell Azri as he was blindsided with an idol in his pocket and became the first juror.

Voted for Azri: Watermelonia, Skylar, Billie, Scarlett, Ray, Matt, Edgar and Cleo
Voted for Watermelonia: Azri, Spencer, Bob and  Rich

Episode 9: Abandon Ship!
After tribal council Spencer, Bob and Rich were left feeling deflated and betrayed and were confused why they were left out of the plans. At the reward challenge Scarlett was victorious and chose Skylar, Billie, Watermelonia and Edgar to join her. This left the rest of the men realising that not only were the women beginning to take over the game but Edgar was now more with them than with the men. At the reward Scarlett found a clue to the hidden immunity idol and only shared it with Edgar as he saw her find it, they decided to look for it and they found it and agreed to share it and keep it secret. At the immunity challenge Bob won. The men decided that they should take this opportunity to blindside Edgar and then take down the women one by one.  Cleo however was not so sure on this idea and informed Edgar that the men were going after him for being close to the women, Edgar received decided he had to play the idol tonight but was unsure if he should take out one of the girls with the idol to gain the guys trust or stay loyal to the girls. He decided to play his idol and vote with the women and he took out Spencer as Spencer was seen as a strong UTR player, Cleo however voted with the men to hide himself from being seen as a rat.

Voted for Edgar: Spencer, Matt, Bob, Cleo, Rich and Ray [DOES NOT COUNT]
Voted for Spencer: Edgar, Skylar, Billie, Scarlett and Watermelonia

Episode 10: Shady Lady
The men were confused by how Edgar found out about the plan and deduced that there must be a rat, when confronted Edgar decided to say Billie overheard everything and told him. When the guys asked Billie, she felt betrayed and told them the truth about everything and promised them she would vote out one of her alliance members at the next tribal council. The reward was divided by woman and men yet again with Cleo drawn to participate with them too, the men however won. The guys then convinced Edgar that a girl must go next or else they could steam-roll the rest of the game. At the immunity challenge Bob was victorious yet again and won his second challenge in a row. After the challenge the girls decided that Rich must go as he is Bob's closest ally and Bob is slaying the challenges and believed that they had Cleo and Edgar's vote too. The men were voting for Watermelonia due to her challenge ability. When it came to tribal Billie, Cleo and Edgar flipped on the girls as Watermelonia was sent to the jury.

Voted for Watermelonia: Rich, Billie, Edgar, Cleo, Ray, Bob and Matt
Voted for Rich: Watermelonia, Skylar and Scarlett

Episode 11: Betrayal is a Bitch (Double Episode)
Skylar and Scarlett felt defeated and hurt as their alliance crumbled around them however they shared with each other that they both had a hidden immunity idol and would play both of them at tribal council if they needed to. At the immunity challenge Cleo won his first immunity. At tribal the guys and Billie agreed to split their votes. When it came to tribal Scarlett and Skylar both played their idols, Matt wasted his trying to ensure his safety and sent immunity threat Bob packing to the jury.

Voted for Scarlett: Rich, Ray, Bob and Matt [DOES NOT COUNT]
Voted for Skylar: Billie, Cleo and Edgar [DOES NOT COUNT]
Voted for Bob: Skylar and Scarlett

Skylar and Scarlett now knew they had no more second chances and their only way to survive was to get Edgar and Cleo or Billie to flip back. Skylar worked on Billie and told her that she was bottom of the alliance. While Skylar expressed to Edgar how she had given up an idol for them and expected them to repay her. At the immunity challenge Matt was victorious. When it came to tribal council Billie flipped but the guys could not as they did not think that it would be best for their game if they did.

Voted for Scarlett: Rich, Matt, Ray, Cleo and Edgar
Voted for Rich: Scarlett, Skylar and Billie

Episode 12: God are you there? HELP!
Skylar felt deflated after the Scarlett vote off as she was at the bottom once again and had no allies left as she knew Billie would flip back as soon as she could.  At reward Edgar won and took along Cleo and to everyone's surprise Skylar. Edgar and Cleo promised that they were going to take out one of the guys at the next tribal council to ensure that they had majority moving forward in the game. However this move did rub some of the guys up the wrong way and they all promised Billie that she would be safe until final 4 if they stuck with them and voted out Skylar at the next tribal. At the immunity challenge Cleo won his second challenge. When it came to deciding who to vote Cleo, Edgar and Skylar left the decision with Billie and she decided Matt as he seemed to be smart and was good at challenges. Billie however had not decided yet what to do. When it came to tribal council Billie stuck with Skylar, Cleo and Edgar as Matt was voted off.

Voted for Matt: Skylar, Cleo, Edgar and Billie
Voted for Skylar: Rich, Matt and Ray

Episode 13: Me oh My, Cherry Pie!
At the reward challenge, love was all around as the loved ones visited. Rich won the reward and chose Ray to enjoy a boat with him and their loved ones. Rich then had the choice of giving up his spot in the next immunity challenge to give the rest of the tribe their loved ones, Rich decided not to accept the offer. This angered Cleo greatly however Edgar reminded him that this just showed that Rich would not get any jury votes in the end and maybe they should keep him around. At the immunity challenge Edgar won the necklace. Rich and Ray plead their case that Skylar would be impossible to beat in the end and although Cleo and Edgar knew this, they knew Ray was better at challenges so decided it was best that he be voted off. So at tribal council everything went to plan and Ray became the next member of the jury.

Voted for Ray: Skylar, Billie, Edgar and Cleo
Voted for Skylar: Ray and Rich

Episode 14: Down to the Wire [FINALE]
Rich began to call out Edgar and Cleo when he got back to camp for not being very loyal and told them there would not be a chance in hell that he would vote for any of them to win the million. Skylar however had a better idea, she knew that Rich would vote off Edgar and Cleo and saw them as threats so she persuaded him to vote with her and Billie at the next tribal council. At the immunity challenge Cleo won and guaranteed himself a spot in the final 4. Billie again emerged as the swing vote and had to decide if she would go to the finals with Skylar and Rich or Edgar and Cleo. At tribal council Billie decided that Skylar would be too hard to beat in the final and voted Skylar out making Skylar the 8th member of the jury.

Voted for Skylar: Edgar, Cleo and Billie
Voted for Edgar: Skylar and Rich

Edgar and Cleo were shocked that Edgar was so close to going home and knew they had to make promises to both Billie and Rich that they would take them to the end. Cleo won his fourth challenge which booked him a spot at final tribal council. Edgar knew he was safe to so they both considered who would be best to take to the end Billie, who played the more respectable game or Rich who did not play well but he may win a lot of the men's votes on the jury. In the end they decided that Rich had too much of a shot in the end and voted him off making him the 9th and final member of the jury.

Voted for Rich: Billie, Edgar and Cleo
Voted for Billie: Rich

At final tribal council Billie was slammed for flipping every round however many people commended the fact she still barely was a target as a result of it. Cleo was praised for not receiving a vote the whole season and his challenge wins but people called him a coat-tail rider of Edgar. While Edgar was praised for leading his alliance but many people criticised that he backstabbed a lot of the cast. In the end Edgar won by a vote of 7-2-0.

Voted for Edgar: Azri, Spencer, Watermelonia, Bob, Matt, Ray and Skylar
Voted for Billie: Scarlett and Rich
Voted for Cleo: No one

20th- Sai
19th- Nathan
18th- Dominique
17th- LeShawna
16th- Lauren
15th- Rebecca
14th- Karen
13th- Imogen
12th- Azri
11th- Spencer
10th- Watermelonia
9th- Bob
8th- Scarlett
7th- Matt
6th- Ray
5th- Skylar
4th- Rich
-Final 3-
3rd- Cleo
2nd- Billie
1st- Edgar

Fan Favourite Award: Skylar



well i was a boring character but it was a good read
Sent by Zed55,Feb 21, 2016
Zed55 Thanks for saying it was a good read but yeah your character wasn't mentioned an awful lot until mid-late merge due to the fact there was 20 people and it was hard to fit everyone in and give everyone huge edits
Sent by Eoin,Feb 21, 2016
wow Billie played such a good game and got robbed
Sent by KingGeek,Feb 21, 2016
Sent by Weetmaster,Feb 21, 2016
I was so iconic i cant.
Sent by chibideidara,Feb 21, 2016
so im the big threat when merge hit
Sent by subfriend,Feb 22, 2016

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