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It’s so hard to eat a calorie surplus

Sep 22, 2021 by Eoin
After being in a deficit for so long, it feels like…wrong to eat a surplus.


Have food with dense calories and small mass.
Like up your peanut butter intake or have an entire avocado in your meal. Helps reach your target faster without having to feel sick
Sent by FighterMan,Sep 22, 2021
Also I have slowly been working myself up to 3400 calories a day figure out what surplus you need to be at and slowly get there do not just rush into your surplus full number a day. Like eating 2 calories above maintenance on your first day is ok
Sent by koolness234,Sep 22, 2021
yeah.. i'm trying to eat a lot and it seems to be impossible
Sent by Lukesaur,Sep 22, 2021
I find eating a surplus like in one big meal a week does wonders for me. Like I'm so use to eating in a calorie deficit most days, that I think eating one meal where I indulge accomplishes a few things. I can enjoy the meal more and not care about what I'm eating and I think it helps me refocus on eating right the other ~6.5 days.
Sent by sjsoccer88,Sep 22, 2021
shhh tubby
Sent by PaulaDeen,Sep 22, 2021

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