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Big Brother and online Hunger games.


12thApr 5, 2024 by Eilish
I didn’t even say anything about you. Keep my name out your filthy mouth you annoying cunt Pavaneli

Go back to the sea you creature


I have no idea who that person is and they made a blog about me saying the brazilians were gonna kill me or whatever, I think they got me mixed with Survivor8 or something lmaoooooo. Legitimately too stupid to insult
Sent by SurvivorFan37,Apr 5, 2024
he’s ugly (:
Sent by Babeth,Apr 5, 2024
Lmfao of course you know who I am and of course I remember of you crying about Brazilians Invading your game, you keep hurt to this day with your self-depressing blogs SurvivorFan37
Sent by Pavaneli,Apr 5, 2024
He is genuinely annoying as fuck with his weird ass takes
Sent by BoyToy4Cato,Apr 5, 2024
Can you two bottoms stop fighting ILY both
Sent by A_La_Fac,Apr 5, 2024
He really is
Sent by Yonaka,Apr 5, 2024

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