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3rdMar 19, 2016 by Downeaster
[3/5/17, 4:30:22 PM] Rajeek: Lind would u ever get ur ass sucked by alexa
[3/5/17, 4:30:42 PM] lind: And RJ don't ever talk about her like that
[3/5/17, 4:31:08 PM] lind: Alexa is a princess
[3/5/17, 4:31:14 PM] lind: not someone supposed to do gross shit liek that

[3/12/17, 5:37:25 AM] lind: Alexa is classy
[3/12/17, 5:37:32 AM] lind: The only whore here
[3/12/17, 5:37:35 AM] lind: Is you Ali'

[3/12/17, 6:14:48 PM] Arj: and what about her is fake? the only person she rly cares about is Lind LOL
[3/12/17, 6:14:51 PM] Arj: That's nothing new or to be shocked about.

[3/15/17, 3:04:59 PM] lind: Why would I need porn
[3/15/17, 3:05:04 PM] lind: When I'm with Alexa
[3/15/17, 3:05:12 PM] lind: Other than that I don't like porn
[3/15/17, 3:06:10 PM] Chris Spicoli: Alexa is a babe, lind is doing it right
[3/15/17, 3:06:44 PM] davidphillips19: No one cares (yawn)
[3/15/17, 3:08:00 PM] lind: She's so beautiful :)

[3/18/17, 10:10:49 AM] iTy990: Well it's all good with me gang
[3/18/17, 10:10:51 AM] iTy990: you won irl
[3/18/17, 10:11:43 AM] lind: What do u mean I won irl?
[3/18/17, 10:12:20 AM] iTy990: you have a beautiful girlfriend and probably a better life than I ever will
[3/18/17, 10:13:40 AM] lind: I have a very beautiful girlfriend but apart from that my life sucks my balcony view is of a parking lot and my hair is getting too long

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