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8thNov 24, 2015 by Downeaster
imageFrom Kaay bought in shop A 30 Stock Shop
Sometimes its really nice to have a girl friend. I love you bff < 333

From nasmay1 bought in shop Quebec FTW!
peaccealexxa is the biggest joke of a straight male not only on but in human history. I won't bring up the fact that he stopped developing down there at the age of 5 ;( oh wait too late. This kid steals every one of my friends he thinks he is soooooo superior. He thinks it's cool to just be best friends with two people, TWO, which I would like to best friends with myself. I would be freaken happy with just one of them!! But nope. Then I tell him about a new friend I made, one who I told him h

From Kaay bought in shop Trishytrash Designs!
I love you...

From SexGoddx bought in shop Designs That Are Divalicious
I love you...

From Phenomanimal bought in shop DIVA IS A DESIGN WHORE
I love you...

From tinabeena bought in shop Bad Girls Club
I love you...

From SuperFreak bought in shop this isnt where i parked my car
I'm glad the first person I ended up gifting is you

From anonymous sender bought in shop PaperHearts

From _Aria bought in shop I couldn't think on a name, so i wrote this
I love you...

From tinabeena bought in shop Glitz and Glamour Shop
I love you...

From pokemaster bought in shop True Colors
I have 50 T's now.

Fuck you slut.

From anonymous sender bought in shop No Job, No food, 7 Kids, Please Help
I love you...

From dools bought in shop Pretty eyed, pirate smile
I love you...

From Survivor8 bought in shop LIKE, I HAVE NOTHING LEFT TO SUCK!!!
I love you...thanks for being awesome

From bluedudeman bought in shop LIKE, I HAVE NOTHING LEFT TO SUCK!!!
You've supported me so much in a rookies but most importantly Yankees survivor group game. You really deserve a gift because you're always nice, funny and such a great friend. :):):):)


you are very pretty!!
Sent by acyuta,Nov 24, 2015
you are not boring! And you are very pretty :)
Sent by Pegasus1234,Nov 24, 2015
"Cuz I'd be like, like trying to write something, and I'd just be like *hiccup* *hiccup*"
Sent by Brayden_,Nov 24, 2015

i dont remember ur username but i remember you existed before. LMAO

you're adorable
Sent by lemonface,Nov 24, 2015
You are pretty
Sent by Kelly0412,Nov 24, 2015
you r hot what college
Sent by AlaskanFiredragon,Nov 24, 2015
omg you're so pretty
Sent by jessijuliet,Nov 24, 2015
"It would be very hard to find clothes that fit over the penises on my back"
Sent by Brayden_,Nov 24, 2015
you're the cutest fucking thing
Sent by AlyssaAF,Nov 24, 2015
ღ lindb ღ ₀₁ ₁₂ ₂₀₁₆
Sent by Downeaster,Aug 15, 2016

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