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4thFeb 14, 2016 by Downeaster
Downeaster - top respect Alexa you're one of the nicest and most easygoing people here and have a good sense of humour, I think my boy lind made a good choice ~BengalBoy

downeaster - you're a cool girl. SASSY AF, but thats what great about you. stay golden and message me more and stuff. ~christossss

Downeaster - You're actually a really pretty girl, ngl. You are down to earth ALASKA. Anyways message me some time, You're someone I'm sure would be really good friends with LOL ~willie_

downeaster - i used to dislike u but now that we've talked ur probs one of the main people i actually talk to daily LOL ur rlly funny and we have stuff in common and we both have an annoying roommate. ur rlly sweet and super pretty. i wish ppl didnt bandwagon hate u so much cos ur gr8. and i cant wait for the couple pics!!!!!! ~owlb0ned

Downeaster (I'm gonna assume you want "like") - I like how you're probably the most real people on this site. You are pretty direct even though you might not always see it and honestly this characteristic is going to help you a lot in life. I feel honored to have you as one of my very close girl friends on here oh and tell #lindb I said, "hi!" LMAO ~skyler1822

~Stars 384~
Shout out to my twin twist downeaster. Since day 1, the real tyler93 has only been playing every other day change. I'm a working man, and I have a full time job. Knew I'd never be able to accomplish anything, so Alexa and I have been switching out every other day change. It's been hella tough but fun, and a huge challenge. So, props to her for putting up with it and a big thank you :)

downeaster - aleksa you have such a good attitude and the few times I've been on call with you you seem genuinely happy and it makes me happier. You seem like such a sweetheart and we NEED to talk more!! ~mathboy9

downeaster - uh some1 i have always wanted to be friends with!!! you have always been nice to me so i thank you for that, we should definitely talk more LOL, i remember you getting a lot of hate a few months ago (i think??) and i didn't really see where it was coming from because i think you are actually one of the nicest girls on this site so yeah let's talk more?? l0l this is so gay ~petro

Downeaster RIP WILD RIP PARISE RIP BOSTON :) But miss ya a bunch and hope all is well! Happy to see u and Lind met up recently! Two classy kids meeting up and setting a role model for the TG community thats what I wanna see out there eh! But ya hope all is well! Also if LIND got u into soccer cheer for BVB or Chelsea... guaranteed success... trust. ~jasonxtreme

downeaster - you are BEAUTIFUL! your relationship is super cute and you are a really sweet girl, youre also pretty funny and seem intelligent :) i like u! ~PureEssence

Downeaster - you are one of the coolest down to earth people on this site that I talk to not very often but you are very beautiful :) ~Lazeric

downeaster possibly the prettiest female on TGcom ~ohheydudeski

U remind me of an angel when you speak no joke
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Downeaster -Kind of snobbish and full of yourself. ~Thirteen


and if the Leafs were to win the Stanley Cup, take an estimated guess on when!!!

ps might take the same amount of time to finish ur avi haha
Sent by JasonXtreme,Feb 14, 2016
why are u so pretty
Sent by DaniD,Feb 14, 2016
do u like me better than lindb and what makes me so much better than him?
Sent by Abrogate,Feb 14, 2016
Why won't u meet fakela
Sent by GiGi10,Feb 14, 2016
why wont u meet fakela
Sent by BrenLa,Feb 14, 2016
If someone pronounces your name incorrectly but the name they are saying instead of yours is harder to pronounce and they are pronouncing the wrong name correctly are you impressed or annoyed?
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