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  1. My school partners
  2. Everyone knows
  3. I really love
  4. why
  5. Me doing my way
  6. it's really sad
  7. I need
  8. Suicide Squad
  10. I have a trauma with the invisible ones at skype
  11. Pleasito I wanna live at the White Tengahouse!
  12. I´ll win Hunger Games
  13. I´m going to my stilist
  14. Why??
  15. The best
  16. I´m just killed another dog
  17. I´m
  18. I'm gonna drink
  19. Hi, I'm a cheap hoe

My school partners

Apr 5, 2017 by Crisis21
Dedicated this song to me a long time ago, I still remember "hey guys there's the two men daughter!!".

Really my kinder time makes me that I´m now. All is their fucking fault, as the pills!

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