Big Brother and online Hunger games.


Nov 12, 2016 by Crisis21
only a little retarded who loves strawberry juices and kill my self for boys who are boyfriends at my imagination (L)


jajjajajajajja si y estas mas sola yo vi tu Facebook estas mas sola que tus perros
Sent by scottmaster2,Nov 12, 2016
at my imagination (h)
Sent by bayonetta,Nov 12, 2016
I´m not alone fucking bastard! If u hurt me I´ll drink pills for fucking fault and you'll be at jail because you are a killer in my mind!! I'll denounce you fuking bad bad boy :(
Sent by Crisis21,Nov 12, 2016
ay por favor quien eres xDDD
Sent by bayonetta,Nov 12, 2016

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