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  10. I have a trauma with the invisible ones at skype
  11. Pleasito I wanna live at the White Tengahouse!
  12. I´ll win Hunger Games
  13. I´m going to my stilist
  14. Why??
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  16. I´m just killed another dog
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  18. I'm gonna drink
  19. Hi, I'm a cheap hoe


Nov 13, 2016 by Crisis21
Noone at skype again!! I think they blocked me please please unblock me, the fucking fault pills are calling me :( if u don´t come my death will be your fucking fault :_


xDDDDDDDDDD muero pero quien eres

muere zorra que ya es hora
Sent by bayonetta,Nov 13, 2016
ok, I´m going to comisery for fuking fault... you must see the canary police who are so much insane than the nurses!
Sent by Crisis21,Nov 13, 2016

ay por que te pusiste ayer tan loquita con scott? es porque la merche te dio con la mano abierta al ver que te andas con hombres del interner?
Sent by bayonetta,Nov 13, 2016
It´s my natural status :$ screaming like a crazy one, I usually speak with a potatoe at my mouth to appear cute, the comunication is afterwards the cuttenes :33
Sent by Crisis21,Nov 13, 2016

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