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  1. I am sorry but
  2. I really want Serena Williams to beat 24 Slam..
  3. Djokovic slaying your faves
  4. Who do you think I support the most from Big 3
  5. Dinara did great job to get to number 1
  6. hi lol
  7. Instagram people piss me off sometimes
  8. Unpopular Opinion
  9. Random thoughts
  10. My Tengaged birthday
  11. Ruli is just the sweetest guy ever
  12. Tengaged my old friend
  13. Kaycee A LESBIAN QUEEN
  14. Tyler did good pre-jury
  15. Australian Survivor was so cool
  16. Remember when Nicole went unnominated until F4
  17. Plus If you stan Hive
  18. I wish there was a way that Haleigh can win :(
  19. I just need to get this off my chest
  20. Story of Aubry
  21. I was accidentally permed once
  22. Embarressing is really hard word to spell
  23. I really want to visit Ireland
  24. Hello Tengaged
  25. Remember when
  26. Tengaged
  27. When Sandra owned Parvati's ass <333333
  28. Okay I just had the most stupid dream ROFL
  29. So out of boredom
  30. I am bored so you can ask anything
  32. Hey guys
  33. ranking my Stars! (Number 3)
  34. Ranking my Stars! (Number 4)
  35. Ranking my Stars! (Number 5)
  36. Have we ever had 14 people stars?
  37. Sammyforeverr94, I hope you rest in peace.
  38. Is anyone else
  39. Butterfree
  40. literally me if Tiffany is on CBB

Ruli is just the sweetest guy ever

Jul 22, 2019 by Chemicalali
Ruli < 3

You cannot relate brittney


Sent by David2560,Jul 22, 2019
oh drag me
Sent by Brittney,Jul 22, 2019
Sent by Ruli,Jul 27, 2019

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