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  1. ROFL I am done with this season
  2. Plus If you stan Hive
  3. Pyne If you vote to evict Neda
  4. I rewatched HoH comp
  5. I love BB14
  6. I wish there was a way that Haleigh can win :(
  7. I dont know why I was gifted haha
  8. It is funny
  9. Ranking After week 4
  10. Sam is disgusting washed up sexist woman
  11. Jaclyn Schultz hate
  12. I volunteer as a mod!
  13. Current rank
  15. Best player to never win Big Brother?
  16. Ranking Friends people
  17. I supported Denmark
  18. Will there be any returnees on BB20?
  19. We need Rachel Reilly 3.0
  21. Quick Summary of Survivor Season 35
  22. I just need to get this off my chest
  23. This site was never the same again
  24. My friends: Your crush is coming, act natural
  25. Story of Aubry
  26. Omg It is my birthday
  27. RED is truly the greatest album
  28. I was accidentally permed once
  29. A Pokemon won Big Brother?!??!
  30. Embarressing is really hard word to spell
  31. I really want to visit Ireland
  32. RED > 1989
  33. We had better cheating scandals tbh
  34. Hello Tengaged
  35. Remember when Christmas was
  36. Remember when
  37. Tengaged
  38. When Sandra owned Parvati's ass <333333
  39. Okay I just had the most stupid dream ROFL
  40. So out of boredom

Sammyforeverr94, I hope you rest in peace.

Feb 8, 2018 by Chemicalali
sammyforeverr94 was truly a sweetheart. I met her when I was like 18-19.(she was 16 or something back then) We didn't go through a deep friendship but whenever I talked to her she was really positive about everything she went through and still thought she was lucky.If you know her, you know that she spent most of her life in hospital but as I said she kept her positive attitude. It sucks some people starts life with unfair situations but I know sammy tried to make best of her life. I saw amartin 's blog and her pic on it and oh my god she grew up to be a beautiful woman. Sammy you rock, I know you dont even remember me but know that I am so proud of you.



Sent by amartin,Feb 8, 2018

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