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Brayden is Pro Israel

Apr 22, 2024 by ChaaChiing
Not because he loves Jewish people but because he has an irrational hatred of Muslims (more specifically Arabs and dark skinned people in general) I've never seen someone so locked into this "white is right" mentality.


As an Arab person, thank god I don’t have that type of individual in my friend circle ⭕️. Therefore, life is great and I wish that to all my people “the ones they considered minorities”. Life is short so no time for hates, enjoying it to the fullest 😊
Sent by Midiaw,Apr 22, 2024
it’s almost like Palestine supporters be the only ones threatening violence and death to people in countries miles away and not involved in the conflict because of their ethnicity… 😂 you keep that racial lense going full force buddy
Sent by Brayden_,Apr 22, 2024

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