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The ChaaChiing's blog

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Imagine using Tengaged to be a preadatorvote Apr 23, 2024
Smh some people.
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Brayden is Pro Israel Apr 22, 2024
Not because he loves Jewish people but because he has an irrational hatred of Muslims (more specifically Arabs and dark skinned people in general) I've never seen someone so locked into this "white is right" mentality.
Points: 44 2 comments
Brayden hates minorities Apr 22, 2024
If a white man had sent him those pics he would have salivated and been all giddy about it but because the pics came from a minority it's a problem. Brayden is racist.
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Brayden is racist Apr 21, 2024
He particularly hates black women.
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A_La_Fac Apr 20, 2024
Always got something to say about somebody needing to log off and get fresh air/get a life. Sir, you've made 32 blogs in April and it's only the 20th day of the month. What a character.
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My old account is Atti12 Apr 18, 2024
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