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My Stars final blog!!!!! <333333

1stFeb 16, 2013 by Candyyland
Wow, what an incredible journey it’s been! After winning the raffle, I worked myself all the way into the Final 3, and did it without sheeping too! In this game, survived 2 nominations against Callie and then Bryan, two very popular players on this site. Now I will recap the game from my perspective.
Day 1: I entered the game after talking to a few people who said they were going to join, and those people added me to a majority chat that wanted to put up Fink/Beast for 16th. Then the minority made a chat and added a few from the majority, including me, with the intention of nomming Rebel/Jennii. I was also in a 3rd chat with all the people who were in both chats (me, asz, suzie, smu, and susan). In the end though, the vote was looking like it was gonna tie until capguy messaged me about splitting Jennii/Fink, which I agreed to do.
Day 2: Our split worked, and Jennii/Fink were the noms. The consensus amongst the cast was to put up Rebel/Nikki for this round because they were too close. I forget the side talks and counters, but I know I locked in with the majority to do Rebel/Nikki.
Day 3: Fink survives the first poll, and Rebel/Jennii are nommed. I side with a group that was putting 2 big popularity threats up in Mike/Beast. This is where I started to draw some dislike by the cast, because I told Mike and Bryan that I was locking in their counters, but that was a lie.
Day 4: Rebel survives the poll. Mike/Beast successfully go up. Because of my lie to Mike and Beast that I admitted to, they decide to make me a target for the first time. I’m a part of a group that wanted cuuum nommed against Susan. Cuuum never said a word to me, so I wanted her gone. I received a bashing from Mike in the public chat, and I probably fought him too much but whatever. I contact Susan and capguy about splitting, and they tell me that they agree to split on cuuum/KingB (who was targeted to go up with me). I locked in cuuum, but not kingB, because I really liked him at the time.
Day 5: Beast survives the poll. I am nommed against cuuum, and am completely dumbfounded. I still don’t know exactly what happened there, but Susan later told me that asz was to blame. Oh well. I spent the round gathering support, and locked in a nomset of Susan/Kyle. I felt bad because Kyle was my original F2, but a friend of mine warned me that he makes multiple final 2’s, which I found to be true in this game as well.
Day 6: I survive the poll with a very comfortable cushion, and some of the cast and public is shocked at this! Susan and Kyle go up successfully, too. The plan this round was to get up capguy/lovelife, and I believe this was the first nomset that I was the architect of. I made the chat and got all the votes together. I couldn’t trust capguy at the time because of how sketch my nomination was, so this had to be done.
Day 7: Susan survives the poll, capguy/lovelife go up. This was the round where Susan revealed to me that people who I thought were allies were most definitely not; asz, smu, and suzie were using me as a puppet. So I orchestrated the noms of asz/smu, and went to bed pretty confident that it would go through.
Day 8: Lovelife survives, asz/smu are nommed. Only one problem with this scenario: asz and Susan are banned! The cast decided to assume they wouldn’t come back, and a good majority put up Susie/susan. No drama on this day.
Day 9: asz gets KILLED in the poll for being banned, Susie/susan are nommed. I got with a group to nom smu/rebel, and apart from suzie freaking out and leaking it, it was relatively drama free.
Day 10: Susan survives, my noms go through yet again. To this point, the only nomset I locked in that DIDN’T work was the round where I was nommed, just to show how in control I was. This is where the game got TRICKY, since everyone was paranoid as fuck. There were 2 nomsets proposed: Beast/Fink, and Susan/KingB. I decided to go with a split or Beast/Susan, because I didn’t want to nom Fink or KingB at the time, though no one really knew where my head was at on this one (on purpose).
Day 11: Rebel survives, the noms split on Fink/Susan, which apparently was because of Rebel, but I just found that out. Fink and KingB told me to nom Beast/Lovelife, and I gladly obliged. Not too much drama besides wondering WTF happened the last round.
Day 12: Fink survives, eliminating the last banned player. Our Beast/Lovelife noms go through also. Now there are 2 nomsets out there: A renom of beast with rebel, and Me/Fink . I didn’t have access to skype this day, so I was basically in the dark about what would happen.
Day 13: Beast survives and is renommed, unfortunately alongside yours truly. He mailed Fink and I that he was locking in Rebel/KingB, so Fink and I went with that. I worked my ass off to get support to beat one of the most popular players in the game, and did!
So here we are: Candyyland, Finklestein123, and ____. All 3 of us played phenominal games, and all deserve to win. I don’t want to brag about myself, so here’s what I have to say about the other 2:
After day 1, Fink was my closest and one true ally, and we took this game and made it ours. We controlled a huge portion of the game, and weren’t really vulnerable until the last couple of days. People feared going up against him in a poll for obvious reasons: he is one of the nicest people on the site and has earned every ounce of respect people give him. If its not me, then I hope its Fink who wins this!
KingB went unommed all the way until F4, but don’t assume it was because of his amazing gameplay, it was because he was extremely trustworthy. He didn’t make any big moves, he just made sure he was with the majority all game and did that damn well. There were times where I could’ve easily got him nommed, and times where he could’ve gotten me nommed. We shared a mutual trust that lasted nearly the entire game, and we sure worked that well! No one was going to let him go unnommed, though, that’s for sure.
The choice is yours Tengaged, and I would really appreciate the vote to win!!!


Good luck!
Sent by TheSexiestDude990,Feb 16, 2013
good luck, #TeamOrangeLevels
Sent by gritty,Feb 16, 2013
Go candyland #Dumbledore'sArmy
Sent by massgustavo95,Feb 16, 2013
Sent by massgustavo95,Feb 16, 2013
Sent by jharrin7887,Feb 16, 2013
U will lose
Sent by aidanmac22,Feb 16, 2013
Great job! :)
Sent by Ev32,Feb 16, 2013
i voted u to win but i thinkk youl get 2nd
Sent by top20fan33,Feb 16, 2013
all i read was "i was a sheep, then i started sheeping, then i was a sheep some more"
Sent by lemon5029,Feb 17, 2013
Good luck, I hope you win :)
Sent by Lakewood,Feb 17, 2013
voted for you!
Sent by cats3,Feb 17, 2013
you are sketchy period, notjeff
Sent by capguy1,Feb 17, 2013
Good luck
Sent by tinabeena,Feb 17, 2013
Voted for ya! GL!
Sent by SurvivorFan37,Feb 17, 2013
loll =].
Sent by MikeRORO,Feb 17, 2013
voted ya< 3
Sent by aes222aes,Feb 17, 2013
id rather have finkle win
Sent by Ilikebugs,Feb 17, 2013
I voted for you :)
Sent by LindseyPirtle,Feb 17, 2013
congrats :D
Sent by patriciasigmond,Feb 17, 2013
tl;dr :)
but gratz gurl
Sent by 1Mimi1,Feb 18, 2013

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