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Big Brother and Survivor online game.

Hello, my name is Mikami Florence

Hi there~ I am Mikami Florence.
And yes, I have trust issues. in life, and in game. Even so, I still care too much about people, that it leads me to my downfall.
Hey, won't tell you my real name.
I love men... And women. (recently, I discovered that.)
I'm kind when you're kind, I'm worse than Eric Cartman's imaginations if you dare to piss me off, and stab me in the back. Just say it front, and don't try to initiate crap, cuz I have screenshots baby, and I can upload it faster than your lies.

I love reading books from various genres; from fiction to romance to erotic novels to fantasy. I am an avid fan of the authors Sherrilyn Kenyon, Cassandra Clare, Rick Riordan, Michael Scott, John Flanagan and last but not the least, the books I've grown with, Geronimo Stilton book series.

I love watching the following:
Vampire Diaries
True Blood
Supernatural (avid fan since it's 1st season)

My hobbies are Cycling, badminton, yoga, tai-chi.

I am in a relationship with my dear friend in Sweden. It's hard to maintain such when he's halfway around the world, and we make it up by Skyping and he visits me every summer, for two weeks, for business and pleasure. and yes, my dear friend is 10 years older than me, since I'm into that. Don't judge.

I have been in different relationships before, none of which lasted, due to differences. (body compatibility was no problem) I hope this latest find of mine lasts.

Oh yeah, I have erratic and usually suicidal thoughts, needing companionship, but hoping that there are no attachments.

I have cow legs I'm trying to make it go away. huhu.
I am extremely loyal to my frat, and if I ever leave one, or if one of the members leave, it's open season for them.

I am helpful in Castings, I know THE Real secret on how algo works, especially in terms of calculating the winner, blocking, and refresh update. If you want to team up, stick with the conditions I tell you, and I'll make sure to help you get at least 2 keys.

I'm an old player here, but I forgot my old username and password so FML.
Skype: Mikano.Yuri
IN GAMES, I NEG PMs cuz My PMs get negged. If you want to talk privately, tell me that early and I'll tell you to Mail me.
I plus designs spammed by friends and Fratmates!
Extremely Loyal to a frat, and Frat first before game is my belief.

Hate list so far:
[x]Join a Fasting
[x]Join a Casting
[]Join a Frookie
[x]Join a Rookie
[x]Join Survivor
[]Join Hunger Games
[]Join Stars

[x]Win first in a Fasting
[x]Win first in a Casting
[]Win first in a Frookie
[]Win first in a Rookie
[]Merge in Survivor
[]Win first in Stars

[x]White Color - Nov. 26, 2012
[x]Yellow Color - December 4, 2012
[x]Orange Color - December 19, 2012
[x]Light Green Color - January 1, 2013
[x]Green Color - January 5, 2013
[x]Blue Color -January 5, 2013
[x]Purple Color - March 10, 2013
[x]Red Color - March 17, 2013
[]Brown Color
[]Black Color
[]Hundredth Game, I Would have a higher color than black.
Numbers: 1200 in 200 seconds
Deal or No Deal: 1,000,000
WoF: 19800 in 185 seconds
Words: 900 in 150 seconds
Match 3: 50000 in 200 seconds
Endurance: 1500 in 175 seconds
Guitar: 1200 in 175 seconds

Best Stats in castings:
1st: 15/100%/2199
2nd: 12/100%/3231
3rd: 10/100%/2033

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My Games 27 games played

9 Apr, 15
12 Mar, 15
8 Feb, 14
20 Apr, 13
11 Mar, 13
9 Mar, 13
7 Mar, 13

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