Big Brother and online Hunger games.


Mar 24, 2020 by C00LDUDE1000
and ill tell you if you could or could not be randomize

haliford - I see there is a good possibility that you are randomize. Perhaps you posted the blog "How many walls did you punch today?" to test the tengaged users to find out how angry they are that YOU, randomize, aren't making changes to the website.

turkeylover - not a chance. we all know the real randomize has something against full avatars; its his pet peeve.

lifeiscool - its possible, but not likely. your avatar seems like it could be said 'Carlos Fernandez' but I just don't see said 'Carlos Fernandez' thinking that life is cool.

livvieboo12 - I think there is a good chance you are randomize. it seems like you are involved in a lot of drama and a lot of people here know who you are so it wouldn't surprise me if you were randomize

survivor8 - its possible, you have the perfect username: *insert reality TV show that the website has a game on**insert random number 0-9*

kindred7 - I think it is almost certain that you are THE Carlos Fernandez. You only joined the website last year and already seemingly mastered the games here. This cant just simply be by chance! on top of that, you have a very unsuspecting username. In addition, you are around the blogs page constantly, looking for new users to ban when the right time comes.


How fun and mysterious! HF
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Solid theory you got my respect
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