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  1. Bernie 2020 馃槑馃槑馃槑馃槑馃槑
  2. Oh how I love
  3. I demand you to watch this video
  4. Does anyone know how to
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  6. Join SURVIVOR!
  7. Hi! I鈥檓 Bob and I鈥檓 here to WIN!
  8. My dad is crazy
  9. Rate my avi 1-10
  10. Ugh wow I鈥檓 so old :/
  11. I am READY to play some FASTINGS
  12. Ngl
  13. Lmaooooo
  14. No title
  15. Guess it really helps
  16. Idk why but recently
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  18. Mr. Nightmare
  19. Now this guy knows what鈥檚 up
  20. I don鈥檛 eat kangaroos
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  23. Honestly I hate
  24. Guess my stars %
  25. I made it to top 4 in stars
  26. Good morning <3
  27. Oh no :///
  28. We must REVOLT!
  29. Guess my stars %
  30. Yesterday
  31. Guess my stars %
  32. How Stars Enrollment Should Work
  33. I just LOVE being nommed in stars!
  34. Wow!
  36. Is survivor on rn?
  37. No title
  38. Idgi
  39. Stars is the Tilted Towers of Tengaged
  40. Around ____ People Vote


Feb 19, 2019 by C00LDUDE1000
i remember this one time i was playing tennis with this guy who was an absolute trump sheep. like you could barely hold a conversation with this guy. When played tennis with and/or against him he would praise trump every changeover. he seems like the kind of guy who would be a pedophile tbh. so this one time (when i was probably 12) he asked me if i could vote and if i was voting trump in the 2016 election. i just said no. he LEGITIMATELY thought i could vote. A TWELVE YEAR OLD. oof.


I hate people who act like trump is their dear leader and savior
just like the Reich with hitler.
Sent by Memphis_Grizzlies,Feb 19, 2019

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