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Hamas just be killing

Nov 24, 2023 by Brayden_
imagewhite people for the sake of killing them though. like that white woman they raped and killed, then strapped the corpse to their vehicle and drove around town - she was a German bittie just trying to enjoy a music festival smh

they see white and turn red or something. on some death to America bs or something

then gays and libs be like “ha, that’s what religious followers get for their years of oppression against women and queers!”

i just had no idea Islam was so accepting of women and queers, or are we only judging the majority white religions ahh??


i think the conversation depends entirely where you are from.

White people in America arent racially oppressed, and are virtually the only ones injecting religion into legislation.

Countries governed by Islam are obviously the least advanced & most barbaric around the globe.

Religion is oppressive by nature. Any attempt to combine religion with government should be stopped at all costs. Thats why we dont focus on the Muslims here in America. But we should have the same energy for all religions & countries under religious rule.
Sent by BenjaminB,Nov 24, 2023
ok this is your most logically sound comment ever benjaminb
Sent by Brayden_,Nov 24, 2023
funny how are you gonna sit here and act like it was a targeted attack on jews wtf

they targeted those living in israel, it just so happens that its jews that r doing settler colonialism in israel so theyre the ones in the crossfire, you act like hamas hating jews isnt cuz theyre the ones opressing palestine in the first place?? hamas would hate christians if it were christians doing this to them but its NOT
Sent by SomebodyAwesome,Nov 24, 202
Sent by Funny,Nov 24, 2023
Brayden_ i do think its bullshit when people dont want to condemn Islam in middle-eastern countries that are under Sharia Law, otherwise we are "islamophobic". If we continue to ignore it, it could become a problem here like its already starting to in Canada. I saw some of the women protesting LGBT in Canada.... like idk who told them they could have an opinion on this ESPECIALLY when they can barely drive in their home countries. If it was up to their religion or home countries, they wouldnt be deciding anything. Its because of the separation of religion & state- that they can say/do these things.
Sent by BenjaminB,Nov 24, 2023
All lives matter
Sent by Crayadian,Nov 24, 2023

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