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☆ Stars 90 ☆

4thAug 7, 2010 by BlueStar
imageWhat a crazy crazy week.. by far the hardest Stars game Iv ever played.. Iv played 5 Stars games now, starting with the very first newbie stars leading to this one, and when I didn't get in All Stars, I admit I was abit gutted.. So I felt like I had to prove myself... and I think I definatly did.

Sooo many people planned to join this stars so I was shocked to make it in, but glad to see a few faces I knew I could trust and rely on. Chats were made pretty quickly and nominations were decided. Pretty much all the cast were going to nominate Robby and Robbster for 16th, I decided I wasn't happy to be part of such a massive group nomming the same way so me and a few others took control and we changed it around. :') My first big move.

Everyday there was complaints of flipping, I don't believe that was the case, there was so many cross alliances and deals flying around, things just literally changed up daily. I believe I played a very smart and strategic game, I gained trust from alot of people and managed to keep that up til the end.

SHOCKING NOMS :O.... well actually, only 2 sets of noms were shocking to me. My own vs TP, and Ryatur vs Robbster. Every other day, I was behind the nominations.

I know that we created a flavour, which wasn't smart but sometimes it had to be done to keep myself safe, I'm so proud to have gone up for 11th and then went unnommed for the rest of the game.. I don't think anyone expected I could do that.

My cast :
Tina - We didn't even talk lol, Sorry you went so early, you seem lovely and it's a shame we didnt get to talk more
Sprtsguy - Same with Tina, we didn't really talk other than the first night heyy on skype. You'r eviction was a shocker to us all, It looked like you was staying.
Ryatur - When I lost you I thought I was fucked, I knew that no matter what I could rely on you :( You're an amazing stars player but we just can't ever join together.. ILY so much
Drench - I believe that you were framed for the Ryan nom :( I'm sorry that you left, tuhtles <333
haribo - I never knew what you were gettin up to really, I sense you were a lil bit lost in your first stars and I wish I woulda tried to work with you more
TP - Being against you was just AWFUL :( worst thing they coulda done but clever on their part.. we said in our speeches whoever stayed would kick ass, and I did it!! luv uuuu
Robbster - I think that you were loyal to me and I appreciate it, either way you're so sweet and I'm glad we got to talk more in this.
Mac - WOWWWWWWWWWWWWW! You are an underestimated stars player but I think you go too far and you get caught, and when you do get caught you don't have the balls to own up. You did deserve to stay over Devin tho.
Dav - Not talking to you that day is one of my biggest regret, You're one of my fave ppl on here and it was shitty going against you someone told me you nommed me and I was hurt. You really are a legendary stars player and you deserve all the credit people give you. Ily my Jacques buddy! Lets listen to some Olly Murs to calm the nerves!
Ron - You played great, I honestly never knew what you were up too and that worked well for you cause you was the last one nommed, You should have stayed cause you played the better game but either way I was glad to get to know you <3
Riders - Our second stars together but this time we teamed up and we pulled a good few moves, You're an awesome kid and I hope we stay in touch
Lizard - Well no one would have expected me and you to not target eachother would they? You were rarely online, and as far as I knew you just did what we told you. Gotta give you credit tho, that got you to the final 5!
Matty - You were really difficult the entire time, You seemed sneaky from day 1 and I couldnt trust you at all. You're a nice guy and everything and you won the public over this week so congrats on being a flavour.
Robby - You're one person who I really wanna continue talking too.. We got so excited when we come up with our plans and we really did get smart near the end, made a great team and I'm sorry that I didn't take you as my final 2. You're a fab player and an amazing guy, Ily
Frozen - our 2nd stars together but this time we got it right, we made finals together!! You're so loyal and generally such a nice person, Im sorry I was such a bitch with you for so long lol.. but at least we smoothed things out now, GL

Dammmm that was long!! I hope I can get you're vote to win, I truly think I played a great game and would be a very deserving winner. <333 thank you to everyone who read this and voted!

Good luck guys!

A massive thank you to all my friends who listened to me moan all week!! The tuhtles <3333 Chez <333 2cool <3333 Andy <3333 Alegeeter <333


Sent by donaam,Aug 7, 2010
g'luck Kez :D
Sent by Frozen,Aug 7, 2010
awwww, first plus :') so proud, u deserve to win
Sent by ryatur20,Aug 7, 2010
U deserve it!<3
Sent by dreambabe01,Aug 7, 2010
awee goodluck ;)
Sent by Viola,Aug 7, 2010
Hope you win
Sent by Lindz,Aug 7, 2010
Sent by Robbster1313,Aug 7, 2010
I KNEW I could rely on you to kick fricking ass in there for me.
I love you, you fully deserve to win. VOTE KEZ, PPLZ!
Sent by PrincessTeePee,Aug 7, 2010
Still love you, how long ago was that picture taken?? Looks nothing like you :D
Sent by FrOntIeRpSyChIaTrIsT,Aug 7, 2010
Good luck Kez! It is indeed too bad we didn't get to talk...I think you would have been a great ally. Congrats!
Sent by tinabeena,Aug 7, 2010
btw...if you want to add me on skype it's tinabeenapj:)
Sent by tinabeena,Aug 7, 2010
GL KEZ! <3
Sent by rdesch1,Aug 7, 2010
Sent by andychuck08,Aug 7, 2010
ily. <3
Sent by AlphaBravo,Aug 7, 2010
Gl Kez ily <3
Sent by jtotalturtle,Aug 7, 2010
Good luck love<33 you've proved us manc girls are smarter than people think :P
Sent by lonlee,Aug 7, 2010
voted for kezlala <3
Sent by blazeofglory,Aug 7, 2010
<3 luvsu
Sent by 2cool4school,Aug 7, 2010
Sent by Phenomanimal,Aug 7, 2010
Sent by Willis,Aug 8, 2010
Sent by Shane,Aug 8, 2010
GL :)
Sent by AntNikiaBonnie,Aug 8, 2010
good luck kez!!! :)
Sent by tommyg,Aug 8, 2010
If you moaned, it wasn't because of the stars game :)
Pleasure listening to you complain
Sent by Alegeeter,Aug 8, 2010
best of luck kezza +4
Sent by pok3rf4ce,Aug 8, 2010
luvs u
Sent by Emmaleigh,Aug 8, 2010
<3 love you kez, congrats!
Sent by LadyDavie,Aug 8, 2010

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