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Big Brother and online Hunger games.

I had no idea

Dec 2, 2021 by BlueBarracuda

Someone pretended to be me on here. For 3 years, even. LOL.

RIP #LadyQ

Sorry LiteCitrus, Olympia, mahogany, lemonsalsa, konohavillage1, and many others for the way they treated you.

"See people would care about your opinion LadyQ if you were actually LaQuawnda and not impersonating her. ROFL Sad" - LiteCitrus

1) I am not impersonating myself. That would be mad.
2) You were NEVER close to me, so I like how all of a sudden during my absence you became an expert and authority on myself. Good to know.
3) What's sad is you still obsessed with me despite me not directly speaking to you in years.
4) Just because you deny the truth doesn't make my statements any less relevant or worthy of consumption - good to know you condone said behaviors mentioned in my blog.

You're not worth my time LiteCitrus. Never were. Never will be. Keep on pretending I am an impersonator because I really don't care if you think I am an impersonator because your validation nor anyone else's doesn't matter. I know the truth and it's quite hilarious quite frankly.
Sent by LadyQ,Oct 7, 2013


I miss her with every day that passes
Sent by peace123,Dec 2, 2021
Oh rip I was fooled
Sent by konohavillage1,Dec 3, 2021

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