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Big Brother and online Hunger games.


Jul 30, 2022 by BbDamian
This is already a difficult cast to play with.
Pre-existing friendships, popularity threats, and unmanageable players…


Sent by Kaylabby,Jul 30, 2022
ok ive been gone for too long clearly bc I was thinking it looked kind of chill
Sent by Honalulue,Jul 30, 2022
Sent by Eilish,Jul 30, 2022
That’s why we should join together but don’t tell anyone
Sent by moup94,Jul 30, 2022
I guess it also depends on your relationships too Honalulue
Sent by BbDamian,Jul 30, 2022
if u could lemme know tahtd be cool
Sent by lionsden121,Jul 30, 2022

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