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Chocolate rollover

Jun 18, 2009 by Ashbabez
Mars or Snickers

Pick your favourite...

And we shall see who wins the overall chocolate bar favourite



Sent by Tom8478,Jun 18, 2009
Twix !
Sent by SummerLilly,Jun 18, 2009
I know I dont like snickers but I forgot what a Mars bar was.
Sent by Meekah,Jun 18, 2009
its like marshmallowy stuff on top, caramel on bottom covered in chocolate meekah
Sent by Ashbabez,Jun 18, 2009
Sent by Zacharyy,Jun 18, 2009
Bounty =]
I used to hate them, but now they ROCK!
Sent by doodyful,Jun 18, 2009

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