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castings launch party!!

Jun 13, 2009 by Ashbabez
Ok, we are having a party for our casting game starting tonyt and we dnt know what our theme should be!
Looking for loads of suggestions because there are people that have never played on tengaged before, and we want to make it a special welcome.
Please comment and let us know what u think :):)


tengaged celebs (HOF)???
plussed can u return the favour please
Sent by itsmeagain000,Jun 13, 2009
Sent by Buddyalc,Jun 13, 2009
thank you :):)
Sent by Ashbabez,Jun 13, 2009
Sent by MadisonBleu,Jun 13, 2009
Plussed :)
Sent by krrlm,Jun 13, 2009
Sent by alw2626,Jun 13, 2009
we had an end of the game party
we just played youtube videos, dressed up lol, and we gave out awards for categories like quietest funniest smartest
maybe you guys could do most likely to categories
idk have fun with it!
Sent by kcdavis,Jun 13, 2009
aww thats an amazin idea!! Thank you!!!
Sent by Ashbabez,Jun 13, 2009

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