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Jun 16, 2009 by Ashbabez
imageIm ttly loving bbuk just now and i thought last nyts show was awsome

Halfwitt ttly fell for the "hide and seek" joke where charlie and kris decided to make him hide and then leave him there for half an hour...

Big brother decided to make housemates dance around, in a pot, dressed as daffodils for 3 and a half hours...

Sree got stripped in the pool, and was a bit creepy/sweet over noirin (depends on ur own opinion...

Dogface and Kris were accused of having a fake relationship...

and so lets wait for tonyt's installment, who cant wait now????


I'm sorry but who could possibly think Sree was sweet. He was incredibly creepy. Poor Noirin!
Sent by Emma,Jun 16, 2009
yeah thats what i thought
Sent by Ashbabez,Jun 16, 2009
i think that sree was really possesive and that you can so tell that nourin doesnt really like him, but nourin is too sweet to say anything, i love kris and dogface together all though it might be fake, i think that dogface has really fallen for kris but to kris it seems like a holiday romance, poor dogface(sophie)   CHARLIE TO WIN!!!! :D   sorry for the essay
Sent by bethyxx,Jun 16, 2009
i felt sorry for halfwit even though he is so annoying
daffodils lol, random
sree - CREEPY
noirin - annoying
dogface and kris - as fake as her boobs
Sent by WarriorInWoolworths,Jun 16, 2009

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