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People who hate Chrissy

Dec 8, 2017 by Ari_
hate their moms. Stop underestimate the older women, they are people like everyone else and deserve to be let to play with all their power. Ofc, she will be cocky if she want, she make it super far and controled most of the game, when most of moms are voted off first, because they r moms! Stop hating on moms, without them u will never be born, fucktards. The skinny 20s chicks are not better than the person who give birth, raising children and work. You must be very proud of Chrissy, she did it! She beat a lot of young men and women, she is not women hater, she is a real woman, what women are 20s girls who have no husband, no family, no children yet??? She deserve to have this 1 time life expirience and to play it with all her power, because then she will be back to her family, to her normal life and job and that expirience will never come back, but she will not complain, that's her life and she love it and deserve admirations for it! Love your moms, they did everything for you!


I don't care that Chrissy is playing the game that's what's she supposed to do but what's annoying is when someone in the game goes against her she acts like a victim
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Sent by Katherinee_,Dec 8, 2017

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