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  1. I'm probably too distrustful
  2. Prob unpopular opinion
  3. Hi
  4. Someone have that gif
  5. I'm starting to lose brain cells
  6. These spam messages
  7. I always say
  8. Try again
  9. Imagine
  10. Imagine
  11. I hope James will come back
  12. Is Chelsea getting some screem time this ep?
  13. Thank u for the gift
  14. What did Staphanie so everyone like her?
  15. Which Eurovision song u replay the most?
  16. The rest of Survivor Pre-Jury
  17. Multis are working tirelessly
  18. All these waves
  19. Libby got the credit
  20. I'm so glad
  21. I find it super cringe
  22. Porn stars
  23. I feel bad
  24. I wanted to make a chart
  25. I make a little fan video
  26. Gonzalez
  27. Since Gonzalez
  28. Someone who watched Survivor
  29. We know couple things for brazilians
  30. The only reason
  31. I didn't farm 2 months my ts to buy for
  32. Yikes
  33. I have 1k
  34. Me when
  35. Gonzalez
  36. Yay
  37. Years later
  38. I have always being shoocked
  39. Do u like my avi
  40. Americans are selfish

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I'm probably too distrustfulvote Apr 19, 2018
but I don't really feel safe betting on this charity
How do u feel about it, do u think the cast is honest and will follow the rules?
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Prob unpopular opinion Apr 19, 2018
but I find Kelly, Des and Chels super fun to watch. The naviti women alliance is my fave and yeah, I don't like Dom(Ben wanna be), Wend, Laurel (sheeping to the end, just to be a ftc goat) and Dona (yuck, I can't even listen when he start talking). The rest are just fine, oh yeah I love Jenna aswell. #Survivor
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Hi Apr 16, 2018
Points: 30 2 comments
Someone have that gif Apr 16, 2018
of a Big Brother girl dancing and escaping league of legends ults?
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I'm starting to lose brain cells Apr 15, 2018
with all these pointless rankings around.
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These spam messages Apr 4, 2018
with pointless content, really start to piss me off, like spamming designs is not enough. And the most annoying part is that everyday different multi send u this shit, so u can't just filter it. Randomize do something finally, please.
Points: 25 2 comments