Big Brother and online Hunger games.


7thNov 23, 2019 by AntonB
I’d love to know why you’re so obsessed with hacking my account and spending all my T$.


Sent by MmabatlokoaMolefe,Nov 23, 2019
MmabatlokoaMolefe It's very obv hon :( you have alot of anom gifter...
Sent by systrix,Nov 23, 2019
just stop doing it I can't believe how well Anton is even handeling this - If it was me I would UNLEASH MY WRATH ON YOU
Sent by Kevin0621,Nov 23, 2019
Sent by TaraG,Nov 23, 2019
Its also really obvious that you're a man, Systrix. But keep on keeping on little boy.
Sent by LawyerAnne,Nov 23, 2019
te pasa por tramposo
Sent by modesto,Nov 23, 2019
nice try hon lol I dont even know you LawyerAnne
Sent by systrix,Nov 24, 2019

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