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Olivia Rodrigo breaks Spotify record Jan 12, 2021
Her song “Drivers License” gains 11 million streams in one day having the highest single day streams for a non-holiday song in history
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Happy New Year!!!! Jan 1, 2021
Hoping 2021 will be much better than the shitshow of 2020.
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Are images not loading on desktops?? Dec 27, 2020
On my imac, alot of images on TG like the plus/neg button and the messages/chat number deisgns aren't loading. It's loading perfectly well though on my phone.

Is this happening for anyone else?
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Happy Holidays TG!! Dec 25, 2020
Hope everyone's having an amazing day today
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Posted my first YT cover video Dec 17, 2020

Recorded this last year but finally felt like finally posting it now.
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Up for 9th in Stars Nov 18, 2020
Give me a damn break already lmao
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