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Nicki Minaj has earned her first #1 May 12, 2020
with her feature on Doja Cat's "Say So"
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Mobile TG has been weird today May 10, 2020
- Half the time I try to press the nominate button, it will not select it even as I touch the screen numerous times.
- So much lag for no reason whatsoever
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I haven't been out of my house May 9, 2020
For 61 days now to hopefully lessen the risks of contacting the virus and you're telling me some people are really gonna try going out to meet TG users during this pandemic???

Some people can't even see their families or are alone in a different country right now yet some people think it's cool to roam around? Yikes.
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More multi reports May 8, 2020
Randomize do your job for once please
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Anyone wants to join a casting? May 8, 2020
10 spots left
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Rina Sawayama is amazing May 7, 2020
Listened to her album and it’s so good 🙌🏼

EDIT. Grammys better give her some recognition
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