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Can anyone

May 7, 2015 by AlextheGod
give me some new apps to download. IPhone 5, something fun pls!

or good music, something new to do :DD



what kind of music are you into?

and for apps I recommend Plants vs Zombies or Commute :)
Sent by gravy,May 7, 2015
Get Snapchat/Kik :)
Sent by TheSexiestDude990,May 7, 2015
Gravy I will give pretty much anything a try. Not into country that much, but some songs I like. I have plants vs zombies, pretty fun! I'll check out the other one, thanks!

TheSexiestDude990 I meant games :P
Sent by AlextheGod,May 7, 2015
I suggest Chance the Rapper, all of his acid rap mixtape if you're into rap/rhyming whatever

I love the song Geronimo by Sheppard, it's just catchy lol.

If you like more sing-song things then I suggest A Great Big World's album, it's really good and they have some fantastic songs (Already Home, This is the New Year, Everyone Is Gay)
Sent by gravy,May 7, 2015
Sent by gravy,May 7, 2015
Gravy omg listening to Geronimo now on repeat! That's hilarious...

Thanks for all the suggestions :D
Sent by AlextheGod,May 7, 2015

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