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I would rank the BB17 HG

Sep 22, 2015 by AlextheGod
but it would get negged -1000 cuz Becky would be last.....sorry not sorry


neg cuz ur opinion is disgusting. putting scum like steve, jason, austin, and JACE above her...fuck u
Sent by CarsonWorld,Sep 22, 2015
Becky was overrated
Sent by titanium162,Sep 22, 2015
titanium162 right? She won 1 HOH and couldn't even take out her target when she was secured the votes... pretty bad gameplay to me
Sent by AlextheGod,Sep 22, 2015
I never liked Becky
Sent by Dannny,Sep 22, 2015
I blog all the time that Becky sucks AlexTheGod. You will be negged hard XD Tengaged is crazy.
Sent by ChilltownBB7,Sep 22, 2015
ChilltownBB7 ik people are crazy. I mean I happen to like Jackie, but I'd be scared for my life on here if I didn't like her for whatever reason. Its like no one can have a different opinion here. I happen to love the twins, but no one else does.
Sent by AlextheGod,Sep 22, 2015

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