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7thMay 7, 2019 by Absol
im bored af and possibly under the influence so why not x
1. GRASS - easily the best set of pokemon overall, has a lot of different styles of pokemon with consistently fun and fresh ideas. technically i wouldn't put them very high, but they are easily my personal favorite, with such icons as jumpluff, roserade, cherrim, whimsicott, lilligant, tsareena, and basically every grass type starter, how can you not love them?
2. GHOST - honestly one of the most irrelevant types, but i still stan. ghost types are again a personal favorite, while also being a pretty strong and flexible type. lots of very iconic pokemon are ghost types and i almost always try and catch one during playthroughs.
3. POISON - soooo fucking underrated. poison types are almost all complete icons, and poison is probably my favorite (not the best) defensive type. if you don't have a poison type pokemon with toxic, get you one. love yourself.
4. PSYCHIC - how could they not be high on this list? psychic has always been ridiculously strong and they continue to be legends. recently, i feel psychic types have been a lot more broadened in terms of interesting design. there's a psychic type pokemon out there for everyone and i almost always use one.
5. WATER - water types are just too prolific to not be a memorable/iconic type. pokemon loves their water areas, and the best gens (hoenn) have plenty of fun and interesting water types. also very iconic in terms of starters and a very good type both offensively and defensively. bigdizzleyomama would agree but he will call me fake for putting them so high.
6. DRAGON - dragon types are iconic as fuck. while the TYPE isn't necessarily appealing, there's so many overpowered/fierce dragon pokemon that i can't not stan. i wish they had a few more quirks in terms of type interactions, but there's basically no bad dragon types whether you look at it from a design perspective or a power perspective.
7. GROUND - maybe it will be controversial to put ground type high. that being said, i feel ground type is probably one of the best types from a strategic standpoint, with lots of really good moves and being pretty strong offensively/defensively. there's a lot of interesting designs, and i also love a lot of ground type pokemon so i admit i'm a little biased here. #justiceforkrookodile #andflygon #andsandslash
8. STEEL - out of the types that have been added to the game, steel is easily my favorite in that respect. i love how ridiculously broken steel types are defensively. i used to hate that shit but... if you can't beat em, join em. steel types are ridiculously strong in casual or competitive play and i love using them. also plenty of interesting designs here, even if most steel type users are gamebots (i said it, fuck steven stone).
9. FLYING - i would try and put flying type higher, but so many flying types are just basic bird pokemon. the best flying types are the ones that aren't just birds, though. once you break away from the run of the mill bird pokemon, you see how fun and interesting the flying type is to use. has some ridiculous interactions that make no sense that can't be ignored, and you can't not use a flying type unless u hate urself and don't want to use fly to get around.
10. ICE - ooh, that's cold. i like ice types and find them to be really fun to use occasionally, but i rank them very low in a technical sense. they're easily the worst type defensively and i don't feel they make up for it offensively. the best thing about ice-types is the design of a lot of them.
11. BUG - honestly such a random type LOL. bug types were honestly completely gutted for 3 whole gens before they realized "hey almost every bug type pokemon is garbage" and then they gave those hoes some love with fresh new moves and a few bug types that actually have some solid stat lines. although bug types have always kind of been bottom of the barrel, there's a lot of room for interesting designs and concepts.
12. NORMAL - if i had made this list maybe a year ago, i would have probably put normal types much lower. normal types are generally associated with very basic pokemon but i don't consider that a bad thing. i feel like normal types are often overlooked but a lot of them have huge amounts of flexibility due to being normal types, and i consider that a very good thing.
13. FAIRY - maybe this will be a robbery to some, but i haven't gotten enough experience with fairy types compared to other types. they kind of feel like more of an effort to balance the broken types than anything.
14. DARK - DARK TYPE POKEMON WANNA BE GHOST TYPES SO BAD... STOP STEALING HER JUSH. i dont really have an issue with dark types outside of that, but its probably my least favorite type out of all the additional types that weren't originally there in gen 1. i have a few favorites in terms of dark types, but the type itself is kinda meh. (yes i know my username is absol and absol is a dark type, i am no longer an edgy boy kthx)
15. FIRE - easily my least favorite of the starter types, but that doesn't necessarily mean they're bad. fire is a ridiculously good attacking type and they can be very fun to use in certain situations. i just don't find many fire type pokemon fun to use and i feel fire moves generally work better in terms of coverage than they do as using a fire type outright.
16. FIGHTING - another type that falls into the category of "not a standout to me, but not technically bad either". fighting types are also pretty good offensively while not being super weak otherwise, but i just don't find many fighting types appealing. (stan mienshao tho thats a legend)
17. ELECTRIC - i dont really have a HUGE issue with electric types, there's plenty of iconic pokemon. i just feel that electric types have so few interactions. unlike normal type tho, they have a much more interesting concept that i don't feel is ever completely utilized due to this.
18. ROCK - literally just a worse version of ground/steel types... sorry, there is nothing attractive about rock type pokemon except maybe like fossil pokemon cuz those are queens. if u love rock types idk what to tell you. get taste or quit pokemon.

questions? comments? i worked hard on this so if yall read it u better plus
opinions are welcomed and encouraged, but not valued. make ur own list if u disagree, this one is mine!


Grass is totally #1, agreed
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My Ranking of the Types:  Water > Dragon > Normal > Electric > Fighting > Fairy > Flying > Psychic > Fire > Ground > Dark > Ice > Ghost > Rock > Steel > Grass > Poison >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> Bug
Sent by Boots22,May 7, 2019
Grass being one is totally correct, also your specific inclusions of Jumpluff (My all time favorite Pokemon) and Whimsicott were spot on
Sent by HaliFord,May 7, 2019
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spilling tea with #1

My top 5 are Grass Psychic Flying Dark Fairy
Sent by BluJay112,May 7, 2019
Ice robbed
Sent by Neleh,May 7, 2019

my personal fave go

Sent by koolness234,May 7, 2019

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