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Post Your Name - New Year Thoughts

17thJan 1, 2018 by A_La_Fac
For a honest opinion....or first impression if I do not know of you. #NoOffense
Philip13 , I feel like you would be the type of person to backstab a friend over a frooks.
Ethan000 , I feel like you are that said friend that would get backstabbed, and be ok with it.
Dakotacoons ,I feel like I would like you more if you did not associate yourself with such mean spirited people on here.
Youndandreckless , I feel like you follow more than you lead. I enjoy your presence though.
bowkane , I feel like you have lost your edge and play games without much umph anymore. Also, I am shocked you have multis....
Robozoe , I have always found you to be funny. Which is a big change from the trash I usually see on here.
skyler1822 , I know I have been in games with you before. I feel like no matter how much I like you, I find you to be untrustworthy in games lol
Darbe , I have a feeling you are attractive. I also think that you probably have a multi or two on this site.
YasGaga , I feel like you should step out more as a leader. You have a kind heart.
MickieJames22 , you have the potential to be such an awesome player on here, I just feel like you are seen as someone untrustworthy in games too. I think you are awesome though from the one game I played with you.


Sent by Philip13,Jan 1, 2018
Sorry for caps
Sent by Philip13,Jan 1, 2018
Yeah probably I can’t argue against that. But if they were a true friend I would tell them before I backstab them
Sent by Philip13,Jan 1, 2018
Sent by Ethan000,Jan 1, 2018
Sent by DakotaCoons,Jan 1, 2018
Sure :s
Sent by YoundAndReckless,Jan 1, 2018
Sent by bowkane,Jan 1, 2018
Sent by RoboZoe,Jan 1, 2018
Sent by skyler1822,Jan 1, 2018
Sent by Darbe,Jan 1, 2018
Sent by YasGaga,Jan 2, 2018
Sent by Mickiejames22,Jan 2, 2018
Sent by Hisoka,Jan 2, 2018

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