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PYN Jun 11, 2024
And I will tell you my least favorite person on your first page of friends.
I am very tipsy and could give two fucks who I offend.

survivorfan12 your first page of friends is actually awful. But there is something about joe001 that I find repulsive.

Taragold00 also alot of gutterbutts on your first page. Probably Park because he is the most annoying in frookies.

PrincessKandi2014 your first page is not that bad. Probably Dimitria by default that their top friend is FentanylMania.

Bomberv I know who think it will be but I would say Koolness. By far was the worst moderator TG had. Biased and Bitter.

Systrix def Opulence. A cunt through and through.

Yoder this is why we are friends, I love your first page. I would also say Dimitria.

xyris ...def Sebbers , jkjk. @Soccersjs because he use to ruthless  bully me.

Moup94 ....probably PenguinOwen because he is insufferable to play stars with

Marieeve def The_Kid pompous asshole and the fact that he brags about using multis to get him to his karma level is probably most pathetic.
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The Bussycat Dolls Jun 9, 2024
Is literally a bunch of tatted bearded guys....and then you have me...Blonde Twink.
My frat is def how I live out my real life lol
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Am I? Jun 9, 2024
A weak bottom?
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Rewatching BB6 Jun 9, 2024
And as much as I love Janelle/Kaysar, Rachel was probably the most important player in that alliance. She did know how to calm Howie down and keep it together. I think she was very underrated.
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Now I Might Be A C*nt Jun 6, 2024
To some people who do not deserve it.
But one thing I will stand by is you must be a BIG loser to openly be proud of the fact that you used multiple accounts to get a majority of the wins that you have.
The_Kid that is genuinely like loser shit.
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There is Reason I Rarely Join Jun 6, 2024
Castings anymore. I have learned I don't care where you are from or like asking how you are doing every other hour. Like stop speaking and just sit and look for keys babes.
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