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Late Night Stars Support Jul 4, 2020
This seems like a really interesting and fresh Stars cast. Lots to support and only like 2 to happily evict!

Supporting Fully:

Pretty much anyone but Braden and 3pi at this point. But my vote is so insignifcant anyways! Have a good night!
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Not that anyone cares Jun 16, 2020
But Survivor is the most dumb game on this site.
I literally just got swept 10-0 because half my tribe was the multis of several Brazil users, and the other half were friends of the other 5 who didn’t care to do the challenges. I legit did every challenge (sometimes the only one). It’s sad that the multi users and my so called “friends” cared more about 40K then playing fair. Doing what most of you wanted and taking a break forever from games. randomize can you actually fix your site. Thanks.
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I am Curious Tengaged... Jun 1, 2020
Please let me know if I am wrong in thinking this, because my opinion is probably a bit one sided. If a straight, white male on this site has some friends who have consistently made derrogatory comments towards minoritized groups on this site, and said straight white male does not condemn those actions....are they apart of the issue? I have always grown up believing if you are silent about an issue, you are contributing to the problem. This is just an overarching question.
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In the Last 24 Hours Jun 1, 2020
Someone on this site has repeatedly used homophobic language toward me and threatened harm on my life. Say what you want about me, but the fact that someone can still stoop that low after being on this site for 10 years with everything going on is a bit sad. Randomize, is your report system a joke to you, or do you want to continue inciting hate on your site? Just curious.
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Can the Rest of Josh's Friends May 31, 2020
Please join frookies so I can take my 13th and call it a night?

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Did I Break Frookies? May 31, 2020
No one wants to join :(
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