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  1. You THINK you know, but you have no idea.....
  2. You dont know my life
  3. I also wanna blog about it getting cold
  4. Stars Support
  5. I love watching Family Feud
  6. I wanna announce that
  7. Highlight of my Winter break
  9. Happy New Year!!!
  10. I dont know if anyone here still remembers me
  11. Is it still okay to whip my hair back n forth?
  12. Yay! I can see all folks who have gifted me!
  13. Dont make me close one more door
  14. Nature is buggin me today
  15. Enjoy smelling my poop BITCHES!
  16. I'm loving this webseries
  17. We're taking over
  18. Yea I still got that pic LiteCitrus
  19. I miss sokerdude7
  20. little debbie nutty bars
  21. started from the bottom
  22. blah blah canceled show blah
  23. Can't wait to get some doughnuts tomorrow
  24. Okay so I left my frat
  25. i dont know what to blog
  26. My attempt to dance for
  27. Can I try for a shop now?
  28. Won my first castings in over a year!
  29. Once Upon A Time
  30. What do vegan zombies eat?
  31. I wish I had a professional makeup stylist
  32. Wishing & Hoping & Praying!
  33. This seems like the stupidest prank
  34. I Love the Rugrats yall
  35. anybody wanna wear this?
  36. Does this sound gentleman like to you?
  37. lalalala a black soccer mom
  38. A Goodnight Tengaged Blog
  39. Any Degrassi Fans in the House?!
  40. Do people actually like fast food fish?


Dec 18, 2010 by 2008girl
cuz he dont blog...


i dont care
Sent by _Kaly9012,Dec 18, 2010

Thoughts incoming.
Sent by Fritzyyyyy,Dec 18, 2010
A ghetto love is the law that we live by. Day by day I wonder why my shorty had to die. I reminisce over my ghetto princess everydayyyyy.
Sent by Fritzyyyyy,Dec 18, 2010
Jessica, you are by far the sweetest person that I've come across on here. Rarely do you find someone with such swag and a heart of gold to go along with it. I admire how personable and kind you are to everyone, your impeccable taste in music, and your amazing sense of humor. Mama raised you right. <3

Sent by Fritzyyyyy,Dec 18, 2010
fritzzen ily so much rite now
Sent by 2008girl,Dec 18, 2010
For real girl, it's me in your world, believe me
Nuttin make a man feel better than a woman
Queen with a crown that be down for whatever
There are few things that's forever, my lady
We can make war or make babies
Back when I was nothin
You made a brother feel like he was somethin
That's why I'm with you to this day boo no frontin
Even when the skies were gray
You would rub me on my back and say "Baby it'll be okay"
Now that's real to a brother like me baby
Never ever give my cootie away and keep it tight aight
And I'ma walk these dogs so we can live
In a fat ass crib with thousands of kids
Word life you don't need a ring to be my wife
Just be there for me and I'ma make sure we
Be livin in the effin lap of luxury
I'm realizing that you didn't have to funk wit me
But you did, now I'm going all out kid
And I got mad love to give, you my negga
Sent by Fritzyyyyy,Dec 18, 2010
See what I did to the last part? I'm so tengaged savvy.
Sent by Fritzyyyyy,Dec 18, 2010
^ u are a mess!!!!!
Sent by 2008girl,Dec 18, 2010
Sent by Diva1,Dec 19, 2010
Sent by Philip13,Nov 22, 2017

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